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Getting regular exercise is a great way to stay fit and healthy. But finding time to work out can be challenging, especially when you have a packed schedule. Whether you’re busy with overtime work at the office or attending to your kids’ needs from sunrise to bedtime, it may seem impossible to squeeze in a morning run or an after-work gym session.

While it takes some effort to carve out time to exercise when juggling your work and personal responsibilities, it’s possible to do so. You need to find ways to encourage yourself to get some exercise and create opportunities to integrate workouts into your daily routine. Here are six tips how to include workouts in a busy schedule.



Keep Your Workout Gear Within Reach

Sometimes, forgetting to bring your exercise clothes can result in missing out on a workout opportunity. Therefore, it’s better to pack your gym bag and leave it in the car or at your office desk. This way, you can quickly change into your workout clothes after clocking out of work.

If you prefer to work out in the morning, lay out your gear in the evening so you can immediately change into them and exercise when you wake up. You can also wear athleisure clothes to bed instead of your pajamas. Doing so, you’re ready for a sweat session as soon as you stand up. If this idea appeals to you, you can shop for comfortable leggings that are soft enough to sleep in. Make sure the waistband isn’t too tight or tugging on your skin so that it doesn’t interfere with your sleep quality.

Get Up Earlier

If you want to ensure you won’t cross workouts off your daily to-do list, make it the first thing you do. Set your alarm get up 30 minutes earlier to boost your metabolism with your morning workout. Working out on a nearly empty stomach can help jump-start your metabolism and break down stored fats.

Exercise with Your Kids in Tow

Do you have a young child you can’t leave at home? If so, bring them along to your daily workout. Get a jogging stroller so your kid can join you for a jog around the block. It’s a win-win. Your child get some fresh air, and you save the money by not hiring a babysitter. Plus, your kid learns that exercise is part of a healthy lifestyle.

At home, you can work out while keeping a close eye on your little one. Strap your child into a carrier and do some squats. It might help you hit two birds with one stone. As you get some exercise done, your kid might find your activity funny and entertaining.


Turn Your Daily Commute Into a Workout Session

If you live less than five miles from work, consider making your daily commute part of your workout routine. You can run or bike to and from work and get some exercise done during the day. If there is no shower at your office, just walk to work. After work, change into sports gear and run home. Such an arrangement avoids arriving at work in a sweaty mess, but requires some logistics. A work-appropriate backpack to carry your workout gear, on the way to work, and your office outfit on your way back.

If the distance between your workplace and home is too large, take your regular commute, whether by train or bus. But get off a few stops earlier to jog or walk the rest of the way home.

Sneak in Workouts into Your Work Schedule

Every physical activity counts. Therefore, make sure you move often throughout the day. For instance, take the stairs instead of the elevator. Park your car in the back of the parking lot instead of as close as possible to the entrance of your office building.

Another way how to include workouts in a busy schedule is by maximizing your lunch break. Take a long walk or a quick session at a nearby gym rather than spending your entire lunch break in the office. Doing so can help ensure you maintain a regular exercise routine. Furthermore, it can help you to feel more energized and be more productive at work.

When you can change your desk into a standing desk, stand at least half of your time at work. Standing burns more calories. Moreover, you can easily benefit from office desk exercises at a standing desk.


Schedule Workouts Like They’re Appointments

Sometimes, a lack of motivation keeps us from exercising. Therefore, try the following which worked well for me. Treat each workout session as if it were an appointment or an important meeting. Put your workout on your calendar and schedule other activities around it. Set an alarm on your phone to remind yourself to get moving. Once the alarm rings, wrap up whatever you were doing and proceed with your workout. Keeping up this practice will slowly get your into the habit of working out. More on fighting lack of motivation to exercise.


Further Thoughts on How to Include Workout in a Busy Schedule

Despite you may have a full schedule filled with work and personal commitments, there are ways for squeezing in a few minutes of exercise if you’re really want to. Be creative about how to include workouts in your busy schedule. Also, always remind yourself that

Every bit of exercise can add up to reaching your fitness goals.


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