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Black sheer pantyhose c/o Hipstik

This Hipstik slip-proof pantyhose review features black sheer comfort top pantyhose. Read what I think about this pair.


  1. No Visible Pantyhose Lines
  2. Do Hipstik Sheer Pantyhose Have the Same Great Top Than Their Tights?
  3. Soft, Silky Smooth Legs in the Most Comfortable Hosiery
  4. What Is the Price-Performance Ratio of Hipstik Sheer Hosiery?
  5. Who Will Love These Pantyhose?
  6. Hipstik Slip-Proof Pantyhose Review in a Nutshell


Updated: 3/24/2022

Disclosure: Ad. The black sheer comfort top pantyhose is a sample from Hipstik. The post is not endorsed by them. I wrote it entirely myself and it represents my own 100% honest opinion.


No Visible Pantyhose Lines

Last fall, I tried two pairs of Hipstik opaque tights. In case you missed it, here is the link to the opaque tights review. What I hadn’t realized back then, when I wrote the review, was that I really love the bumpless, clean look that their tights provide when you wear a dress or pencil skirt. You know the equivalent of VPL, but for tights and pantyhose. Many tights have a rubber band which causes sort of a visible rolled up ring around your body wherever they end. Others have woven in fine rubber yarn that is so tight that you get this awkward ditch around your hips. Visible tight-top line (VTL). Yuck. Who needs that?

The Hipstik tights don’t have those VTLs. This means you don’t have the rolling of the band or muffin top caused by them. That fact is probably the reason why I wore mine all winter whenever they came out of the laundry. They were my favorites last winter. Thus, when I heard that Hipstik now has sheer pantyhose with this comfortable top, I had to try them out. And here is what I found.


Do Hipstik Sheer Pantyhose Have the Same Great Top Than Their Tights?

When I opened the package, I was very pleased to see that the pantyhose has the same flattering lace stay-up stick strip than their tights (see review of the Hipstik tights). The sheers also have a light reinforced toe for durability. <3 I also love that they have a built-in biker-shorts top (see photo below). Thus, you won’t need to wear bikers to stay covered when the wind lifts a wide light summer skirt or the skirt of a summer dress. No awkward situations and no extra bulk!


legs and hips of a woman wearing sheer black pantyhose with woven-in biker top
Showing the flattering lace band and biker shorts of the Hipstik sheer hosiery. No visible lines are caused by this legwear.



Soft, Silky Smooth Legs in the Most Comfortable Hosiery

On rainy days, I like to wear pantyhose. These sheer black pair gives the legs a soft, silky appearance. The color gives the illusion of lean legs. Paired with a black skirt or dress the legs look miles long, well long. You know, what I mean. Being petite, I always strive for looking taller than I am. LOL. And this sheer black pair is perfect to create that look.

Note that the sheer hosiery is also available in light and medium nude, caramel as well as coffee.

Pro tip: When you want natural looking legs that are not too different from your arms and/or hands, pick the color closest to your skin tone. When you want the look of a natural tan or glow, go one shade darker than your skin color.


What Is the Price-Performance Ratio of HipStik Sheer Hosiery?

The regular price is $34, but the black sheer pair is currently on sale for $32. There is FREE US SHIPPING – no minimum purchase or promo code needed. As a result, no additional extra costs.

To get the cost-per-wear below one dollar  (my criterion for a great deal), I will have to wear them at least 33 times. Of course, I haven’t worn them this often so far. I just got them a week ago! Despite 33 times sounds a lot, one has to be realistic. Just think of what you usually pay for a “cheap” pair and how often you use them. I never get the cheap ones under a dollar. Typically, after one use of low denier cheap black sheers, I have the first tears. This wasn’t the case here. Actually, I wore them three times since I got them. I washed them each time between use and they still look like new. No sign of wear, no tears, whatsoever. Thus, I am very impressed about their performance.

Judging from my experience with my opaque tights, I expect that in the end, these Hipstik sheers won’t be more expensive than buying many cheap ones.



Who Will Love These Pantyhose?

Everyone who wants a smooth leg appearance and no visible line of the hosiery top will love them. The sizing chart permits finding the right size for your body height and shape. Thus, when you don’t want to hassle with slipping and readjusting of your legwear, I recommend to give them a try. I wore mine all day and hadn’t to bother with slipping or re-adjusting at all.


style blogger in zebra print pumps, sheer hosiery, print shift walking on a lawn
Side view of OOTD with Hipstik sheer pantyhose


over 50 years old blogger in black sheer tights and red white black dress
Outfit details: Victoria Victoria Beckham shift dress, Paloma Picasso sunglasses, Nine & Co. zebra print pony hair pumps, peacock pendant necklace (all own) and black sheer pantyhose c/o Hipstik


When your dress-code requires dark legwear, this pair is a nice, chic variation for summer.

When your work dress-code requires wearing hosiery, you will also love this legwear because of their ease of care. These 16 denier, 82% nylon, 18% spandex hosiery can be hand-washed in cold water with a mild detergent. You can just wash them in the evening, drip dry them over night and wear them the next morning again.

Tip: If the stick strip loses grip, just clean it with a cloth and rubbing alcohol.

For some of you, it may be important to know that this legwear is made in the USA. You can directly buy them at Hipstik or Macy’s. And yes, I can really recommend them to my friends.


back view of mature woman in legwear
Back view to show the smooth appearance of the product



Hipstik Slip-proof Pantyhose Review in a Nutshell

This comfortable sheer pantyhose with flattering lace stay-up stick strip has a soft feel and give the legs a silky, smooth appearance. The sizing is made with the different body types in mind for a perfect fit without slipping. Get your comfortable pantyhose now.

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P.S. After two years, they still are not broken. 3/24/2022

Photos of me: G. Kramm

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