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Musings on wardrobe updates and replacements as well as Lust items. Has curating a wardrobe become more difficult due to the pandemic?

  1. What Was on My Wardrobe Update List?
  2. Which Wardrobe Updates Bought so Far
  3. What I Ordered and I am Waiting for its Arrival
  4. What Lands Repeatedly in my Chart and Isn’t on the List
  5. Is It the Pandemic That Makes Shopping so Much Harder?
  6. Top of the World Style Linkup Party No. 336


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What Was on My Wardrobe Update List?

Each fall and spring, I overhaul my closet to create a working fall/winter wardrobe and spring/summer wardrobe, respectively. I make a list of items that I have to replace and to add to update for trends. This time. The replacement list looked as follows:

  • Flat boots in gray,
  • A plaid skirt,
  • Tan gloves,
  • Tights in nude,
  • A neutral color cashmere sweater,
  • Various pieces of new underwear,
  • Colored denim jacket,
  • A jacket (outerwear), and
  • New dance shoes.

The list for trend updates included a:

  • Trendy beret in a statement color,
  • Gloves in a statement color,
  • A burgundy down vest with a bit more insulation than my black down vest with hoodie
  • Dance dress, and
  • A fun wool or down skirt in olive.

Regarding the dance dress, I am looking at these two or three (?).


burnt orange midi dress
Ever Pretty cold shoulder irregular midi bridesmaid dress


pink midi dress
Ever Pretty women’s casual boat neck A-Line midi dress with irregular hem



The pink dress is $59.99 and also available in dusty navy, burgundy, and cream. This means I am also undecided on whether to go for pink (I will always love a beautiful look in pink) or trying out a new (for me) color, namely dusty navy. The burnt orange dress is $74.99. Which one would you buy?



Which Wardrobe Updates Bought so Far

The easiest parts are always the tights and underwear except for the bra. I love my Hipstik® Legwear
. A T-shirt bra in AA34 is hard to find. You have seen the plaid skirt already various times. In case you missed it, I wore it with my new burgundy down vest how to wear a puffer vest and not look fat. You also saw the new plaid skirt in my post on what you can wear at the work holiday party.

My husband found the B2 aviator jacket with hoodie, but we haven’t taken photos of it yet. I wanted to have one ever since he got his Aleutian aviator parka. You can find a photo of him in his parka watching the Iditarod start in Fairbanks.

You have seen the colored denim jacket already in various different looks in my post why a crazy print jacket is the best for maximizing your looks. Today’s outfit is another look with this very versatile piece. I found it in a little boutique in College that is in the same building as the dance studio.


stylist in wardrobe update of a printed jacket
Calvin Klein sheath, Vince Camuto boots, Hipstik tights (dyed), Edith Leiber belt, Nordgreen watch, Hermes collier de chien bangle, Taylor’s Gold’n Stone jade earrings



What I Ordered and I am Waiting for its Arrival

LeatherCoatsEtc leather gloves and beret are on their way. Do you pay for fast delivery? I don’t.



What Lands Repeatedly in my Chart and Isn’t on the List

Bags, watches, festive dresses, and shoes, but not the flat gray boots. I love heels. Currently, I am obsessed about this cool watch.


rose gold watch
Nordgreen Unika Brushed Metal Dial – Mesh in rose gold. Also available in gold and silver $259




Is It the Pandemic That Makes Shopping so Much Harder?

Last year, it also took me forever to finish the fall/winter shopping. Prior to the pandemic, it was just a matter of two weeks. Well, my credit card didn’t like it, but you get over it. It occurred to me that in former time, I did a lot of my seasonal replacement/update shopping when on travel in the Lower 48. Did you change your shopping habits due to the pandemic? Just curious.



Top of the World Style Linkup Party No. 336

Top of the World Style linkup party logo showing the Earth from Alaska

Welcome to the Top of the World Style linkup party.


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A quick question. Shall I continue hosting this party in 2022?

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  1. aquamarinastyle

    Such a smart way to inventory your wardrobe and buy only what you need.Love it, Nicole! The whole outfit with the BOOTS and patterned jacket is just so chic!! Happy holidays, my friend.

    xx Darlene

  2. Jodie

    I wish I was that organized with adding to my closet. I just love that print jacket Nicole,

  3. Nicole Mölders

    Yes, I remember the incomplete fall collections mixed with non-sold spring collection pieces. Many small boutiques got out of business because they couldn’t make ends match between non-sold spring items, paying rent without getting, and buying a fall collection. So sad.

  4. shelbeeontheedge1

    I feel like I am always updating my closet without ever cleaning out the old stuff! I need to get better about this because I am running out of room. Great post!


  5. The cashmere sweater is so pretty and I know that neutral color will work well with many of your outfits. I can’t wait to see the aviator jacket your husband got. I am finding it a little easier to shop now that we are kind of getting a little out of the pandemic. Last year this time, a lot of my stores didn’t have dressing rooms open and the stuff they had in stock was a weird collection of odds and ends.


  6. Midlife and Beyond

    I’m the same, love a good clear out of my closet as each season comes to a close. It helps me to see the wood from the trees! Yhank you for not only hosting but for the feature. Have a great weekend!

  7. Wendy

    I love your party! And I love seeing how you blend various fabrics. Plus your shoes are always really amazing!


  8. dousedinpink

    It’s great that you plan out exactly what you want to add to your closet each season. I tend to randomly buy things. Love both of those pretty dance dresses!

    Jill Doused in Pink

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