An old unwanted shirt revived to a beautiful skirt

#fashionover50 mature woman in floral skirt, violet shirt, sunnies, structured bag, pumps, belt and head band

I turned my hubby’s shirt into a skirt

Some time ago, we bought a shirt for my husband. On the first view the shirt looked like a camouflage shirt, and he likes camouflage. However, when unpacking it turned out to be a Hawaiian shirt inspired floral print in camouflage colors. Thus, it was not his style. Unfortunately, we had lost the receipt, so we couldn’t exchange/return the shirt. My husband wore it a couple of times as I really liked the shirt. However, then the shirt disappeared somewhere in the back of the closet. Needless to say, it just hang there taking up real estate.

When you didn't wear an item in a season, you will not wear it in the next season. It will just take up real estate. Donate it or toss it, but get rid of it. #tip Click To Tweet
#fashionover50 #upcycling woman in a Hawaiian print skirt made from a men's shirt
Liz Claiborne silk blouse, statement belt, Dooney and Brouke bag, Prada pointy toe pumps, Ray Ban mirrored sunglasses, studded head band, skirt made from a Vinatge Silk men’s shirt (all own), and best girlfriends bracelet c/o Chico’s. See the pocket on the left side of my skirt

Spring closet overhaul

This spring, I helped him with his closet overhaul (see link for a tutorial) and pulled out the shirt. I had already forgotten about it, so had my husband. He immediately threw it onto the pile “I can’t even remember when I wore it the last time.”

#DIYfashion #upcycling woman in a self-made skirt from a shirt
Zoom-in on the outfit with self-made skirt. Liz Claiborne violet silk shirt, violet crocodile imprint statement belt, Hermes collier de chien bangle, Dooney and Brouke snake print tote, Prada high heels, Ray Ban aviator sunglasses, self-made skirt from a Vintage Silk Hawaiian shirt (all own), and best girlfriends bracelet c/o Chico’s

How I recycled the shirt

When sorting out which clothes give to charity and which clothes go into trash, I pulled it out as it was in pristine conditions. It was a heavy silk shirt that just flows perfectly for a skirt. Furthermore, I have always loved a Hawaiian inspired print floral print, and I love camouflage colors as you can see in the posts at the links.

#fashionover50 mildife woman in floral skirt, violet blouse and pumps with snake print work tote
Back view of Vintage Silk floral print shirt upcycled as a skirt. Liz Claiborne blouse, leather belt, studded head band, Dooney and Brouke work tote, Prada pumps, Hermes collier de chien bangle (all own), and best girlfriends bracelet c/o Chico’s
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I cut off the sleeves, and created a waistband. Then I distributed the body part of the shirt along the waist band and sew it on. It was just a fifteen minutes procedure from cutting to having the new skirt in hand. I tried the skirt on and liked what I saw in the mirror. I went downstairs where my hubby was working on the computer.

#advancedstyle older lady in summer work outfit with high heels, shirt and upcycled skirt
Front view of summer work outfit with upcycled skirt. Liz Claiborne shirt, statement belt, Dooney and Brouke purse, Parda pointy toe heels, Ray Ban aviators, Hermes collier de chien bangle (all own), and best girlfriends bracelet c/o Chico’s

More silk fabric for sewing

I walked around and made noise so he had to notice me. He looked up and said in an astonished voice “That’s my old shirt!” “You put it on the pile of clothes you didn’t want to wear anymore, remember?” I replied. “What do you think?” “You will cause a new trend of skirts with a pocket on the left side and a men’s button line.” he replied. “Should I take the pocket off?” “No, it looks great.” he answered, stood up, and went pass me going upstairs. When he came back, he had about 10 other beautiful silk shirts on his arms. “Here you have some more material.” he said and put the pile in front of me on the table.

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Top of the World Style linkup

Welcome to the 160th Top of the World Style linkup party.

Top of the World Style awards

The featured bloggers today are Melody, Johlene, and Yaya.

#linkup Top of the World OOTD Readers' Fav Melody Jacobs
Melody, the fashion blogger at Melody Jacobs, became Top of the World OOTD Readers’ Fav. Photo from her post

You clicked Melody’s post the most and hence made her Top of the World Readers’ Fav. She is the CEO, media influencer, content creator, and lifestyle blogger at Melody Jacobs. She is also a fashion model.Melody writes, among other thins, about diversity and being a self-made woman.

#linkup Top of the World OOTD My Fav Johlene
Johlene, the lifestyle blogger at Johlene Orton, became Top of the World OOTD My Fav. Photo from her post

Johlene’s inspiring combination of white, red and pink became my Fav. It sent me down memory lane remembering my pink dress with white polka dots and matching jacket that I had in first grade. I loved to wear it with a red bag. Let’s get back to Johlene’s outfit. She really rocks this summery look of red gingham off the shoulder top with modest midi skirt. Johlene is the lifestyle blogger at Johlene Orton. She is from South African, but lives in Spain. She write about her life in a foreign world, travel, fashion, and being creative.

#linkup Top of the World Style Winner Yaya
Yaya, the lifestyle blogger at Dolce La Vida, won the Top of the World Style feature. Photo from her post

Yaya became the lucky winner of the Top of the World Style feature. Her entry number was drawn by the random generator. She is the French style blogger at La Vida Dulce, which means “The Sweet Life” in Spanish. You may know her from her first blog called Randomly Yaya, where she blogged about a lot of random topics like travel, food, and fun. Yaya was raised on the East Coast, but born in the Mid-West. When you take a look at her blog, you’ll see she is a very “keep-it-real”, super honest type of person.On her blog, she writes about fashion, travel, food, health, fitness, and keeping motivated.

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