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How to get bikini ready requires to follow the secrets to stay motivated and a lot of discipline.

  1. Start early to get in bikini ready
  2. Avoid treats, do 10000 steps-a-day and HIIT
  3. A routine is a Must
  4. Consistency in working out and eating healthy food
  5. Get graceful and fabulous cover-ups
  6. Make being fit a lifestyle
  7. Schedule your workout like meetings and enjoy it
  8. Start early and eat small portions
  9. Cardio and resistance 2 to 3 days a week
  10. How I stay in shape
  11. How to get bikini ready in a nutshell

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Start early to get in bikini shape

Even when still the last flurries fly (at least here in Alaska) beach season is just around the corner. It is less four weeks to summer break and 24/7 of daylight here in the Interior for more than 80 days. When you like to hit the beach – at a lake or the ocean – beach season is scary close to get into shape. Your big question is probably “how can I get bikini ready over 40?”

Therefore I asked nine bloggers who are big into fitness and are in excellent shape over 40

What is your best advice to get into shape for beach season for women over 40?

fashion influencer in Redbubble print-on-demand sunflower leggings in her fitness routine
Print of the leggings c/o Redbubble styled with own T-shirt and Dansk ballroom dance shoes


Let me share with you their and my secrets and best advices to get into shape.

Avoid treats, do 10000 steps-a-day and HIIT

Andrea Lee, Andrea’s Wellness Notes

I try to eat well throughout the year but will cut out some of the “unnecessary” treats sometime in spring. I always make sure to move a lot throughout the day. I aim for at least 10,000 steps a day but will increase that number considerably when I try to get into better shape.
I also add some HIIT (high intensity interval training) to my weekly routine.

Finally, I think nothing gives me results like barre workouts. They are really tough, especially if you are new to them or haven’t been doing them for a while (there is nothing quite like the shaking you experience at the barre!), but they really target areas that need attention. Plus, I love the focus on posture throughout class, which also teaches me to stand up straighter for the rest of my day. Whenever I take barre classes regularly, I stand up a lot straighter, which really helps you look slimmer and feel more confident.

And in the end, I think it’s all about having confidence and feeling good about yourself so that you can enjoy your time to the fullest!

A routine is a Must

Lauren Spann, Southern Elle Style

I have three pieces of advice:
1) Establish a routine. Once you get into the swing of things, you’ll miss it, if you skip it. You never regret exercising- it invigorates your life in every aspect. No matter how little you do or how slow you go, you’re still going faster than the person, who is just sitting on their couch!

2) Find Something that works for you. Just because your best friend runs and your cousin swims, doesn’t mean that’s the right workout for you. Find something that you enjoy and that makes you happy. Working out should be enjoyable! Honestly, you don’t burn that many more calories by running than walking, so maybe you find a walking buddy and do 6 miles, a couple times a week!

3) Eat smart. I’m not saying to starve yourself or not indulge in chocolate or wine. If you know you’re going to have a cheeseburger and some beer for dinner. Have egg whites for breakfast and a salad for lunch. If you don’t want to go lighter during the day, maybe have a burger on a whole wheat bun and only eat one half of the bread. You can exercise all you want, but if you are feeding your body junk, that’s what you will feel like.

Consistency in working out and eating healthy food

Andrea Overtruf, Loubies and Lulu:

I would say that my biggest piece of advice for getting into shape for beach season is to be consistent with your workouts, whatever type they may be! Consistency yields lasting results and crash dieting does not (plus it makes you feel really cranky!). The key is to workout so that you FEEL great because you are doing something GOOD for your body. Eat plenty of healthy foods, like lean meats, vegetables, fruit, and healthy fats, to fuel your body. Avoid the overly processed stuff. And, reduce your sugar intake, as it causes inflammation.

One last tip: I also like to apply a good self tanner before I go swim suit shopping…gives an added boost of confidence and color under those dressing room lights! And be sure to choose a suit you feel fabulous in…It makes a huge difference!

Get graceful and fabulous cover-ups

Shellie Bowdoin, The Fab Journey

When it comes to swimsuit season for women over 40, two things come to mind: grace and a fabulous cover-up! The over-40 woman needs to give herself some grace and embrace the body she has today instead of pining for the body of days gone by.

The beauty of age is having lived long enough to know what you like and what looks good on you. A fabulous cover-up adds instant sophistication to your beach look. You can choose a style that emphasizes your best features; whether it be a long sarong, a structured cotton tunic or a gauzy dress. Then, choose a few accessories to match and you’re ready to make a style statement.

Extra tip: Get swim- and beachwear that are sun-protective to avoid harming your skin and getting a sunburn. Learn more about why being in the shade fails to rescue you from a sunburn.

Make being fit a lifestyle

Carrie Carlson, A Lovely Little Wardrobe

My best advice for getting into shape for beach season is to live a lifestyle of continually staying fit. As women age it can be more and more difficult to stay in shape and keep extra pounds off. I live each day with fitness and health at the forefront of my choices. I exercise about 5 days per week using programs through Team Beachbody {because I’m a coach and love their products} and go the gym with my husband to lift weights. I try my best to eat clean and always consider my portions of food. Getting fit for beach season begins with what you eat (80%) and exercise (20%) and committing to making choices daily to stay fit.

over 50 years old dancer twirling in a dance gown
Ballroom dancing is a fun exercise for me

Schedule your workouts like meetings

Jill, Doused in Pink

My most important advice is to incorporate strength training and stretching into your routine. Cardio alone won’t do the trick. Schedule your workouts just like you would meetings and activities and do things that you enjoy so that it’s a priority. You have to eat right too, cut out processed sugar and try to add more fruits, vegetables and whole grains. My last tip is to use a sunless tanner to give your skin a healthy glow.

Start early and eat small portions

Johanna Castro, Lifestyle Fifty

I always try to start early! I know that’s not always possible when you’re still into hearty soups and casseroles and comfort eating perhaps during the colder weather, but I don’t believe in crash diets or fad diets to get in shape because I always end up putting the weight back on eventually. My way to get into swimsuit shape is to start exercising more and eating less. I try to start eating smaller portions (and this generally means using a smaller sized plate too). I cut back on saturated fat in all its guises and try to remember that a portion of protein is generally the size of my palm. I make sure I eat less carbohydrates (especially reducing bread, rice and potatoes to a minimum) and try to cut alcohol out of my diet completely – which is hard, as I love a glass of wine with dinner! After about 6 weeks I’ll start to see a difference, and in that time I’ve re-developed some good lifestyle habits to keep me in trim in the long term too.

Stylist’s tip:You may be also interested in why your waist plays yoyo. Regarding healthy eating this post on not gaining weight may be helpful too.

Cardio and resistance 2 to 3 days a week

Brooke and Erica, Pumps and Push Ups

Starting with a great cardio routine a few days a week is a great start, but don’t forget to incorporate resistance training at least 2-3 days a week. As we age, we naturally lose muscle mass and face thinning bones. Resistance training will build muscle that will not only protect your bones but will boost your metabolism, so you will get the most out of your fitness routine. Start slow with your own body weight and move up in weight as you feel more comfortable!

How I stay in shape

I am an avid ballroom dancer and practice regularly 2 to 3 times a week. I walk the stairs and avoid elevators. I also enjoy working and growing food in our yard in Alaska in summer and use a push mower. In winter, I use snow shoveling as an exercise to work out.

To not overeat I use some easy mental tricks. My strongest weapon to not gain weight is talking me into not eating a snack because then I wouldn’t  fit into my favorite clothes. Other tricks are imaging white fleshy fat in the amount of gained weight. It’s so disgusting! Imagining all the emissions to transport the additional, too much food to Alaska also helps me not to go for seconds.

Pre-tanning with a self-tanner is a great idea as its glow slims (and hides irregularities in the skin that may exist due to stretchmarks, cellulitis or scars). Use these easy to follow beauty bloggers secrets for flawless legs. Confidence and being happy with how you look now (i.e. with whatever improvement you achieved) helps too.

How to get bikini ready in a nutshell

In summary, most experts agree on that watching what you eat and regular exercise is key. An early start avoids crash diets that in the end lead to gaining weight instead of keeping weight off. Cut out fat and treats, reduce carbs. Find an exercise that is fun for you as it is easier to stay on track doing something fun than something that feels like a burden. Get sports clothes you love for your workout.

For the beach find cover-ups and swimwear that makes you feel confident. Get a flattering bathing suit. Make a style statement. Tankinis, swimsuits and swimsuits with skirts are alternatives to a bikini. It is totally acceptable that it’s not everyone’s cup of tea to wear a bikini look at 40 below freezing or over 40.

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