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Why is a Buffalo Games puzzle as Father’s Day gift a great idea? Dads can sometimes be tricky to buy for, but giving a gift that can create great family memories is a way to go. Read about my experience.



Disclosure: Ad. The puzzle is a sample of my choice from Buffalo Games. They did not endorse this post. I wrote it entirely myself and it represents my own 100% honest opinion.


What To Give Dad for Father’s Day?

When I was a kid and young women, I always had a hard time to come up with great gift ideas for my Dad. Some guys are just hard to shop for. From today’s perspective, I wonder why I never had this idea.


A puzzle!


Puzzles Gave Me Great Childhood Family Memories Experience

In winter, my parents made a game afternoon on rainy Sundays. Dad and I loved puzzles. The big 1000 pieces one. They were our favorites. Great photos of famous buildings and constructions like castles and bridges. Putting a puzzle together on a holiday as a family is so peaceful. Everyone contributes to the same goal, putting the puzzle together. Can it get anymore relaxing?


Buffalo Games Has Great Puzzles Dad Will Love

Puzzles are a great way to look in detail at the beauty of cities you visited or plan to visit in the future. Solving puzzles is a great way to relax. What about Brooklyn’s Flower Market, Manhattan, Italian cities like sights of Venice, Paris in the afternoon? Or one of Budapest’s famous bridges? What about Chuck Black puzzles of picturesque landscapes? They make an ideal option for when nature-loving dads who have to spend their time inside on rainy days. On the Dog Days, dog dads will love staying inside with a puzzle of seven beautiful dogs.



Buffalo Games Puzzles Cities Series Is Family-Friendly

The views of these jigsaw puzzles are so special. I had been in Budapest in the early 1980s before the Iron Curtain fell. I saw the bridge, but I missed this genius view! The photo perspectives are master photography. The photographer took the photo in such a way that it gives great hints how to put the pieces together (see video). It’s fun for the whole family. Ok, the cats laid down on the puzzle.


Where Are Buffalo Games Puzzles Made?

Buffalo Games Puzzles are made in America in Buffalo, New York from Recycled Resources. The puzzle boards consist of recycled material. The colors are brilliant! It’s a great gift for every Dad who likes to spend time with the family and/or grandkids. You can buy these puzzles at major retailers such as Amazon, Target, and Walmart or directly at Buffalo Games.


Are Buffalo Puzzles Random Cut?

The cut of the pieces is precise, and the pieces are regular. No odd shapes!

In Summary of Buffalo Games Puzzles as Father’s Day Gift

Buffalo Games puzzles are made in America from recycled board with beautiful colors and master photos. They are an affordable, great gift for all Dad’s who love to create family memories. Buy your Father’s Day gift now.


Photos and video: N. Mölders

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