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This post is my review of Flow Feet orthopedic riding boots. It encompasses the features, fit, quality of craftsmanship, and price-performance ratio as well as styling inspirations.



Disclosure: The boots are a sample of my choice from Flow Feet. The post is not endorsed by them. I wrote it myself and it provides my 100% honest opinion.


Flow Feet Offers Stylish Orthopedic and Diabetic Shoes

Flow Feet has specialized in high-quality orthopedic and diabetic shoes, insoles and socks for a variety of foot conditions (arthritis, bunions, diabetic, neuropathy, hammertoes, metatarsalgia [ball of foot pain], plantar fasciitis, AFO, post-op, flat feet [pes planus]).


Why I Chose to Review the Propét Tasha – Women’s Comfort Knee-High Riding Boots?

These boots have the classic design of riding boots. In gray, they are an undeniable statement. The 15 1/2” long, full-grain leather shaft has decorative buckles. I like hardware around the ankles.


Feet Flow orthopedic riding boots shown from different sides for review
Front and side views of the boots to show hardware details, zipper, heel height, and elastics for fit on strong calves. You can order them also in black.


In winter, squeezed toes are a recipe for cold feet. Because these boots have a wider toe box than traditional riding boots, they provides enough room for my toes even with double socks. Consequently, they help to keep my feet warm.

Furthermore, gray footgear in an ageless style is very versatile to style. Therefore, they are a great shoe wardrobe addition.


Description of the Comfort Boots

The firm 1.25 inch heel permits walking on snow. These boots have 16 inches circumference at the calf. The cushioning rubber and mesh lining mean all-day comfort.

The boots have a removable insole with foot-bed which is very comfortable. The wide toe box not only allows the toes to spread naturally, it also is perfect to accommodate adverse foot conditions like hammer-toes or bunions.


How Is the Fit of the Flow Feet Orthopedic Riding Boots?

I ordered them in gray in US size 8 M(B) after I determined my size with their online size calculator. The boots are a perfect fit on my feet. The wide calf-section would accommodate stronger calves than mine. However, I like their width nevertheless because it permits

  • Tucking in my thermo-pants on cold winter days, and
  • Wearing knee-high thick wool socks inside (see photo).


outfit with silver jacket tweed skirt pantyhose wool sock with orthopedic riding boots
Outfit details of this and the featured photo: Herve Leger silver leather jacket, Quince sweater, Rebecca Collins necklace, Nordgreen watch, cat cuff, amethyst ear studs, Quince sweater, Eddie Bauer tweed skirt, Hipstik pantyhose with orthopedic footgear c/o Flow Feet.



Excellent Wear Comfort

Note that I have a small bunion due to dancing on 4 inch heels (12 cm) since high school. I took a one hour walk (3 miles, 4.8 km) with these boots and felt no pressure on the bunion. I also didn’t get blisters. Because the boots are on the lighter side of weight, I didn’t feel more exhausted after the walk than when walking the same route with my walking shoes.


What Kind of Customer Service Does Flow Feet Provide?

As aforementioned, Flow Feet has an online shoe size calculator with easy-to-follow instructions for the foot measurements. After measuring your foot length and width (in inches), you type these data into the calculator to obtain a shoe size and width suggestion. The suggestion was perfect in my case.

Their 100% customer satisfaction guarantee means that if you are not satisfied with the shoes or they fail to fit you, you can return them within 30 days from the date of purchase for a refund.

Flow Feet offers free shipping on all orders shipped within the US. The international shipping fee starts at $24.95 for the first pair, and may be higher depending on destination country, the quantity of your order and the size and weight of the package. The total shipping costs for international shipping is shown at checkout.


Does Flow Feet Offer Split Size Orders?

They offer split sizes/mismatch shoe orders on shoes from selected brands for 1.5 times the retail price.


Price Performance Ratio

The leather is high quality and the craftmanship is great. Therefore, and because of their timeless design I expect them to be in my shoe wardrobe for several years. Due to their neutral color and classic style they are very versatile to style tall boots.

Given the price of $169.95, the cost-per-wear will get below $1 over two cold seasons according to my experience with boots of this quality and versatility to style. Therefore, these boots are worth the money not only because they protect me from bunion pain on my winter walks.


kilt vest jacket T-shirt outfit idea for the review of comfort riding boots
Flow Feet comfort footwear styled with Urban Outfitters vest, Great Northwest suede utility jacket, Covered Perfectly Tee, Rebecca Collins necklace, Hipstik tights, Celtic & Co. kilt, and Modalu Pippa bag.



Who Will Like the Flow Feet Orthopedic Riding Boots?

Riding boots are a key element of various personal styles like, for instance, casual, British or American Classic, Euro Chic or SoCal style. Consequently, when one of these styles is your personal style these boots are a price-worthy investment in your winter wardrobe.

These boots are a great, comfortable option when you suffer from bunions or hammertoes. Due to their wide toe box they are also a great choice for all those who suffer from cold feet. The extra space permits adding insulating insoles or wearing socks plus under-socks.

When you have strong calves, the wide calf-section might permit you wearing these chic Flow Feet comfort riding boots.


Review of Flow Feet Orthopedic Riding Boots in a Nutshell

Flow Feet offers a variety of orthopedic and diabetic shoes for all genders including kids. Their comfort riding boots are timeless, stylish, price-worthy, great quality, as well as very comfortable and versatile to style. Therefore, they are a great investment in any winter wardrobe even when you don’t have foot issues. Browse their collection now.


Photos: G. Kramm

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