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ENAMOUR patent leather and denim earrings gift wrapped

This ENAMOUR hand-made ear studs review post introduces you to a young business woman, June Cruz. Those of you who browse a lot for hand-made costume jewelry to find unique fashion accessories may have already seen some of her great pieces.  Now you can find June’s cool pieces at the ENAMOUR DESIGN HOUSE.


  1. ENAMOUR DESIGN HOUSE – Your Go-To for Hand-Made Jewelry
  2. Where to Wear Them
  3. How I Styled the Hand-Made Ear Studs
  4. Price-Performance Ratio
  5. ENAMOUR Hand-Made Ear Studs Review in a Nutshell


Disclosure: The studs are samples from ENAMOUR DESIGN HOUSE. The post is not endorsed by them. I wrote the post entirely myself and it represents my own 100% honest opinion.


featuring the denim studs for the ENAMOUR hand-made ear studs review
Denim ear jewelry c/o ENAMOUR DESIGN HOUSE


unique enamour design fabric covered ear studs
Zoom-in on the protective boxes and hand-made fabric-covered ear studs c/o ENAMOUR DESIGN HOUSE


ENAMOUR DESIGN HOUSE – Your Go-To for Hand-Made Jewelry

June asked me to review two of her items. I picked these patent leather studs and the denim studs. I love the Rock’n Roll vibe of the former and the casual vibe of the latter.

The studs are about 0.35 inch (0.9 cm) in diameter.  They feel light on the ear and come with a plastic and metal back security each. Thus, you have the choice which one you prefer to secure your ear jewelry. Their cool fabric covered button design makes them a big statement. They are perfect with an up-do or a short hair cut.


Where to Wear Them

These hand-crafted ear studs are ice breakers at any casual gathering. They are what to wear at a BBQ, summer picnic, parade, outdoor concert or even an author reception. They give a casual weekend look a finishing touch without being over the top. Do I have to mention that they are also perfect for travel and sight seeing? More on which earrings to wear when and where.


featuring the patent leather ear studs for the ENAMOUR hand-made ear studs review
Patent leather ear studs c/o ENAMOUR DESIGN HOUSE



How I Styled the Hand-Made Ear Studs

I wore the patent leather ear buttons at the authors’ reception where my book was celebrated. I styled them with plating up the leather and button theme. The long blazer has no buttons, while the cardigan has black ones that shine like the ENAMOUR DESIGN HOUSE patent leather ear studs. The leather pants repeats the leather theme of the ear jewelry.


Notations floral print cardigan, London Jeans leather pants, 3.1 Philip Lim bag, long blazer c/o Shein, and patent leather studs c/o ENAMOUR



I paired the denim studs with my DIY patch shirt, net-skirt and pumps for a posh Casual Friday outfit. Casual Friday is for denim, right. Thus, this look is even a double denim look. 😉 Wait, triple denim.


fashion over 50 woman in Casual Friday outfit
DIY patch Oliveo denim shirt, Gucci belt, Aldo leopard print pumps (all own), net skirt c/o Lookbook store, and denim earrings c/o ENAMOUR



Price-Performance Ratio

The ENAMOUR DESIGN HOUSE jewelry is very affordable, even on a budget. Just skip your latte for a week (you wanted to loose weight anyhow, right?) and you have saved the money to buy the studs. Moreover, June Cruz donates a portion of your purchase to the National Organization for Rare Disorders. Thus, you feel great and feel good at the same time. This is what I call guilt-free fashion over 40. When will you get your pair?

Aren’t these studs cool? There are many more cool ear pieces with other fabrics, for instance blue and white striped fabric, and also other must-see hand-made jewelry. It’s impossible not to fall in love with one or more of these beautiful pieces. Up your summer style with ENAMOUR DESIGN HOUSE unique jewelry. Start shopping now!


ENAMOUR Hand-Made Ear Studs Review in a Nutshell

Unique hand-made ENAMOUR DESIGN HOUSE fashion accessories are affordable and a welcome gift for Mother’s Day or your girlfriends’ birthdays. The studs come gift-wrapped!


Photos of me: G. Kramm
Photos of the samples: N. Mölders

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