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Trendhim brown leather togo case

We all know the struggle to find the perfect gifts for the loved one’s on our Christmas list. Especially, the guys on the list are hard to shop for. It started with Dad, when we are little and it is the same with our significant other, sons, sons-in-law and brothers. In this post, I introduce you to Trendhim who have 1001 ideas for the hard to buy for guy. Read what they offer and what my hubby (and I) think about their brown Togo leather case.

  1. Trendhim Collection Gives You the Best Ideas for the Hard to Buy for Guy
  2. What my Husband Said when He Opened the Package
  3. What I Like about Trendhim’s Collections
  4. A Look Inside the Brown Togo Leather Case from Trendhim
  5. Who Will Love Their Products?
  6. Ideas for the Hard to Buy for Guy in Summary


Disclosure: Ad. The brown Togo leather case is a sample of my choice from Trendhim. The post is not endorsed by them. I wrote it entirely myself and it represents my own 100% honest opinion.


Trendhim Collection Gives You the Best Ideas for the Hard to Buy for Guy

Starting early on buying Christmas Gifts reduces stress and keeps gifting less expensive because you can buy when you have a little excess money. On the contrary, buying under time pressure quickly leads to overspending and you have to pay interest on your credit card. Trendhim reduces the stress what to give to the hard to shop for person.


stylish man getting into a Jeep
Illustration of the length of the shoulder straps of the Trendhim brown Togo leather case as well as the width and height


Trendhim is a retailer based out of Denmark who specializes in e-commerce of high-quality men’s accessories. Besides all types of bags from messenger bags over practical gym bags to backpacks, their collections encompass men’s belts, bracelets, beard care oil, display boxes for his watches, earrings, hats, watches, shaving sets, sunglasses and toiletry bags.

Trendhim brown leather togo bag on a Jeep
Trendhim brown Togo leather case on the hood of a Wrangler to show hardware and shoulder straps width as well as the closure straps



What my Husband Said when He Opened the Package

When I opened my email on Sunday morning, I saw that the package from Trendhim had arrived. I asked my husband to check the table on the porch because I received a parcel according the Nordpost tracker. When he opened the package, he said

“Wow. This bag is beautiful. I love it! Is it for me?”

Upon confirmation, he opened the bag, and said

“This kind of closure with the two straps is genius. Nobody can open that fast enough to steal something because on first view, it looks like the bag has a hidden magnetic closure. How great is that? Perfect for safety when using public transportation or standing in the security check queue at the airport.”


open bag
Hubby showing the bag when open. One wouldn’t expect that the straps are actually closure straps. Great minimalist design.



A Look Inside the Brown Togo Leather Case from Trendhim

The brown Togo leather case is a trendy leather carryall with a compact “road warrior design. It is 9 1/16″ (23 cm) in length, 11″ (28 cm) in width and has a depth of 3 1/2″ (9 cm). It can hold up to 10.1” (26x18x2cm) laptops. The genuine leather case keeps him organized with three compartments one of them with zipper. See at the amount of stuff, my husband fit into it.


look inside to show the compartments
Look inside. There are five compartments inside. The largest one can hold, among other things, an iPad (blue) plus keys and small notebook. There are two smaller ones for checks and a cell phone. There is also a zipper pocket inside the large compartment for credit cards and alike. The large compartment can be secured with a zipper. The front compartment can hold a wallet. In the back is a zipper pocket that can hold tickets, ID or other items that you need fast access too.


The design makes this men’s shoulder bag a perfect travel companion besides being a Scandinavian minimalist style carryall for work and play. It works with all kind of personal styles.


togo shoulder bag with polo shirt and Bermuda shorts
Carhartt polo shirt and camouflage Bermudas, Nunn Rush loafers and brown bag c/o Trendhim


carry-all as gift ideas for the hard to buy for guy
Orvis button-down plaid shirt, Carhartt trouser, Nunn Rush loafers, Tenth Street Hats Ivy cap, and brown Togo leather case



What I Like about Trendhim’s Collections

The design of most of their products is Scandinavian minimalism, which goes with every guy’s personal style, and works for work and play. See how my hubby styled the brown Togo leather case in a British Style (his personal style) inspired business casual outfit and in weekend outfits for running errands. They also have great modern backpacks like the cross shoulder Jasper backpack reviewed in this post.

Trendhim is much more than just another online catalog of men’s accessories. They inspire men to be their own by sending out weekly looks and fashion inspiration for men, articles reaching from how-to guides on tying your tie, folding pocket square or wearing your scarf.

I also love their customer service. After ordering you receive an email confirmation, an email when your order is shipped and a tracking number so you know when to expect the delivery. Furthermore, they offer a free shipping option for all orders over $75.


Who Will Love Their Products?

All women will love Trendhim’s men’s accessories because they are perfect as gifts for all those hard to shop for guys on their (holiday) gift list. I am one of these women!


a Trendhim shoulder bag as a gift idea for the hard to shop for guy
Orvis shirt, Picololino sandals, Carhartt Bermudas, Tenth Street Ivy cap and brown Togo leather case


I can definitely recommend this brown Togo leather case and Trendhim’s men’s accessory collections for 1001 gift ideas for the hard to shop for guy. You can buy these men’s accessories conveniently online at Trendhim in AT, AU, BE, BG, CA, CH, CZ, DE, DK, ES, FI, GR, HU, IE, INTL, NO, NZ, PT, RO, SE, SG, SK, USA, ZA, CH/FRCA/FR, BE/FR, US/ES, and they ship to many more countries.


shoulder bag as gift idea for hard to shop for guy
Showing the depth of the bag



Ideas for the Hard to Buy for Guy in Summary

Trendhim provides a myriad of fashionable, affordable, and quality men’s accessories that allow men to express their own personal style through the small things they wear. Their products are conveniently available to all men world-wide online. Browse their collection now to get your gift ideas for the hard to buy for guy.

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You can find a review of a Trendhim cross-shoulder Jasper backpack here.

Photos: N. Mölders

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    Ooh it is a gorgeous bag! I am so glad that your husband likes it. My husband has a Trendhim backpack on the way which I will be sharing on the blog soon! I am really excited now to receive it after reading such a wonderful review of their products!