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What to keep when updating your jewelry is a good question. A while ago, I wrote the importance to makeover your wardrobe for trends, fit, and style. Since jewelry often has some value beyond being an accessory of woman’s wardrobe, the decisions are not so obvious like with clothing. The latter namely is subject to wear and tear. Read the solutions how you can tackle the problem. 


  1. Obvious Keepers: Family Heirlooms and Personalized Jewelry
  2. Timeless Must-Have Jewelry for Every Style
  3. What to Do with Jewelry that You Don’t Wear Anymore?
  4. Wrapping up What to Keep when Updating Your Jewelry for Style


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Obvious Keepers: Family Heirlooms, Stackable Rings, and Personalized Jewelry

Antique jewelry which are family heirlooms, and engraved personalized jewelry are keepers because they are timeless pieces. Another reason why to hold on to and wear them is that you associate them with memories of a loved one.

Keep stackable rings at any age when you succeeded to make stackable rings part of your signature personal style.

Typically, personalized rings, engraved ID-bracelets, charms or cuffs, name necklaces, (Grand-)Mother rings and pendants, etc. were gifts especially ordered for you. A monogram signature ring, letter ear studs, a Sterling silver name cuff or necklace, for instance, are a timeless, chic finishing touch to an outfit of any style.


examples what to keep when updating your jewelry
Examples of engraved personalized jewelry that works with any personal style.


If you have ethnic jewelry that reflects your heritage, keep them. Wear them at parties where you you don’t know many of the guest. Typically, traditional wardrobe pieces act like an ice breaker to start a conservation..


Timeless Must-Have Jewelry for Every Style

Every woman needs the following jewelry in her jewelry collection, best in her primary personal style:

  • Bangle or bracelet
  • Cocktail ring
  • Diamond or zirconia (fashion) ring
  • Engraved personalized ID bracelet or signet ring
  • Pendant necklace
  • Pearl necklace (fake or real)
  • Stud earrings
  • Watch

When your former style turned into your secondary style, keep the pieces that belong to your secondary style.

In the above list, the bold pieces work with every style. Therefore, they are the ones to keep. In case of stud earrings, keep them when they are fake or real diamonds, zirconia, spheres in gold or silver color, pearls or spherical gemstones. These studs are perfect for the office. More on which earrings to wear when, where.

When it comes to watches, keep your unique wooden watches as well as classic or minimalist style designer watches because they work with any style. Update real gold or silver watches with a wrist band in your new style.

Replace the pieces that you discard with new items in your personal style. You can find the key pieces for American Classic style, Bohemian style, and gamine style, as well as romantic style in the linked posts.



What to Do with Jewelry that You Don’t Wear Anymore?

If these pieces have a retail value, try to sell them unless they have memorial or sentimental value. Instead of selling, you may also use the pieces as a gift to a person of whom you know they like it. When keeping them as mementos, pin them on a board as wall decoration or display them in a glass shelf.

You could also host a jewelry swap party, where your friends bring their discarded jewelry. Note swapping works better with costume than real jewelry because typically, the value of fake jewelry differs less.

In case of real jewelry, you can create a sketch of how to change them to match your new style. Discuss the idea with a goldsmith, get a cost estimate, and decide whether you go for it. The three pairs of earrings in the photo below are examples of such updates.


3 examples of updated earrings
Examples of makeovers. When my style asked for dangling earrings I had the middle pieces inserted into the formerly work-appropriate short ear jewelry



Wrapping up What to Keep when Updating Your Jewelry for Style

Jewelry to keep even when your style changed are family heirlooms, ethnic jewelry reflecting your heritage, stackable rings, and personalized jewelry. Timeless Must-Have jewelry for every style are pearl necklaces, Read what you need to know about pearls.


Collage: N. Mölders with photos of engraved/personalized jewelry courtesy to Faruzo.

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