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Putting on a pair of statement shoes is an effortlessly stylish trick that can amp up any outfit. However, due to their daring designs, few people actually know how to wear them. In fact, a lot of people are intimidated by the prospect of wearing statement shoes given how easily their bold textures, colors, patterns, or styles can clash with the rest of their ensemble.

But if you’ve recently gotten your dream pair of statement boots, sneakers, heels, or sandals—and you’re determined to catch people’s attention with them regularly—there are several things you can do to achieve stylish and cohesive outfits around them. Here are four things that pair well with statement shoes and that will have you on your way to achieving aesthetic harmony with your new footwear.



Clothing Options That Are on the Simpler and More Subtle Side

First off, statement shoes are attention-stealers, and you may not need to do more other than simply make them the main focal point of your outfit. For starters, if you’re wearing statement shoes, it’s a good idea to keep the rest of your ensemble simple. This way, your shoes won’t be overshadowed by
anything else, and you won’t risk having an overly loud or busy outfit.

For example, if you want to break out a pair of sneakers that sport leopard or zebra accents, buy leggings for women online that come in a dark or muted colors and wear these with plain crop tops or classic white tees. A pair of gladiator sandals, on the other hand, would match well with a short and solid-colored summer dress. Statement shoes can also be used to elevate simple outfits. If you want to add an elegant touch to your casual ensemble that consists of a cardigan, tank top, and denim shorts, for example, you can slip on a pair of stylish block-heel ankle mules for some understated, but unmistakable panache.


same leggings and shirt with 3 different pairs of statement shoes
Black leggings with white shirt and (left to right) zebra pumps, leopard print heels, floral summer boots.



One Bold Fashion Item

You can also pair your statement shoes with one more bold fashion item. It’s possible if the other piece of clothing goes well with the style of your shoe. This explains why this method works really well with statement dresses. To look like a million bucks at a party, put on a shimmery dress and pair it with some metallic or glitter shoes with the same sheen. Even if you put the effort into choosing just two pieces, the fact that they share a cohesive theme will make your whole look more stunning overall. You should also try wearing a floral dress with a pair of floral sneakers in a slightly different hue. This combination will afford a strikingly feminine touch to a laid-back and casual outfit.


2 ideas what to wear with studded shoes
Creating coherence with cold (black leather) and warm hues (golden studs, mustard yellow sweater).


over 50 years old woman pairing studded boots with a leather skirt and utility jacket for fall
Studio leather skirt, Shein utility jacket, pantyhose.



Clothing Items That Share the Same Shade or Color Tone as the Shoes

When styling statement shoes that come in a bold color, pair them with clothes that come in a similar shade or tone. This allows you to create a monochromatic outfit or gradient look (see featured photo) that isn’t too blinding and that achieves just the right amount of texture. If you have a pair of Dijon-yellow boots, for example, try wearing them with khaki slacks, a light yellow blouse, and a chestnut brown ascot tie coat. The gradient effect this outfit creates will make it extremely pleasing to the eye.


picking up the color of statement shoes in the outfit with a striped sweater
Advanced inspiration with pieces that share the color of statement footgear. The striped sweater ties the color of the skirt and shoes together. More outfit ideas with turquoise boots.


Need the occasion to rock a pair of ruby red pumps? Wear these with a crimson red jumpsuit to give the ensemble an attention-grabbing flair.


Clothing Items That Come in Complementary Colors

Lastly, wearing clothes that come in colors that complement your statement shoes can really make the latter pop. This is because complementary colors, or colors found opposite to each other in the color wheel, create memorable visual contrasts for each other.

Colors like orange and blue, red and green, and yellow and purple are just some examples of
complementary colors. Look to the color wheel for inspiration when enhancing the look of both your clothes and your statement shoes.


things to wear with statement shoes example posh casual look
Posh casual look with comfy walking shoes, and clothing items in complimentary colors.



Some Food for Thought When Wearing Statement Shoes

Although statement shoes will surely give your outfit more spice, the pairs that are really worth
investing in are the ones that can guarantee you ample comfort. It may be tempting to buy a pair based only on its show-stopping style, but if the shoes don’t feel comfortable enough to wear often, you won’t be able to make your desired statement as often as you’d like. Say yes to a pair that you can walk in also on the street and that you know will go well with clothes you actually like to wear.


3 looks with military style thick sole footwear and kilt
3 looks with thick sole military boots.


With the pairings listed above, learn how to use your statement shoes’ bold attributes to your
advantage and create spectacular outfits that you wouldn’t mind showing off to the world. Start with simple, similar, and complementary hues and textures, but don’t be afraid to experiment further and to push the envelope when it comes to your personal style.

Photos: G. Kramm

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