Look like a 1000 bucks for just a couple of bucks

Keep in your fashion budget

It is easy to out together a wow worthy outfit when you do not have to have an eye of the price tag, and just can buy whatever you like. However, the majority of people like have to work hard for their money and make ends meet. Nevertheless, we want to look stylish and have to look professional. Sales, Nordstrom Rack, redeem codes, and the famous designer making a cheap line for Target, H&M, you name it, are possibilities many of us use to get the style we strive for.

fashionover40 Mature fashion blogger in faux fur coat, shearling boots, gloves and scarf
A-line faux fur coat worn with tights, shearling boots, paisley print scarf, gloves and Esprit vintage bag (all own)

Consignment can help to get high quality expensive items for less

Lately, I re-discovered consignment. Yes, re-discovered. As a child and teenager, I was used to hand-me downs from the son of my mother’s girlfriend and from my brother. I got my very first jeans – a Wrangler – that way. My mom wanted me to wear the great self-knitted hand-me down genuine wool sweater that in my opinion was just awful color-wise and itchy (I am allergic to wool). She wanted to toss the hand-me down jeans. Thus, I made the deal that I would wear the sweater when I could also keep the jeans. From my brother I got that great pair of black motorcycle leather pants that I wore all through college with thrifted pumps and a cheap to dress for cold climate T-shirt bought in the boys’ department.

Alaska is big on outdoor clothes

After college, I stopped thrifting as in Germany, it is more a students thing or for children clothes. However, after moving to Alaska getting nice stylish clothes became a real challenge. I started browsing consignment and thriftstores again in Alaska. All good brands, you can get in town, are famous outdoor outfitters. I am not an outdoor gal at all. Thus, why would I dress so? Furthermore, my work place has different informal “dress codes” depending on the department/unit you are associated with. Thus, work clothes wise everything works, but head-to-toe in one expensive designer. This means I can dress in my style.

fashionover40 Mature woman in hounds tooths sheath for the office
GNW turtleneck sweater under Loft hounds tooth sheath with GNW tights and shearling booties accessorized with own collier de chien belt

Buy only items in the style you strive for

Given the fact that the style I strive for was not available in the stores, I started to browse the consignment stores in town. Doing so sounds like a contradiction in itself. However, due to the military and air force bases there is a fast turnover in the population of Fairbanks. Clothes that are still too cold for the new ones in town, however, are just right for those with a sourdough status of 10 years plus who are already adapted to the cold. Furthermore, many Alaskan buy their clothes in the Lower 48 when on travel, vacation or family visits.

Browse for clothes on you shopping list when on travel

However, I do not restrict my browsing to the thrift stores in town. I also like to browse thrift stores when out of state. I found a great pair of Michael Kors plateau sandals in a vintage store in Georgetown on my last visit to DC. In addition to thrift stores, eBay has become a valuable resource to get the look I want. Today I present a wow-worthy outfit that is put together mainly from thrifted items.

Thrifted OOTD

The dress is from a thrift store in town. I bought the belt on eBay. I wear a thrifted work outfit quite often.

Is your fashion and style on a budget? Do you thrift? If so, what are your biggest scores in thrifting? Let me know, I am curious.

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Photos: G. Kramm

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