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This Andoze comfort shoes review discusses their wearing features, construction, sustainable material, and versatility to style for women over 50. Read what I found and think about them.



Disclosure: Ad. The shoes are a sample of my choice from Andoze. The post is not endorsed by them. I wrote it entirely myself and it represents my own 100% honest opinion.


In Search for the Perfect Travel Shoes

Did you ever loose your baggage when on travel? If so, you probably – like me – rely on what fits in your carry-on. Consequently, you travel with just two pairs of shoes. In my case, a pair of dress shoes or dance-shoes goes in my carry-on, on business travel or a short vacation trip, respectively. On the plane, I wear a pair of comfort shoes.

This pair has to have grip to run between terminals, but must be chic to qualify for a first class upgrade. At the destination, it serves for sightseeing, museum visits, souvenir shopping, walks, and all kind of fun activities (except dancing).

Because the Andoze Confident seemed to fulfill these criteria I tried them out.


Andoze Footwear Is Handcrafted with Comfort in Mind

As we age, our ball of foot and heels loose cushion. The wider toe box as compared to sneakers/hiking boots does not squeeze the feet. Consequently, our toes can move naturally like when walking bare feet on a sandy beach.

The Andoze shoes are light-weight; and the insole supports the arch. Consequently, we can walk longer before getting tired. Because the shoes are water-repellent, you still can explore the town when it rains. Their built-in anti-skid quality even works on the icy roads here in Alaska.



Andoze Footgear Is Handcrafted from Sustainable Resources

Andoze’s vegan shoes that are not only gentle on your feet, but also environmentally friendly. The material namely stems from sustainable sources.

The upper and lining consist of organic cotton. The insole and outsole are made of farm straw and sugarcane, respectively. Recycled rubber serves as eyelets. Consisting of plant-based material, the shoes are bio-degradable.

The threats are rPET, which refers to recycled Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET). This new reusable, sustainable material for yarns and fabrics stems from recycled fibers of polyester. Consequently, less waste goes to landfills.

Note that polyester can stem from both bio- or chemically-created polymers.


diagram showing which parts of the Andoze footwear consists of which sustainable resources
Diagram identifying the material of the Andoze footwear




Comfortable Shoes that Work for Almost Everything

Because blue is a neutral color, the shoes are easy to style. You can pair these sneakers with a skirt. They also look cute with a floral or beach dress, stylish with a solid color dress or even a straight skirt with twinset. Because they are a big trend, they don’t read tourist when paired with jeans and a Tee.

When in your home town, you can wear them for running errands, shopping the mall or Farmers Market, and walks in the park (see movie).



Pricing and Sizing

The customer support suggested to order the footgear a size larger than I normally wear. I followed the advice and my Andoze Confident fit like a glove.

Currently, the shoes are on sale for $76. You get 10% off on first purchase by using the code WELCOME.

Because the shoes are so versatile, they will fast go beyond $1 per wear. Therefore, thumbs up!

You can order your pair of fashion-forward, eco-friendly comfort shoes online at Andoze.


Who Will Love these Vegan Comfort Shoes?

Of course, everyone who cares about the environment prefers chic shoes from sustainable resources including recycled material over shoes produced without sustainability and the environmental impacts in mind. The shoes are great for everyone who looks for fashion-forward comfort shoes with a young, modern vibe. I have no hesitations to recommend these shoes to my friends and family members.


Andoze Comfort Shoes Review in a Nutshell

Andoze offers handcrafted fashion-forward, comfort footwear made from sustainable resources at an affordable price. Browse their collection now.


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Graphic and video: N. Mölders

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