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The New Realism due to the pandemic made customization a trend in wedding jewelry.  Read why and how couples customize and pick their Jeulia engagement and wedding rings.

  1. How 2020 Changed the Way to Pop the Question
  2. Why the Pandemic Changed Getting Married
  3. What Does this Mean for Finding the Perfect Engagement and Wedding Rings?
  4. What Can You Customize in Jeulia Engagement and Wedding Rings?
  5. Where to Find Artisan Handmade Bridal Jewelry at Affordable Prices?


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How 2020 Changed the Way to Pop the Question

The pandemic set new values when it comes to popping the question. It starts with choosing artisan handmade engagement rings with gemstones in colors she loves, and adding personalization. Picking the right romantic spot on a beautiful spring day to pop the question with a ring as special and unique as the gal.  Affordable for a sustainable lifestyle.

Prior to 2020, popping the question was all about a choosing one of the options of classic engagement rings with a big rock the price of about three months worth the guy’s salary. Whether the bride liked diamonds or not. At her office, everyone would congratulate, comment on the size, and/or the sparkle. But actually, nobody really cared about the ring, maybe even the soon-to-be bride. The engagement ring looked like everyone else’s engagement ring.


Jeulia engagement rings for various personal styles
Examples of modern artisan-made engagement rings for ladies of various personal style types



Why the Pandemic has Changed Getting Married

Today couples of all age remember how many other couples postponed their weddings in 2020 or 2021 due to travel and meeting restriction. Everyone recalls guest lists downscaled to immediate family, or weddings with just a witness. Often the celebration has been postponed to better times.

As a result, tying the knot is no longer about the big, fat show for family and friends. On the contrary, it is about two people in love. This means expectations, and peer-pressure from family, friends, and colleagues does no longer dictate the choice between wedding rings, bridal wedding sets, or couple sets. No most popular gemstones for engagement rings  or new trends in engagement rings you need to Know. If the pandemic has taught us something, it would be that

  • We have only limited control about even our own future,
  • We have to value ourselves to most, and
  • To take control about things we can control.


What Does this Mean for Selecting Wedding  and Engagement Rings?

Modern couples of all age are more realistic and rational today. They acknowledge that she never can sell the engagement ring for the price her guy paid for it. In other words, the engagement ring is no monetary security for a bride/future wife. As a result, the engagement ring needs not to be expensive. Therefore, there is no need for an easy-to-sell mainstream design. Instead, they consider an affordable ring that meets the individual and personal tastes as a better choice. It conveys the message “I love you” in a much better, and more positive way.


examples of Jeulia bridal sets
Bridal sets are no longer creating symmetry. Couples today may chose from various styles of enhancement and/or wedding rings. Customization and affordable prices even permit several enhancers in different colors and/or style.



Modern Couples Select their Wedding Bands with their Lifestyle in Mind

As part of the New Realism, couples look for wedding rings and/or Bridal sets that work with their activities. For example, when they enjoy going to the opera, a set with enhancement rings makes sense. It’s perfect with an evening gown, and permits wearing a simpler version for everyday. On the contrary, the couple who enjoys the outdoors will prefer a simple, but nevertheless personalized style.  Obviously, they care about the safety of the respective other. Consequently, they think of any embellishment as a potential hazard. The goal is to live the best life possible.


Jeulia engagement and wedding rings
Matching wedding bands with and without gemstones for him or her in different trendy styles.



What Can You Customize in Jeulia Engagement and Wedding Rings?

Jeulia offers for each design multiple options for personalization. For instance, you can choose your favorite design and gemstone colors and have the name of your significant other engraved to make the engagement and wedding jewelry truly special.


Hint: Given all these personalization options, why not spoil yourself?!


Jeulia example of customized design with different colors of gemstones and metal
Example of customization options: Same design, but customized in metal color and choice of gemstones.



Where to Find Artisan Handmade Bridal Jewelry at Affordable Prices?

According to the New Realism, jewelry represents the ability to personalize a look, evoke emotion, and create memories. Therefore, couples look for jewelers like Jeulia who create premium, artisanal pieces in great craftsmanship. Customization is an important aspect for them. Personalization namely is about expressing your unique self. Moreover, it allows capturing your unforgettable love story, and celebrating those memorable moments in your life. Finally, every customized piece embodies who you are, and what you stand for.


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