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Moda International bomber jacket, Burberry plaid skirt, 3.1 Philip Lim phasli, pantyhose, Cartier just un clou (all own), wooden sunglasses c/o Winkwood and Ivanka Trump pumps c/o Wikibuy

Some preferences for a certain style or clothing item are already set very early in life. Here I share my love story for tartan and how you can style tartan in general the easiest way.

  1. A too big tartan pleat skirt got it started
  2. Different Personal Styles need different Plaid size
  3. Wrap tartan with big safety pin
  4. Further plaid skirt replacements
  5. Plaid blazer and mixing prints and patterns
  6. Which weave works when?
  7. Stylish Monday – Mad for plaid

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A too big tartan pleat skirt got it started

My love for tartan goes back to my childhood. My Great-aunt and Godmother “Tante Berta” gave me a great green tartan pleat skirt that I wore all time in winter from kindergarten to second grade. She was of the Great War generation and always bought clothing for children too big so the child could “grow into” them as she reasoned it. Thus, this skirt was first a little (way) too large.

Therefore, my mother had taken a pleat in on the left and right side of the skirt. Later when this was too tight, she let one out and then again later, she let out the other. I loved that skirt especially with a white turtleneck. I remember that for a school photo I wore this skirt with the white turtleneck. My mother was later upset that I hadn’t reminded her that the photographer would come that day to school. I liked the look how she had styled my Bristish Classic outfit. She was uspset because she had to pay for a portrait of mine that was black and white as she said.


Different Personal Styles need different Plaid size

My Mom coordinated  the skirt with tops in colors of the pattern. That’s the easiest way to create a nice working look. Did you know that the you look the most sophisticated in plaid when you wear the pattern that reflects your personal style?


Wrap tartan with big safety pin

Once I had grown out of the skirt I wanted a new one. It was not before fourth grade that this happened. My second tartan skirt was actually more authentic because it actually was a wrap skirt. It was closed by a big safety pin, two leather buckle closures and a hidden button at the waist band. The skirt was winter white wool background with red, hunter-green, blue and yellow with some black. I used to wear it with red, black, green or blue turtleneck sweaters, winter white tights and Mary Janes or lace loafers.


influencer in floral print, plaid, leopard print
GNW leopard print cardigan, Vintage Silk silk floral top, plaid skirt, GNW tights, Steve Madden Mary Janes, and Kate Moss for Longchamp bag


Further Plaid Skirt Replacements

The brown skirt in the photo above was the third tartan skirt I owned. I loved it so much that I bought a similar in fuchsia with purple. It has a bias cut with slight A-shape. The fifth plaid skirt was similar to the second, but just in winter white, blue and black weave. I got it in Fairbanks when there was still an Eddie Bauer in town. 🙁

The photos below show one of my current pieces in the classic Burberry pattern in pink styled for the office.

over 50 years old fashion blogger in mixed print look

midlife blogger in tartan knee length skirt, striped Tee, pink pumps and bag

woman walking in tartan A-line skirt, bomber leather jacket and sweater

street style blogger Nicole in aviator jacket, pink skirt, heels, black and white top

style book author wearing tartan, stripes leather and pink in one business casual outfit
Outfit details: Moda International bomber jacket, Burberry plaid skirt, 3.1 Philip Lim phasli, pantyhose, Cartier just un clou, Hermes collier de chien bangle, black pearl necklace (all own), wooden sunglasses c/o Winkwood, striped top c/o Coolibar and Ivanka Trump pumps c/o Wikibuy


Plaid Blazer and Mixing Prints and Patterns

As the photos above illustrate the multiple color fabric works also well with stripes and even with floral and leopard. There is no reason to limit yourself to the Scottish way to wear the fabric. Try a to style a plaid dress for the holiday work party, or wear a checkered sheath, blazer, coat or even boots. The options are nearly endless.

In the outfit below, for example, I wore my Burberry wool blazer for the commute. Thus, two tartans at once. Underneath the blazer I wore a floral silk top and a leopard printed cotton cardigan as seen in the photo above. The black tights and shoes ground the mixing of print and patterns because it occurs in all three other pieces. The wild combination of patterns and prints works as they are all in the same color family and have different size.


influencer in plaid blazer and bias plaid skirt
Burberry plaid blazer over bias A-line plaid skirt with sheer scarf, GNW tight, Steve Madden Mary Janes, gloves and Kate Moss for Longchamp bag


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Which Weave Works When?

This classic color weave comes in various sizes and hence has different vibes and matches with different personal styles. Thus, it is a great thing for everyone, yearround and an eternal classic. In spring, gingham looks fresh and season appropriate. In summer, a flanel plaid shirt knotted around the waist is a perfect stylish coverup when dressing an outdoor concert. In the cold season, a tartan blazer or skirt are great business casual style.


style blogger posing in the darkness in plaid pants in fall GNW Luxe top, Kieselstein Cord belt, Hermes buckle, Pendleton wide Glen check trousers, Antonio Melani booties, Hermes collier de chien bangle, and statement necklace (all own)female science professor in fake skirt suit with leopard print tights and heels Tahari glen check blazer, Harley Davidson booties, Modalu Pippa tote, updo with barrette, leopard tight, and Aires skirt (all own)

older woman standing at the Chena in white jeans and gingham shirt London Jean white denim boyfriend jeans, Hermes collier de chien leather wrap and bangle, hair jewelry, Modalo Pippa bag,  Madonna True or Dare floral patent leather pumps, and gingham shirt c/o Whistle River

Nicole of High Latitude Style wearing a plaid cape in winter Cape worn over a Vittura shearling coat, Hipstik tights, Vince Camuto suede boots, LeatherCoatsEtc gloves, hat and 3.1 Philip Lim tote (all own)over 50 years old fashion blogger in plaid sheath dress Ruby Belle sheath dress, GNW Luxe wool cashmere sweater, GNW tights and Antonio Melani booties (all own) and DIY brooch worn on the waist

Alaskan fashion blogger donning a mixed pattern look Pendleton wool pleated skirt, L.K. Bennett boots, Kieselstein Cord belt and three horses buckle (all own) and blouse c/o Ethyl Clothing

When buying the classic flanel shirts make sure they don’t look like the top of your PJs. In general, carefully look at any type of checkered clothing and learn buying plaid to not look cheap.


Stylish Monday – Mad for Plaid

Given the versatility of this phantastic weave, my style blogging friends and I chose to feature it in this month’s Stylish Monday collaboration.

Stylish Monday hostesses Suzanne, Robin, Nicole, Michele, Andy, Julie, Nancy, Nina, Cindy and Emma

Join Suzanne from Ask Suzanne Bell, Robin from Hello I’m 50ish, Michele from IG chelle, Andy Schwartz from Pearls and Pantsuits, Julie Augustyn from Fashion Friends and Trends, Nancy Baten from Nancy’s Fashion Style, Nina Andersen from Sharing a Journey, Cindy Scruy from the Middle Sister Blog here on, Emma from the Style Splash, and me at the


Stylish Monday Linkup party


and show us how you wear your plaid. Also see how they style theirs.

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