Halftee halftee review

style blogger winterizing a plaid button-downshirt with a half t-shirt

Haftee is the next generation of layering

Do you like the look of layering, but always hated that you looked about 5 pounds heavier? Then you may get a solution of the problem from this post. I am very excited to introduce you to halftee. They sent me the two samples shown in the photo above for review. Halftees are tees that end below your breast like the blouses under dirndls or the blouses worn under saris.

halftee layering top review 3/4 sleeve navy cropped t-shirt
Navy halftee with long sleeves and dust rose lace halftee with 3/4 sleeves both c/o Halftee
fashion blogger over 50 in half t-shirts smooth layering example outfit with sweater
London Jean bf jeans with statement belt, Esprit neckerchief, Hermes collier de chien cuff, GNW luxe sweater, GNW socks, Steve Madden Mary-Janes (all own) over navy blue halftee c/o Halftee. The sweater’s sleeves are chopped up for style and to show the long sleeves of the halftee

Halftee has many choices

Halftees come with different lengths of sleeves (no sleeves, cup sleeves, normal short sleeves, 3/4 sleeves and long-sleeves), in a variety of colors, necklines, sizes, and fabrics like cotton, rayon, lace. They can be worn with the front to the back and vice versa which permits you to vary the cleavage for optimal style and/or coverage/cleavage.

layering and styling inspirations for mature women
Zoom-in on halftee c/o Halftee layered under own GNW luxe sweater and accessorized with a silk scarf, statement belt, Tissot stone watch and Hermes collier de chien cuff. The sweater’s sleeves are chopped up for style and to show the sleeves of the tee

Reducing bulk is key for a smooth layered look

The big advantage of halftees over full-length layering tops is that the former permit you to layer without extra bulk around the waist and in your jeans, skirt or pants. Not having to stack the tails of a T-shirt into the bottoms gives you a smoother look.

A Haftee halftee permits layering without the bulge. #agelessstyle Click To Tweet

Not having an extra layer around the waist is also advantageous when the hot flash hits after coffee. 😉

#fashionover50 layering with halftee for Casual Friday
Back view of Casual Friday outfit with cropped tee c/o halftee to illustrate the smooth layering permitted by the halftee

Styling inspirations for layering with this shortened T-shirt

Here are some styling inspirations for you in addition to those shown in the photos. A halftee permits you to wear your favorite off-the-shoulder sweater with a slim black pencil skirt for work without violating the office dress-code with respect to showing skin. When there is a Casual Friday culture that permits wearing jeans add to the halftee off-the-shoulder sweater combo straight dark jeans, black pumps and two strings of pearls.

example of using a halftee to ground mixing pattern
Oliveo striped leather skirt, Hermes collier de chien cuff, Hermes enamel bangles, GNW tights, heeled ducks, and Oliveo plaid shirt (all own) over navy blue half top c/o halftee. In this styling inspiration, the halftee and GNW tights serve to ground the mixing of patterns

A halftee can serve also to wear that beautiful blouse you ordered online, which you forgot to return in time. The one where the button always opens up over your breast. Wear a halftee underneath and leave the button open. Accessorize with a pendant necklace that just hits at the height of the button. Problem solved in style. 🙂

The advantages of just having half a T-shirt when layering

A halftee costs between about $20 to $30 or so depending on the material and style, i.e. their price is about the same as that of a normal T-shirt. While you get less fabric for your bugs, who needs that extra fabric around the waist anyhow, the work effort needed to produce them is much higher, i.e. the price is justifiable. The halftee namely has a wide rubber band entirely covered with fabric below the breast. This feature holds the Tee in place without discomfort. Not being exposed to the rubber band will be appreciated by all those of you who are allergic to rubber bands.

over 50 years old fashion blogger in casual layered work outfit with a lace halftee
Rose dust lace 3/4 sleeves half t-shirt c/o Halftee with own G-III suede skirt, sweater, GNW tight, Manelo Blahnik booties and opera length rose pearl necklace

These cropped tops are so versatile and easy to style

The many combination possibilities (e.g. under a sweater, shirt, sweater vest, closed blazer, dress, sheath) allow for a lot of wear. In the first week, I wore the navy blue one twice and I wished I also had a red one.

Cost-performance ratio

Even when you wear your halftee only once a week for the rest of this cold season, a $20 halftee would come in under $2 per wear, i.e. less than a latte. However, since halftees don’t have fabric below the breast they can also be worn on rainy days in spring, and here in Alaska, even on rainy days in summer. 😉 I think they are a good deal to up your style without adding extra weight when layering. Stay tuned for more styling inspirations.


I am wearing a size S and it fits perfectly. My bra size is 34A (75A). I recommend to check the size chart for best fit when ordering.

mature woman donning a layering inspiration for the office
Rose dust lace 3/4 sleeves halftee c/o Halftee with own Eddie Bauer tweed skirt, striped sweater, Cardigan, GNW tight, Harley Davidson booties and black pearl necklace

In summary

The halftee has a great price-performance ratio, provides many layering solutions and has great potential to up your style. I would definitively recommend both layering pieces to my BFF. Get your best layering solutions now.

When you like the idea of layering without adding bulk around your waist and hips why not telling your BFF that

Halftees are a solution to look slim when layering. #styleadvice Click To Tweet

Thanks <3

What do your think about these halftees? Aren’t they a great idea?

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blogger style layering clothes shells for a winter outfit
Andrew Marc shearling jacket with Oliveo leather skirt, GNW tight, heeled ducks, and YSL bag

Photos of me: G. Kramm

Disclosure: The halftees are samples of my choice from Halftee. The post is not endorsed by them. I wrote it entirely myself and it represents my own 100% honest opinion.

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