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Shire Scala Collezione straw hat with double brim and feathers c/o Tenth Street

This Shire Scala Collezione straw hat review summarizes my thoughts on the item with respect to quality, price, versality to style, and who might like the piece. Read what I like about this statement hat.


  1. You don’t need to be Royal for a great hat look
  2. Statement headgear to turn heads
  3. No wonder she now wears statement hats
  4. Price-performance ratio
  5. Who would love this piece?
  6. Shire Scala Collezione straw hat review in summary


Disclosure: Ad. The Shire Scala straw headgear is a sample from Tenth Street. The post is not endorsed by them. I wrote it entirely myself and it represents my own 100% honest opinion.


You don’t need to be Royal for a great hat look

Long prior to her engagement and wedding with Prince Harry, Meghan Markle already used to wear hats. Well, her favorite hat has been her signature piece for years. No wonder, it is functional, incredibly stylish, and fashionable at the same time. Very American, sort of. Did you know you can get an almost identical at Tenth Street?

Since joining the “firm”, she dons hats that you typically only see at horse races here in the US or in the southeast at special family events. Down south, weddings, name giving ceremonies, christenings and alike are great occasions to get your hat out. When you are reading my block for awhile already, you know I am crazy about headgear of all kind. You may have even already read my post about how to look stylish with hats over 40. Thus, you can imagine that when I was asked whether I would be interested in reviewing a sample from Tenth  Street, I got really excited.

southern belle in tea-length gown and statement head in northern environment
Ivanka Trump pearl embellished strappy sandals, D&G clutch, Aspeed gown (shortened to tea-length), pearl and Swarovski crystal earrings (all own) and Shire Scala Collezione straw hat with double brim and feathers c/o Tenth Street

Statement headgear to turn heads

When you read my review of the Vienna Scala fedora, you already know it. Ever since I was a little kid, I have had a knack for hats. I loved reading my granny’s tabloids and adored the hats of the Royals. Back in the 70s, when the first Royal wedding was broadcasted on TV, everybody in our village talked about  Princess Anne’s wedding dress! They were all into the sleeves of her gown. For my money, the most exciting things about Princess Anne’s wedding were the fascinators and artfully made head pieces of the guests. They really turned my head! They still do it today! No wonder, I picked such a head turner for review even though I have no immediate occasion to don it. 🙁

Never wait for the special event to buy a fascinator. Buy it when you see the perfect piece. #agelessstyle Click To Tweet
fashion blogger featuring a Kentucky Derby look for the Shire Scala Collezione straw hat review
Ivanka Trump sandals, D&G clutch, Aspeed burnt velvet gown, pearl and Swarovski crystals earrings, bracelet, watch, and Shire Scala Collezione straw hat c/o Tenth Street



No wonder she now wears statement hats

The package was pretty sturdy for protection. I think I keep it for that very reason. When my husband opened the package, I couldn’t wait to dress up to have a photo taken. The Sinamay bow with matching quill and rhinestones look so elegant, elaborated and unique. Like a dream! It’s hard to imagine that this look could be replicated! I love the great craftsmanship, love for details, and quality of this piece. It’s a perfect fit with my burgundy and black burnt velvet gown and my blush pink mother-of-the-bride dress, don’t you think so? So transforming. I felt like a duchess. Just kidding!  😉 Do I have to say I can’t wait for an occasion to wear it? I mean an occasion beyond posing for the blog! Despite that’s fun too! Being my own living Barbie doll!

details of Shire Scala Collezione straw topper
Zoom-in on Shire Scala Collezione straw hat with double brim and feathers c/o Tenth Street


stylist with wide brim Shire Scala Collezione straw hat
Zoom-in on Shire Scala Collezione brim to show its width



Price-performance ratio

Of course, this beautiful piece is for special occasions like the Kentucky Derby, an American wedding or for going to church in the south when you are the Southern Belle type of gal. It’s a pure luxury statement piece. Thus, expecting the cost-per-wear to go under a dollar would be irrational. Nevertheless, the Scala Collezione straw hat is very affordable at $85, and worth every cent. It’s a Queen among the hats.

mature woman in mother-of-the-bride dress with statement straw hat
Shire Scala Collezione straw hat with double brim and feathers c/o Tenth Street with own D&G clutch, jewelry, Angelo Luzio T-strap sandals with Swarovski crystals, and Mother-of-the-bride dress c/o JJ’s House


mother of the bride with statement head piece
Back view of mother of the bride outfit with Shire Scala Collezione headpiece c/o Tenth Street with own D&G clutch and dress c/o JJ’s House



Who would love this piece?

Every fashionista who attends social events like horse races, polo, or a late afternoon wedding, formal wedding in the south or any high profile family affairs in the south. It’s also a great collector piece that should be in every hat collection. I recommended this Shire Scala straw headgear in white to my girlfriend who will attend the christening of her first grandson at the end of the month down in southern Alabama. You can buy this stunning item at Tenth Street.

style blogger kneeling in lace and chiffon dress with stunning head piece
Shire Scala Collezione head piece c/o Tenth Street, lace with chiffon dress c/o JJ’s House and own jewelry



I love that I can look thru the brim to flirt with my hubby. It’s such a thing from the area I come from in the Rhineland. Did you know that I wore a wide brim hat in black for our wedding?



Shire Scala Collezione straw hat review in summary

The Shire Scala head piece is an affordable, high quality, well-made statement hat perfect for making an entrance at a derby, or high-profile family event like a black tie or afternoon wedding in the South. It can be styled easily with elegant dresses or skirt suits made for such special occasions.

style and midlife blogger in blush and black outfit
Shire Scala straw headgear c/o Tenth Street and dress c/o JJ’s House with own D&C clutch and jewelry



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