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Lack of motivation can ruin getting in shape

Getting fit and in shape is on the top of the list of New Year’s resolution. While we all know how important exercise is for our health and well being, live, work, family and fatigue often get in the way. However, there are some people out there who just stick to their fitness routine. They just stay motivated. What’s their secret?

staying stylish and getting a gread body and being fit over 40

To get our – whatever number of try – of New Year’s resolution on a better start this time, I asked some of those motivated fitness experts

What is your most important advice/secret how to get fit and stay to the fitness routine beyond the first weeks of the New Year?

#fashionover40 Jessica looking stylish in hiking gear
Jessica Jannenga at Elegantly Dressed and Stylish looking stylish in her hiking gear. Photo courtesy to her

Jessica Jamenga, at Elegantly Dressed and Stylish has this advice.

The best advice I could give your readers is to find activities or sports they enjoy. I find that if I enjoy swimming, or weight lifting, I am going to stick with it. If you find yourself dreading your routine, or not looking forward to working out, then it will just “fall by the wayside”. Variety is also the key. I find that if I just go to the gym and walk on the treadmill, after awhile, it may be boring. Find various activities and mix them up: weight train/elipitcal/spin class.
Another way of sticking to a routine is realizing how you enjoy working out. Are you a person who enjoys exercising alone, or do you find more motivation in classes? I often found that classes were motivating, fun and the time always flew by! Find out how you enjoy working out.
Last, set small lifestyle goals. Don’t just go by weight and numbers, as you may be improving in other ways. Perhaps you want to eat more greens in your diet or improve endurance. I hope this was helpful!

#maturefashion Diane in stylish sportswear
Diane Cappozi at Fashion on the 4th Floor stays fit and in great shape running in stylish athleisure wear. Photo courtesy to her

Diane Cappozi at Fashion on the 4th Floor said:

3 key points: Variety, consistency & fun!

I used to be a personal trainer & clients felt they needed this gigantic New Year’s resolution fitness routine based on guilt. Guilt after the few pounds they gained during the Holidays. People feel they need to force drastic changes in the New Year to make up for all the sweets, alcohol & huge meals they consumed. They want to swear off everything except salads, exercise & water. Being so strict will only leave you frustrated, lead to failure & then MORE guilty feelings.

These are also guidelines I instilled in my past clients & utilized for myself.

1. Vary your fitness routine. Diversify the workout & exercises you do from day to day. It is easy to fall into a habit of doing the same exercise (i.e. walking treadmill) throughout the week. Eventually, you will feel bored & the exercise won’t offer the same benefits as when you first started. To avoid hitting a plateau, incorporated aerobic, strength-training, balance & stretching to keep the muscles & nervous system stimulated; therefore, you continue to see positive results.

2. Small, consistent changes are key to success & staying diligent as you begin your fitness routine in the New Year. Setting big, unrealistic expectations/goals will only result in frustration & failure. Start small (i.e. 15-minute brisk walk) & add (incorporate 10 minutes of strength training exercises) as you progress from one week to the next week. Make it routine! Decide on a specific time of day to exercise; find ways to incorporate fitness into your everyday, so it becomes a no-brainer. Even the busiest person has time to workout. If you only have 20 minutes, do a circuit of push-ups, squats, lunges, high-knees, dips, ab crunches to get moving each day.

3. Have fun with fitness! Choosing exercises you enjoy will give you confidence, so you will stick with it. If you feel awkward in the weight room, do you think you will keep going? I doubt it! Think outside the box! Try Zumba, hiking, yoga, boxing, swimming; there is so many alternatives to the gym. Just have fun!!!

#fashionover40 woman in stylish fitness gear
Melissa S. Valmonte at Stylista Fitness relaxing on the stairs in workout gear. Photo courtesy to her

Melissa at Stylista Fitness recommends:

It’s a good idea to invest in your fitness. Don’t get sucked into the hype of joining a gym that’s giving you a good “deal”. They do this to lure you in. Do your research and think of the types of workouts you like to do. Choose the gym that meets your needs. You will be more apt to stick to your routine if it feels like a true investment.

fashion over 40 woman in chic workout gear
Rania Abdulla at The Wardrobe Stylist posing in workout gear. Photo courtesy to her

Rania Abdulla, at The Wardrobe Stylist answered:

2 things:

Eating clean is the number one thing for me to ensure that I remain lean. For me, I am on the same eating program all year. It’s a lifestyle, it can just be a temporary diet. It’s something that you have to learn to adopt within your lifestyle for it to be successful, otherwise, there is no point. Believe me it’s not easy, especially when everyone else around you is eating whatever they want. I want to do that to sometimes but I remember the tremendous gains I’ve made and the hard work and how I would feel looking in the mirror after ditching a healthy lifestyle. It puts everything back into perspective for me.

The second thing is strength training, toning. I just wrote a post about it and its importance, as well as added some of the routines I followed to help me tone. People come up to me and tell me I look great all the time. It’s definitely reassuring as you can’t always see the progress. Eating is a great way to stay lean but definition (other than around the abs) has to be DEFINED at the gym. Eat the right things to feed your muscles and train to grow these muscles. Women should never be afraid of lifting, even lifting heavy, as we don’t have the hormones to grow big and large like men, we only become more defined and stay very feminine.

fashion over 50 Lily Seymour in stylish gym gear
Lily Seymour the beauty blogger at Lily Seymour looks stunning in her one tone stylish gym gear. Photos courtesy to her

Lily Seymour, at her Beauty Blog with her name sticks to her routine with a goal, rewards, and a professional and the motivation trigger of seeing success:

Having lost 15 lbs and reaching my goal weight, the best advice that I would give would be to cut sugar. In case you haven’t noticed… sugar is in everything! When I first started my weight loss journey I went on a 15 day sugar detox program, one that I found free from searching the Internet. From there, I simply made it a part of my daily nutritional program. I scoured the Internet for sugar free meals and incorporated them into my lifestyle. I would give myself one cheat meal a week and eat at my favorite place. Exercising was pretty simple, I started with only an hour of cardio everyday, I have an exercise bike in my home just in case I couldn’t make it to the gym. After a few months in, I hired a personal trainer at my gym to learn how to lift weight properly…. It took 9 months for me to lose the 15 lbs and reach my goal weight.

#styleover40 fitness blogger Andrea in stylish athleisure gear
Andrea Lee at Andrea’s Wellness Notes in stylish running gear. Photo courtesy to her

Andrea Lee, at Andrea’s Wellness Notes has the following advice:

My most important tip would be to make fitness as much a part of your everyday life as possible. I wear a Fitbit and participate in Fitbit challenges, which motivate me every day to get as many steps as possible. We also enjoy long hikes as a family on the weekends.

I take yoga and barre classes at a studio and schedule them at the beginning of each month. Once a class is scheduled and on the calendar, I’m more likely to go because I don’t like to cancel classes.

Finally, I try to include at least three short, 5-10 minute bursts of exercise in my day. I often start the day with a 7-minute workout, using the free app. During the day, I like to jump rope with my son for a few minutes. While I watch TV, I often do a couple sets of push-ups, sit-ups, and stretches. Adding just a few minutes of exercise throughout the day is easy to do but really adds up if you are consistent.

#dancefashion woman in great shape thru ballroom dancing wearing a dance gown
Example of a custom made ballroom dance dress that I wear at performances. Very Fine Dance Shoes sandals, and dress (all own). Fishnet tights c/o No nonsense. Photo by G. Kramm

I agree that to stick with a resolution needs a trigger why you want to do it. For instance, a weight goal. Awards in between keep you on track and the satisfactions of having already achieved something on the road to the goal. They reinforce that you can do it.

When you follow my blog for a while you know already that my personal fitness routine is ballroom dancing. I like the diversity of the dances, music and movements, the dressing up involved with dancing, and that I can wear heels while exercising. 😉 Dancing is not boring at all. Thus, there is no motivational problem, i.e. finding something you love to do is the best to stick with it. The biggest challenge for me is to find places and opportunities to dance, especially during summer. Here it is easy to run in the laziness/excuse trap like “I didn’t exercise because there were no opportunities.” Thus, I signed up on several email lists to get notifications of events. When time and road conditions permit – some events are more than 1.5 hours drive on icy and dark dirt roads that may not yet be plowed – I reward me for having gone there. Unfortunately, in Alaska, it is necessary to set criteria for temperature and road conditions. It can be very dangerous to get stuck out there somewhere in the middle of nowhere.

What is the biggest challenge to stick to your fitness routine? Which of the above advice may work for you to stay with your resolution to get fit? What is your fitness routine?  

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