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24/7 Frenzy multi color jumpsuit c/o Fashom styled with own Very Fine Dance Shoes sandals, Hermes collier de chien bangle, DIY cuf, leave earrings and halftee c/o Halftee

This post reports my experience and tests Fashom Styling Box Service. It covers their service as well as the tried out clothing. Read on to make an informed decision whether or not to give them a try.


  1. Fashom offers a personal stylist affordable for Jane Doe
  2. Style basics aim at best fit and matching your lifestyle needs
  3. Stylists aim at picking your most flattering colors
  4. Prints and pattern matter for best personal style
  5. What’s not so you is important too
  6. What’s next – how Fashom’s styling request works
  7. The experimental design
  8. Results of the test
  9. What I did wrong, and you should avoid
  10. Fashom helps you stay on your budget and afford a stylist
  11. Who will love the Fashom Styling Box Service?
  12. Conclusions on the Fashom Styling Box Service


Disclosure: Ad. All clothes were provided by Fashom for being featured in this post. I was compensated for writing this post and testing/reviewing their stylist/service. The post is not endorsed by them and holds referral links. All opinions are my own and 100% honest.


Fashom offers a personal stylist affordable for Jane Doe

I was asked to review Fashom‘s personal stylist program and to test their customer service. This post tells you what to expect, how it works, what you should know based on my experience (i.e. what I did wrong!) and a test of the stylist customer service. This test addresses all those readers’ question, who are worrying:

What happens when your stylist’s selection isn’t so you?

(which I think rarely occurs).

Well, first things, first. To initiate the process you either download their free app from iTunes or Google play store or go directly to their web page. Then you create an account and your personal style profile. It’s easy as 1, 2, 3 as you just answer the questions you are asked. In the following, my choices are in Italic if not stated explicitly. This way you can judge yourself, how great a job the stylist did when looking at the photos.


style blogger in maxi dress picked by the Fashom Styling Box Service

over 50 years old style book author in Fashom maxi dress walking in the yard

woman in straw hat and long abstract multi color print dress with stripes at the hem and waist

Nicole of High Latitude Style featuring a Bohemian inspired maxi summer dress with hat and sandals

woman in colorful long sleeveless dress and wide brim hat smelling the flowers
Outfit details: 24/7 Frenzy multicolor dress, $45, size S c/o Fashom styled with own Hermes collier de chien bangle, DIY bangle, no brand straw hat, leaf earrings, Madden Girls sandals (all own) and leather pearls necklace c/o Wendy Mignot. This maxi dress is a perfect fit with respect to size, color and style. I love the simple cut. It is perfect for a beach vacation or even a casual beach wedding. In love.



Style basics aim at best fit and matching your lifestyle needs

Your style profile includes your gender, styling preference, and your sizes for shirts, pants, and dresses as well as your waist-, hip- and height measurements. These details are great for all of us who wear a different size at the top and bottom, e.g. me. Furthermore, your shoe size, bra band and cup size.

Your weight and body type give the stylist info about what your styling issues are body-wise. You tell your stylist what you like to flaunt and what to hide. I chose to show off my midsection (hello belts), legs and rear. I wanted to conceal my arms/shoulders (“bingo wings”), back (I want to wear a normal bra), cleavage and chest (there’s not much to see anyhow). You can even request maternity clothing!

Verdict: Thumbs up. These ranges of possible highlights and camouflage are great for us midlife women to flaunt what’s left and hide the rest.

Fashom's style profile takes midlife women into account. #BetterAsIAm Click To Tweet

To consider your lifestyle, your style profile also asks for your profession and day-to-day work outfit as well as how you like your work clothing to fit. I seclected Tailored (not tight). Except for one piece in the first selection suggested by the stylist, all pieces were right on with respect to this aspect. Other options were “Hugging/Tight”, “Relaxed and flowy”, and “Let stylist decide”. I also said No to the question whether I prefer wearing jeans to work. When you are a regular reader you know I’m a dress/skirt kind of gal.

Verdict: Thumbs up. These details address that you need different clothes when you work in corporate life or in a start-up company.

You also insert your choice of comfort between edgy, modern, smart, and traditional, your style preference (casual sporty-practical, classic-timeless-crisp, bold-dramatic distinctive, feminine-delicate sophisticated, trendy-chic unique).

fashion blogger in Hawaiian floral print inspired jumpsuit

Nicole posing in a blue floral print jumpsuit form the Fashom Styling Box Service

fashionista showing summer layering with a floral jumper and Tee

Nicole in T-shirt under jumper with ruffle details and Hawaiian re and white flowers on blue background
Outfit details: 24/7 Frenzy multicolor long jumpsuit c/o Fashom styled with own leaf earrings, statement belt, Hermes collier de chien bangle, DIY cuff, Very Fine Dance shoes sandals, and halftee c/o Halftee. I love the colors, length and print of the jumpsuit. It is perfect for the weekend and a beach vacation. This jumpsuit look is my hubby’s favorite.



Stylists aim at picking your most flattering colors

Your style profile also includes your skin tone and hair color, your favorite colors as well as colors you dislike. This info aims at picking clothing in the colors that flatter you the most, i.e. that match your color season. Colors I dislike wearing are gray, white, off-white and yellow. This choice left, pink, purple, black, orange, green, blue and red.

While it is optional, I recommend that that you upload a recent photo in an outfit you love and always get compliments when you wear it. It helps the stylist with respect to picking the most flattering colors and cuts for your season and body shape. I uploaded this photo from the blog. In the aftermath, I think in addition I should have uploaded photos (front view, side view) that show me in leggings and a tight Tee so the stylist gets a good idea of my body type (and flaws).


photo uploaded to fashiom to show body type and style preferences
Photo that I uploaded to provide visual information on my body type and style preferences. Outfit details: Herve Leger silver leather jacket, Banana Republic abstract floral print dress, crocus petal Coach top handle bag (all own) and Ivanka Trump pink suede pumps



Prints and pattern matter for best personal style

While I wear stripes, I clicked them as pattern to avoid (as a test for the stylist). This choice left Animal print, Polka Dots (love them), Paisley (love it), Plaid, and Floral. Since both plaid and floral can look quite different depending on your personal style, it is really important to give the stylist as accurate information as possible. For instance, when you have gamine style you most likely prefer very small floral prints. The casual woman would be happy with a buffalo plaid shirt, but not with a gingham blouse. The latter is more in the profile of a woman with Romantic Style.

The first suggested selection included one item in plaid, three items in floral and one with a cute cherry print, which comes pretty close to polka dot, but is more unexpected. Thus, great job here!


What’s not so you is important too

To better understand your style preferences you also will provide information on what you dislike. My dislikes were clean subdued because of the statement sleeves (I can’t wait for that trend to be over!), simple laid back because of the sneakers (I’m not a fan of any shoes without heels!) and dazzling compelling because of the wrap blouse with big bow and statement sleeves. These choices left formal, elegant, sexy-subtle as non-clicked. I am not sure whether it means an “ok” or “like” for the stylist. However, there was no piece from these classes in any of the selections.


What’s next – how Fashom’s styling request works

You submit a styling request. Based on all the info in your style profile, the stylist uploads seven suggestions. You have to pick at least five of the items that you want to try on. They will send them to you with a pre-paid return bag. You have 3 days to decide what to keep and send the rest back.


The experimental design

To answer the above questions, I had to pretend I could not be able to find five pieces out of the seven suggestions of my stylist (despite all selections were right on, i.e. I could have picked five items). Sorry, Ellen that you became my genuia pig, sort of.

To test what happens, I contacted the stylist. She told me that there are two versions how to proceed. You can put in a new styling request or a request to provide additional items to the suggested selection.


Results of the test

I tried both options and I was as happy with the additions as I was with the pieces of all their selections. They were right on my American Classic Style with a twist.

Verdict: Thus, no reason to be afraid that the stylist fails to get it right. No matter which of the two options you choose, I recommend editing your profile before asking for additional items or submitting a new request. Add the aspects you disliked so similar items to your dislike won’t be suggested anymore. I also recommend that you tell the stylist what you liked of the selection.


midlife woman in summer work look of pants, printed top, blazer and open-toe pumps

mature woman in unmatched suit with abstract print top, pearls and pumps

fashionista in tight pants and shortsleeve paisley inspired shirt

blue trousers and abstract print short-sleeve top
Outfit details: Soggo printed top and Freesia Paris slim pants with matching belt and ankle lace c/o Fashom, own Hermes collier de chien bangle, Liz Claiborn pumps, pearl necklaces and Anne Klein blazer. I love the color and design of these classic trousers with lace details at the ankle. They are so me! These blue pants fit well around the bum. Unfortunately, they are way too small around the legs (my usual problem with all kinds of pants). This misfit is my fault as I failed to mention that I am a ballroom dancer and hence have a leg circumference of 21 inches! The shirt is a perfect fit. I love the interesting print and it feels like silk despite it’s not. It works well for a California Casual style.



What I did wrong, and you should avoid

It is very important to provide as much information about what you look for in your answer to “Any other requests?”. I failed to

  • provide info on for which occasions I wanted clothes (Full disclosure, I couldn’t tell her that I wanted them for a review). However, you don’t want to get suggestions for casual work clothes when you are in need for a gown for your friend’s formal wedding or your work dress code requires corporate style. You get the idea.
  • state that I don’t want clothes with ruffles or statement sleeves, i.e. tell them which trends you dislike
  • mention that I don’t want anything in mute colors or pastels
  • tell them that I am a deep Autumn Winter
  • mention that I have very muscular legs because I am a ballroom dancer, i.e. if you have any body specifics that are not Jane Doe let them know
  • tell them that disliking back-free includes also my shoulders, i.e. when you know you are opinionated and high maintenance (I surely am) add it in the “Other requests” section.


If you had a 12 seasons color analysis, I would recommend to request clothes for that respective season. It makes their life easier. If you never had a color analysis, don’t worry. Just read on to know why.


style blogger in A-line button-down skirt, top and wood sandals

woman looking backwards in a black knee length slim skirt and print blouse

Nicole in print shirt and black skirt showing the pockets are real

black A-line skirt with button front and interesting print blouse

style book author frolicking ins a button-down skirt, wood sandals and T-shirt look
Outfit details: Very J black skirt, Soogo printed top both c/o Fashom styled with own Festina sports watch, Hermes collier de chien bangle, ethnic inspired earrings and Musse & Cloud clog sandals. Bingo! Love, love, love. I was looking for such a piece since more than 10 years!



Fashom helps you stay on your budget and afford a stylist

When you are on a budget fashion-wise you can still afford the stylist. You tell your stylist how much you would spend on the various clothing items. I answered $100+ for accessories, purses and shoes, $40-60 for bottoms as well as tops and dresses. The reason for these choices were that I wanted to provide a review that is of interest also for those of my readers who are on a budget.

Verdict: The prices of the clothes that they sent to me are appropriate for their quality and craftsmanship. You only pay for the items you keep. Shipping both ways is free. When an item doesn’t fit you can request it in a different size. When you keep all items you get them 30% off. When you keep 3 or 4 items you get them 25% off.

You can stay on budget and afford a stylist with Fashom. #BetterAsIAm Click To Tweet

In my case, the total for the five pieces was $220 and $154 after getting 30% off, i.e. a saving of $66! You will get $20 off after signing up, which enlarges your fashion budget as well.



Who will love the Fashom Styling Box Service?

I recommend Fashom to all women who don’t have the time to shop for their personal style, who don’t enjoy clothes shopping, or who need or want help finding their personal style. Their service is also great for all women living in rural areas where the shopping possibilities are limited (like in Alaska) and who want to try out the clothes before buying.



Conclusions on the Fashom Styling Box Service

Fashom offers a great personal stylist service and try-on prior to purchase for Jane Doe that helps you saving on your wardrobe updates. Their software is easy to use and their service is fast and very personal (even when you are high maintanence as I was for testing purposes). Set up your personal style profile now.

Believe in yourself, and you'll be unstoppable. #Fashom #personalstyle Click To Tweet


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Photos of me: G. Kramm

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