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Edith Leiber belt, unbranded silk holiday scarf (all own), knit jumper c/o Femme Luxe

Thanksgiving is a holiday where stylewise everything seems to go. Actually, this impression isn’t entirely right. This post provides Thanksgiving outfit ideas for various different events/activities. You want to wear the right look at the right time, right?

  1. Traditions Impact the Thanksgiving Outfit
  2. Eating out
    • Brunch or Dinner at a Restaurant
    • Dinner or Lunch at a Family Member’s House
    • Feminine Desaturated Thanksgiving Outfit Ideas
  3. Cozy Chic Looks for Watching Movies or Football with Friends
  4. Create a Chic Outerwear Look, When a Coat Is Needed
  5. Thanksgiving Outfit Ideas in a Nutshell


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Traditions Impact the Thanksgiving Outfit

Thanksgiving is a family holiday with a lot of food and fun. Some families do their own home-made turkey dinner, others go out for brunch or dinner. Thanksgiving is also an opportunity to join somewhere at a resort for a family reunion. Another populat activity is to invite friends over to watch football, …

It often means dressing for a family reunion which is one of the toughest occasions to dress for.

There are many traditions. And even immigrants have their Thanksgiving traditions. These various traditions of course all have their own dress codes. Some events are very low key – read cozy casual for a football watching invitation, while others can be tricky, for instance, what to wear for a family reunion.


Eating Out

When you are going to a Thanksgiving brunch at a restaurant keep the restaurants dress code in mind and up the look a bit for Thanksgiving. When you are invited to a Thanksgiving dinner party, make sure you won’t out-dress the hostess.


Brunch or Dinner at a Restaurant

The following two looks works for cold climate regions. The first one is for a very conservative restaurant or roadhouse.


Thanksgiving outfit of sweater, Tee plaid skirt tall boots for celebrating at a restaurant
L.L. Bean plaid skirt, Anne Taylor V-neck sweater, unbranded Tee, Hipstil tights, L.K. Bennett tall suede boots, Heremies collier de chien bangle, watch c/o Nordgreen


The next outfit suggestion bases on the traditional colors of pumpkin, greens and black. Well, a wool plaid is also a fast assocciation with the season. The artisan painted scarf serves to up the style. It’s a classic look that you can easily recreated from your wardrobe with similar items. More on styling with scarves.


fashion influencer in orange plaid skirt and scarf, tall boots, tights cable knit sweater Thanksgiving attire
Front view of outfit suggestion described below


Thanksgiving colors inspired ootd of skirt, sweater, boots, scarf
Outfit details: Anne Klein cable knit sweater, Una Alla Volta scarf, GNW tights, upcycled boots, Hermes collier de chien bangle, citrine and moonstone necklace


The next suggestion is more for the ladies living in a warm climate region with cool winters. A fall floral dress with long blazer (photo above) works well for Thanksgiving brunch in the south where temperatures are still above 60F (15.6oC). When wearing a long blazer with a dress, make sure that the dress is either 2 inch shorter than the blazer (i.e. wear the blazer as coat) or substantially shorter than the dress.

stylist in chic in a rose print dress with long blazer Thanksgiving outfit idea
Retro inspired dress with trendy long blazer coat


fashion influencer in a posh chic in floral dress with long jacket
Shein long blazer, self-sewn 1940s inspired floral retro-style dress, Celine bag, Kieselstein Cord belt, ethnic buckle, and Manolo Blahnik booties


Lunch or Dinner at a Family Member’s House

Comfy is key, but classic. Use only one item that represents your personal style unless your personal style is Euro Chic or American Classic. The next two examples below are pretty conservative and timeless.

A classic with a twist.

The Tanksgiving outfit idea below uses the seasonal fall colors of orange and brown.


Thanksgiving outfit in fall colors for a family party
GNW Luxe sweater, Gucci scarf, ax mara skirt, Hipstik pantyhose, and Tahari pumps



The gamine style sailor top expresses a personal style preference, while all other pieces are timeless classic.


classic Thanksgiving outfit idea in blue-red-white for Thanksgiving family dinner or lunch
Front view of the look described below


over 50 years old blogger in pleated wool skirt, long cardigan, suede boots striped top sitting on a stool
Outfit details: L.K. Bennett suede boots, peacock garnet long pendant necklace, Pendleton pleated plaid midi skirt, Loft sailor top, unbranded cardigan, Gucci belt, Hermes collier de chien bangle



Desaturated Thanksgiving Outfit Ideas

A de-saturated outfit always has a posh chic vibe even when leather and a graphic Tee are involved. This outfit also works where the atmosphere is still warm enough to just wear a leather jacket outside for some minor insulation or wind protection.

The following suggestion works well for temperatures arount the freezing point in windy climates.


fashion blogger in chic Thanksgiving brunch outfit
Posh desaturated look in blush, white and black


midlife woman in posh casual Thanksgiving brunch outfit
Halogen quilted blush leather jacket, Keep Calm T-shirt, H&M skirt, Max Mara boots, Esprit bag, and pink suede long statement belt



Cozy Chic Look for Watching Movies or Football with Friends

The next look is a watching movies or football look in a warm climate zone. It features a shirt dress over jeggings.


watching movies and football look
GAP camouflage skirt dress, Hanes jeggings, Chantal satin dance shoes, gemstone belt, Hermes collier de chien bangle, amethyst barette, and Nordgreen watch


Sure leggings and a sweater or jeans and a Tee with cardigan can be posh, comfy casual looks. But when you are a skirt-dress kind of gal, go with it. A wide rib-knit dress always looks cosy. If you have a season-scarf, now is the time to wear it. A scarf is great to up your style. More on styling with scarves at this link.


stylist in winterwhite comfy posh casual knit sweater dress
Ccozy double-rib knit dress back view


fashion book author in casual look for watching movies on Turkey Day
Outfit details: GNW tights, upcycled boots, Edith Leiber gemstone belt, and knit jumper dress c/o Femme Luxe


Create a Chic Outerwear Look, When a Coat Is Needed

When you live in cold climate, don’t forget to style your outerwear. Your coat and whatever shows from your outfit make an outfit too. This outerwear look needs styling too to look your best. Here I picked up the colors of the embroidery of the coat.


lifestyle blogger walking in boots over snow in the dark in a floral coat with hat and gloves purple mask
DIY purple mask, Celine tote, Salamander shearling booties, Snow floral coat, LeatherCoatsEtc gloves, thrifted wood belt and unbranded shearling hat


.. and when it’s not that cold outside ….

midlife lady looking out the window
Backview of outerwear described below


mature lady in embroidered coat as an example for Thanksgiving outfit ideas for outerwear
Embroidered coat, LeatherCoatsEtc gloves, Calvin Klein sheath, GNW tight, green wool beret, scarf, and Musse & Cloud booties c/o Coolway


Thanksgiving Outfit Ideas in a Nutshell

To look your best inquire what the planned activities are. Then create an ageless look for said event.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your loved ones. Stay safe and healthy!



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