Review of my second Fashom box
Fashom SM wardrobe Moon print shift with BCBGMAX studded ankle strap pumps, Science Jewelry DNA bangle and Tlingit cuff

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Fashom. The post is not endorsed by them. I wrote it entirely myself and it represents my own 100% honest opinion.


Fashom’s online concept: Try before you buy

When you live in a rural area the next mall may be more than an hour drive away. Thus, clothes shopping becomes a major hassle. Sure, there are online stores just a mouse click away, but many women want to try several pieces on before making a decision what to buy. Not everything that looks awesome on the screen, is your style, is a fit according to the measures in the size chart looks actually flattering when you put it on.

In a store, you browse (which is time consuming), take a couple of pieces you like into the fitting room. Then you buy what is the most flattering. Here is where Fashom comes in. Not only do they the work of separating out what pieces may be of interest for you according to your style profile and request of pieces (e.g. fall style). They also send the pieces you select from their suggestions to you to try out. How great is that? A perfect time saver for all of us who live somewhere in the middle of nowhere (and all urban fashionistas who have no time to do the time consuming search at the mall or even hate browsing stores for clothes). See my review post of their services.

You only pay for what you keep. Get a discount if you keep three pieces or more. What isn’t flattering or you don’t like or whatever, you just send back. Love this concept.

My second Fashom box

The photo below shows what I picked from the stylist’s suggestion. I was looking for fall clothes. Fall is already knocking at the door up here in Interior Alaska. It’s windy and notably cooler than in July.

Fashom stylist's suggestions
My stylist’s selection. I picked the midi skirt, floral skirt, polka dot dress, scuba print dress, and Moon shift dress to be shipped for try-on

A tailored floral dress is great for fall

This tailored dress is made in the USA. It has a thin scuba-like fabric in black with a pink, burgundy, gray floral print on black. It can be worn now just as is, but as temperatures drop with a layering top underneath or a cardigan. It also will work with black tights and boots later in autumn. Here I styled the dress like a southern belle autumn church outfit. I got a lot of compliment when wearing this beauty. It’s a keeper.

mature woman in floral scuba sheath and double brim hat

style book author in floral curch outfit with straw hat
Outfit details: Fashom Moci by Purple Rain scuba floral tailored dress, BCBGXMA pumps (own) and straw hat c/o Tenth Street

Navy faux wrap dress

The print of this dress screams autumn. It’s also very special. While it also has short sleeves, it can be worn with a layering top underneath or a cardigan. The many colors of the print make the options very versatile. Adding navy tights when it gets cold is a no brainer. Love this dress. It’s also made in the USA.

style blogger in navy printed faux wrap dress fall look with satchel and sandals

midlife woman in asymmetric cut sheath posing on a lawn

Nicole in blue printed sleek dress autumn look
Outfit details: Fashom Moci by Purple Rain navy faux wrap dress with leaves and orient inspired print in fall colors with Michael Kors sandals, blue topas necklace, earrings and bracelets, Longchamp satchel

Pips skirt

I picked this skirt from the suggestions as I love pips (it’s an eternal classic pattern) and pencil skirts. The skirt looks great. However, it’s a print and not weaved. Thus, it’s not so me, but it looks awesome, right?
midlife woman in black and white pencil skirt, boots and twinset

Nicole of High Latitude Style in fall work outfit with top, cardigan skirt and tall boots

over 50 years old woman in midi skirt with back slit, top and jacket

style blogger in midi skirt with twinset and boots autumn office look
Outfit details: Fashom RD Style jersey pencil skirt, Max Mara floral print boots, Carved bone and citrin statement necklace, Oliver Perry twinset

Printed skirt

This skirt is very unique. Layered printed floral mesh with a polka dot waist band. On screen, it looked like it would go well with my orange, red, brown and black long-sleeve as well as with a couple of my short cashmere sweaters. however, the colors of my pieces were not great match with those of the skirt. Too bad. I really love it. But that’s what the try on concept is for. It’s even better than trying on at a store. You can directly compare the colors of the piece with what you already own.
fashion blogger in summer-to-fall transitional look with A line skirt

Zoom-in on the skirts wild print

mature woman walking over a lawn in printed skirt, ankle boots and cardigan

midlife woman in printed skirt, booties, top and jacket work outfit
Outfit details: Fashom A-line polka dots, zig-zag, floral print skirt with Isaac Mizrahi cardigan, August Silk ribbed sweater, cat eye and citrin statement necklace and Manolo Blahnik ankle boots

Black white Moon print dress

This dress is super cute. May be too cute for a woman my age? Who knows? My younger me would have bought it despite it’s a bit too large. However, today I don’t feel comfortable anymore wearing it. Sure, I could alter it. But I don’t have much experience altering jersey pieces. Thus, I passed on this cute dress. 🙁

Nicole showing off the pockets of a shift with Moon print

over 50 years old woman in a black and white shift with cup sleeves

Nicole in Fashom shift and studded pumps
Outfit details: Fashom SM wardrobe Moon print shift with BCBGMAX studded ankle strap pumps and Tlingit cuff

Which pieces of these would you keep? When will you get your first Fashom box? You can start here.

Note that Fashom has a friend referral. When you use my referral link both you and I get a $10 credit on our next purchuases. How cool is that? Set up your personal style profile now.

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Photos of me: G. Kramm

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  1. Anna Shirley

    You can pull of these pieces. My personal favourite is the colorful patter skirt. So lovely. But this is more about what you like and how you feel. Thank you for sharing your look with My Red Carpet.


  2. Ruth

    Your pieces are really cute! I love the navy wrap skirt on you!

  3. rawsonjl

    I think you look great it in all and you are never too old for fun prints like that moon dress.

  4. mireilleftm

    The printed skirt is my favorite!

  5. mummabstylish

    Some pretty dresses, love the wrap round one. Jacqui xx

  6. donnadoesdresses

    Your fabulous figure looks great in all of them. I agree and am not fussed on the last dress. The skirt is my thing, although maybe not yours – I’d love it with red tights, bottles and red leather jacket … the dresses all look nuts on you but I think you could wear a sack and look good!! But love that skirt – very Australian feel to it! Lol!! Enjoy the rest of your week, Nicole and thank you for sharing!
    Donna 🧚🏻‍♀️❤️🙏

  7. overthehilda

    I love those floral printed boots. Fab and different.

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