Fashionable Hats Walrus cloche review
Walrus wool felt cloche c/o Fashionable Hats with own Cole Haan shearling coat, GNW tights, GNW cardigan, statement belt, unbranded structured bag, LeatherCoatsEtc gloves andDaily Shoes booties

Series inspired revive of the 20s as a fashion trend

Fashion trends and entertainment have a long history of being interweaved. In October, Season 5 of Peaky Blinders  inspired the 1920s’ style that you now see in street style chic. The look even showed up in high fashion. In fashion history, the 1920s stand out iconically as they revolutionized women’ wear from unpractical to functional chic. Young women ditched their corsets, wore dresses they could work, dance and move in, and cut their hair chin length. Hats became chic functional gear to protect their heads from body heat loss. Cloches, flat hats, you name it. Young men wore herringbone newsboy hats, or flat caps.

This time around, however, it’s super cool fro women also to wear the caps that were worn by men back then. Since head protection is a Must-Have in (Alaska’s long) winters, and many of my readers loved the show, and as a hat lover, I immediately agreed to review a sample of my choice from Fashionable Hat’s collection of Newsboy and Flat Caps.

Great quality wool and love to details

I picked the Starling – Walrus Hats black wool felt cloche. When I opened the package I was surprised by the elegance of the cloche. It’s totally in line with the style of the 1920s: Simple, but functional, crafted in high quality  wool felt for duration, embellished with a velvet hat band and accessorized with a glamorous rhinestone brooch. Inside is a cotton sweatband.

cloche velvet band and bow, crystal brooch and sweat band
Zoom-in on details of the cloche. Velvet band and bow with glamorous crystal brooch (top). Cotton sweat band and tags inside (bottom)

Wool felt provides great insulation

I have a 21 inch (54 cm) head circumference, which is usually a size small. However, I ordered the cloche in medium for extra space for my long hair. In winter, I often wear my hair up or in a braid and put it into my hat (see last two photos in this post). In the mornings, my hair is still wet from taking a shower. Going outside with even only slightly wet hair without putting it into a hat immediately freezes the hair. The cloche perfectly fits and protects my head from getting cold and my hair from freezing when it’s still slightly wet.

nicole of High Latitude Style wearing a 1920s style head topper

fashion blogger waiting in a winter scene in hat, coat, dress, cardigan, tights and zipper shoes

style blogger in burgundy, black pink winter outfit with head gear

over 50 years old fashion blogger wearing a head topper from fashionable hats
Outfit details: Walrus wool felt cloche c/o Fashionable Hats with own Cole Haan shearling motorcycle coat, GNW tights, GNW cardigan, statement belt, unbranded structured bag, LeatherCoatsEtc gloves and Daily Shoes booties

Price-performance ratio

There is a 6 month limited warranty on the item and a customer service with live phone support. For customers in the contiguous US there is free shipping when using the coupon SHIPFREE at checkout.

The cloche is very affordable and currently on sale ($48.00 $38.40) at Fashionable Hats. When you wear it every day for six weeks, the cost-per-wear is already below $1, which is my criterion for a great deal. Given the quality of the 100% Australian wool felt (see detail photos), you will get much more wear than six weeks out of the hat. Especially, since the cloche is easy to style (see styling ideas in this post). And, yes, in the northern US, Canada and Alaska, winters are long and cold. Do I have to say more?

Alaskan woman in downcoat in front of snowed-in Wrangler

style book author in posh winter outerwear
Outfit details: Walrus wool felt cloche c/o Fashionable Hats, fitted downcoat c/o Happy Goat Lucky with own LeatherCoatEtc gloves, unbranded structured work tote, DIY dress, quartz earrings, and L.K. Bennett tall suede boots

Who will like this product?

This cloche is a Must-have for all hard-die Peaky Blinder fans. It’s a trendy wardrobe addition for hat lovers as well as for professional women who live in states with cold winters. The traditional style and wool felt make the cloche a perfect piece for your work outerwear. It is as functional as a beannie, but with the elegance of a classic hat. I can definitively recommend it to a friend.

In a nutshell

The Starling – Walrus Hats black wool felt cloche is an affordable, trendy, but classic wardrobe addition for winter. It is very functional, but looks posh and professional when outerwear is part of your work wardrobe. Browse their collection of newsboy and flat caps now.

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Photos of me: G. Kramm

Other photos: N. Mölders

Disclosure: The cloche is a sample of my choice from Fashionable Hats. The post is not endorsed by them. I wrote it entirely myself and it represents my own 100% honest opinion.

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  1. isthismutton

    Very stylish hat! A cloche suits you.

  2. kathrineeldridge1

    I adore this stylish hat! The retro vibe is so chic.

  3. Nicole Mölders

    Ich kann mir gut vorstellen, dass du die tragen würdest. Sie sind ja voll dein Stil.

  4. Sabine Gimm

    Sehr cooler Style. Die Schuhe in pink finde ich klasse.

    Liebe Grüße Sabine

  5. donnadoesdresses

    You look great here, Nicole – especially the first outfit!! But God it looks bloody cold!! I’m a fan of hats too, although more for sun protection! Keep cosy, my friend!!
    Donna 🧚🏻‍♀️❤️🐝

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