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2.7 carat radiant cut moissanite engagement ring with diamonds on the 14 K rose gold band

Royal engagements always initiated new trends in engagement rings. Economy and budget also determine which kind of rings guys buy to pop the question. Read what’s trending today.


  1. Aquamarine Engagement Rings Are the New It
  2. Colored Gemstones Are a Big Trend
  3. Colorless Remains an Eternal Classic
  4. Wedding Sets Are Budget Friendly
  5. Matching Wedding Band Sets Are Trending (Again)


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Aquamarine Engagement Rings Are the New It

Since Prince Harry gave his mother’s famous aquamarine oblong aquamarine with diamonds ring to Meghan as a wedding gift, aquamarine engagement rings are It.

I always am excited about the sapphire with diamond halo ring given to Princess Diana by King Charles III, and later to Princess Kate by their son Prince William. The classic iconic engagement ring became an evergreen. Fortunately, lab-created stones and diamonds are chemically totally identical, but they allow John Doe to give Sally Housecoat this beautiful It piece when he pops the question.

Interestingly, the espousal ring that Prince Harry gave to Meghan Markle, is actually a big square cut diamond between two big diamonds on each side on the band. He designed this ring from diamonds of Diana‘s collection. customization of engagement and wedding rings is trending right now.


Colored Gemstones Are a Big Trend

May be it’s Princess Diana‘s sapphire with diamonds that Prince William bought from his brother for Kate Middleton. May be it is Princess Diana‘s aquamarine ring that Prince Harry gave to Meghan Markle as his wedding gift to her. Colored gemstones are having a moment. Ruby, emerald, and even turquoise remain popular gemstones for engagement rings today.

Guys proposing to a Romantic style woman may like to know that an Old World – beginning of the last century – inspired color cabochon flanked by small brilliants is hot again. Need a celebrity example? Kirsten Dunst.


Colorless Remains an Eternal Classic

Diamonds are forever.

Remember that Bond movie? The straight forward solitaire is still a favorite among baby boomers.

New on the block is the moissanite. This stone is nearly colorless, but may project a green or yellow hue under certain lighting. Sort of a classic with a twist! So me! I love this 2.7 carat radiant cut moissanite engagement ring diamond 14 K rose gold beauty in the featured photo.
This means rose gold is back.

Wedding Sets Are Budget Friendly

In Germany in the 1990s, when popping the question, Otto Normalverbraucher put a wedding band that held a diamond under pressure, on Lieschen Müller‘s left ring-finger. After exchanging the wows, he would pull it off, and place it onto her right ring-finger! Sounds creepy! Sounds cheap! Not so romantic at all! Today being budget-friendly is so much more romantic. John Doe buys, for instance, a  morganite wedding set, and asks the question with the engagement ring of the set. At the day of their marriage, Jane Doe gets the wedding band. So much more romantic because the stackable band is a surprise. Love that!


Matching Wedding Band Sets Are Trending (Again)

Today, couples go again for matching wedding band sets. But it’s modern to pick them together. The internet makes it possible.

Furthermore, customization is a recent trend in wedding rings.


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