Misook studded skirt and shirt review
White shirt, black studded skirt both c/o Misook, styled with own Max Mara boots, Chanel belt and necklace

Misook has travel friendly clothes

There is hardly a job today where you can do entirely without having to travel for a work meeting, conference, workshop once in a while. When you are like me, I don’t trust the irons in hotels. Having “lost” my baggage in Seattle twice – well I got it back, but later – I like to travel with just carry-on. Thus, I can’t afford to loose an item because a hotel iron is having an attitude. It means I need to wear wrinkle-free – read travel friendly – work clothes also on the trip to the destination.

#travelfashion woman in high collar blouse with tails and slit skirt
Side view of knit skirt and high collar stretch cotton blouse c/o Misook to show slits and tails, respectively. Own Max Mara boots

To nevertheless have enough options and cover all “dressing situations” packing needs some planning. You have to come up with outfits ahead of time. Furthermore, the individual pieces of the outfits must be wrinkle free. The best fabrics for this demand are knits like those that Misook offers.

mature woman in blue and black Casual Friday outfit
Studded skirt c/o Misook styled with own Great Northwest denim jacket, Brooks Brothers cashmere sweater, statement necklace, and L.K. Bennett boots for a Causal Friday look. Despite the slits the skirt looks modest when sitting and hence is a great for the office

In case you never heard about them, let me briefly introduce them to you. Misook offers machine-washable knit-wear in timeless silhouettes, sophisticated color combinations with elegant details in high, but affordable quality. All their items are wrinkle resistant and work well for work. This means they are perfect for work travel as well. You can easily combine Misook pieces with each other or with pieces you have already in your wardrobe. Unlike many knits, their knits don’t cling and the cuts don’t make you look like a sausage. On the contrary, the items hit the body just in the right places.

#fashionover40 woman in fall outfit with studs and denim
Studded maxi skirt c/o Misook styled with own Great Northwest denim jacket, Brooks Brothers sweater, statement necklace, and L.K. Bennett boots for a classic fall look with an edge

For this review post, I picked the boot skirt with silver studs and the cotton stretch high neck blouse.

I like the slim silhouette of the skirt. The tea-length keeps me well insulated on frigid cold winter days. The nice long slits permit getting on a tram or bus, but still are modest. Well, yes, I can’t resist studs. I have to admit that heir studded tweed jacket also tempted me.

#midlifestyle woman in high collar blouse and boot skirt
Cotton stretch blouse with statement high collar and Princess cut, boot studded skirt both c/o Misook, styled with own Chanel belt, necklace and Max Mara boots

There is something about high neck collars that I like. They are real statements and timeless. The draw the eyes of the on-viewer to the face. They aren’t tight around the neck. Somehow they remind me of the powerful women pictures in the fairy tale books of my childhood. High collars convey confidence. That’s perfect when you work in a men’s world like I do. I also love the fact that the shirt is nicely tailored. The vertical draft make me look taller than I am. Recall vertical lines also have a slimming effect.

mature style blogger in black maxi skirt
Back view of maxi skirt and tailored stretch cotton shirt both c/o Misook styled with own Max Mara floral boots

The pieces are true to the sizes given in the size chart including an ease for comfort. When you are between sizes and like your clothes on the tighter size, go for the lower size. Go for the larger size, when you prefer your clothes to be loose. Due to their nice cuts you will look great.

#midlifefashion woman in business casual travel look with with shirt
High neck collar blouse c/o Misook with own blazer, Oliveo jeans, GNW socks, Adidas sneakers, Esprit vintage shoulder bag, and Burberry London rain trench coat for a chic posh, but comfy work travel outfit

For the styling inspirations I tasked myself to come up with outfits that would work for a 2 to 3 day business trip. The studded skirt paired with the high neck blouse make a great outfit for meetings and presentations. The skirt paired with the denim jacket is perfect for a casual work dinner. On the plane, I would wear the blouse with a blazer and a pair of jeans. It’s always better to dress for first class, right? I added sneakers as boots with heels are not a good idea when you have to use escalators at the airport.

#maturefashion woman in business casual chic look with white Misook blouse
High neck collar blouse c/o Misook with own blazer, statement necklace, Oliveo jeans, Adidas sneakers, and Esprit bag

Of course, Misook also has very nice knit jackets that rather look like blazers. I mentioned the studded tweed jacket already. 😉 Yes, they do have jacket also in bright or bold colors. Of course, this falls big It color red, but also various shades of blue, chartreuse, orange, tan, you name it.

  • Other things that I love about Misook are
  • that they are one of the few brands who cover the entire size range from XS to 3X, and petite to taller than 5.4″ (1.63 m), and
  • that they have an easy to understand shape guide. Thus, you can save a lot of time searching for the most flattering pieces for your body shape.
  • You can even ask for help of a stylist.
  • On their webpage they have a store locator, in case you prefer to go shopping in person.
#advancedfashion woman in posh business casual
High neck collar blouse c/o Misook with own blazer, Oliveo jeans, Adidas sneakers, Esprit shoulder bag, and Burberry London trench coat. The hidden button line has beautiful mother-of-pearl buttons. See the nice cuffs of the blouse in this and the previous photo.

It is easy with all these tools to create an awesome work wardrobe. Have a look at their online store to make your own opinion. When you find something you love as much as I love the skirt and the blouse, you may be happy to know that Misook has a promo code MSK1091 for my lovely readers.

In a nutshell: If I had bought the pieces, I wouldn’t have regretted the purchase. I love the versatility of the skirt and blouse and the many possibilities of outfits, they add to my wardrobe. You will see more looks with them soon.

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Did you know about Misook already? Have you already pieces of them in your closet? What are they? Are you as much excited about your items as I am about mine? Let me know, I am curious.

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Photos: G. Kramm

Disclosure: The studded skirt and the white shirt are samples from Misook. The post is not endorsed by them. I wrote the post entirely myself and it represents my own 100% honest opinion.

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