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Ruby and metalic maroon leather blazer c/o The Jacket Maker with own Nine & Co. zebra print pumps, London Jean boyfriends, T-shirt

This The Jacket Maker leather blazer review addresses the craftsmanship, quality, customer service, price performance ratio, and styling ideas. Read and see what I found.

  1. Leather Clothing Is Luxury
  2. Great Craftsmanship and High Quality Hides
  3. Great Customer Support
  4. Price-performance Ratio: An Affordable Luxury Wardrobe Addition
  5. Who Will Love This Blazer?
  6. The Jacket Maker Leather Blazer Review in Two Sentences

Updated: 1/4/2022
Disclosure: Ad. The leather blazer is a sample from The Jacket Maker. The post is not endorsed by them. I wrote it entirely myself and it represents my own 100% honest opinions.

Leather Clothing Is Luxury

The Jacket Maker – an online leather store that specializes in leather clothing – approached me to review one of their jackets. When you are a regular reader of the blog you know that I have a knack for leather clothes. My love for this clothing goes back to me childhood. It all started with a pair of red lederhosen I wore as a toddler.

When browsing their collection this classic blazer (see photos) excited me with its unusual, interesting neutral color combination of ruby and metallic maroon, and its classic (slimming) cut as well as the length. The at hip-bone length of the hem and the vertical lines from the color-blocking give the illusion of “miles-long” legs and height, respectively. Both aspects are flattering on all women alike and especially for petite (less or equal to 5 ft 4 tall) and plus-size women.


front view of casual outfit with BF jeans and ruby and metallic maroon leather blazer c/o The Jacket Maker
Ruby and metallic maroon leather blazer c/o The Jacket Maker with own Nine & Co. heels, London Jean BF jeans and graphic T-shirt



Great Craftsmanship and High Quality Hides

The sample shows great craftsmanship. It is fully lined. There are no signs of wrinkles in the hide, which is one of the indictors for high quality skins. The feel is very soft. No stiffness at all. See this post on what to look for when shopping for leather clothes.

The piece has a slight pleasant note of leather sent like a descent perfume (love that scent) when you put your nose very close. This note is a sign for genuine leather. A person standing in front of your won’t notice. You also don’t smell it when wearing it.

In accord with the size-chart measurements, I ordered a size S, and it’s a perfect fit! As a result, I can easily move in it (see photos). It can be worn open in a Business Casual style, but also closed as outerwear (see the photos). Two flies with one hit – so to speak. Love it! <3

If you don’t know how to buy by measure, check this post to learn determining your size via measurements.

blogger in color blocked leather frock with denim pants and heels
Back view to show that the color blocking is also in the back.



Great Customer Support

After ordering, I received an order confirmation. Then they followed up with an another  email providing shipping info to track the package. This means you know exactly when the package will arrive. I really like to have that info. The package arrived via DHL.

Did I mention that I like that they have free international shipping and that you even can have your clothes custom-made?


mature woman in leather jacket, jeans, heels and graphic Tee
Front view of the outfit with open jacket


midlife style blogger in color blocked leather frock with denim, T-shirt and heels
Side view of ruby and metallic maroon leather blazer c/o The Jacket Maker with own London Jean BF denim pants, Nine & Co. heels, Statement belt, and graphic Tee



Price-performance Ratio: An Affordable Luxury Wardrobe Addition

Leather as attire for non-protective purposes is luxury. The price for the piece featured in this post ($337) is in the ballpark of similar style/cut quality pieces made from fabric.

Given the durability of leather chances are high that the jacket has a longer tenure in your wardrobe than a similar item from fabric. Moreover, since leather keeps out wind you can wear the jacket as outerwear in the transition seasons, i.e. chances are high that you wear it more often.  In these cases, the cost-per-wear gets below 1 dollar much faster, and in the end, will be lower than for a fabric item or same quality. When you are new here, my criterion for a great deal is that an item gets below 1$ during its tenure in your wardrobe.


older woman in casual outfit with denim and leather
The Jacket Maker leather blazer worn closed as fall outerwear
older lady in leather blazer with jeans and pumps in front of a bike
Showing that you can easily move in the jacket



Who Will Love This Blazer?

As stated above, the classic cut, high quality leather, and neutral colors make this blazer a great basic wardrobe addition for women of all body shapes. However, the blazer is especially perfect for petite women who strive for the illusion of height;  tall plus-size women will love the jacket for its slimming effect. They will benefit from the vertical lines and the color combination. Recall dark colors tend to be visually slimming.

I can really recommend this this blazer. It’s perfect as outerwear in spring and fall and it’s also great on cool, windy cloudy summer days. I wore the blazer as a cover-up on such a day with temperatures in the 50s (10-15oC) for the first time. I felt comfortable despite the wind and humidity. In winter, this coat is nice as an alternative to a fabric blazer on Casual Friday when your office dress code permits wearing leather.

The Jacket Maker’s collection also includes motorcycle jackets, studded coats, and even Ombre dyed  body-con jackets with zipper closure (other favorite of mine). When you live in a climate zone with windy weather a leather coat is a Must-have to keep the chilling factor of wind away from your body core.

mature blogger in leather business casual look
London Jean boyfriends, graphic Tee, Nine & co. zebra print pumps (all own) and leather frock c/o The Jacket Maker


The Jacket Maker Leather Blazer Review in Two Sentences

The leather blazer from The Jacket Makers is a well-made, affordable, figure-flattering luxury wardrobe addition for women who love leather attire. It’s also a great choice for women who seek to buy more sustainable/durable clothing or want customization. Browse their awesome collection now.

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Photos of me: G. Kramm

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  1. I appreciate your honest opinion on the quality and fit. It’s frustrating when you order something online and it doesn’t live up to your expectations. It seems like The Jacket Maker really pays attention to the details.

  2. Wow, what a detailed review! I’ve been thinking about getting a leather blazer, and after reading this, I think I’m sold on The Jacket Maker. Do they offer different colors, though? I’m curious about options other than black.
    Men Leather Blazer

  3. Thanks for sharing this amazing and informative post. keep sharing with us.

  4. shelbeeontheedge1

    Very cool jacket, Nicole! And I am loving your zebra shoes!


  5. Stu

    What a lovely jacket. you look super stylish wearing that. The classic cut and colour will last for years.

  6. Hi, Nicole
    The ruby metallic sheen is beautiful and this jacket looks good on you. I love the way you mixed the edgy graphic tee and leather jacket with sexy heels. I have a burgundy faux leather drape-front jacket that made me want to see how you styled this. Although I’m vegetarian and stick with faux leather to avoid animal cruelty, I gave up when it came to footwear. I’ve been experimenting with vegan food lately, though. I love how thick and full your hair is getting! 😉

  7. Jodie

    What a fabulous jacket, Nicole!!