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If you keep up with the fashion industry, you know that trends change often. Printful knows that it’s important for designers, influencers, and fashionistas to stay on top of the latest trends if they want to stay relevant. To see their work before actually creating it, many fashion industry professionals use mockups when creating new fashions.


  1. What Is a Mockup?
  2. The Benefits of a Mockup Generator in Fashion Design
  3. How Much do Mockup Generators Cost?


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What Is a Mockup?

Mockups are digital simulations of the visual appearance of a product. Mock-ups have become so popular that several companies online have taken to offering mock-up generators.

When you use a mock-up generator, you can see what your finished product will look like. If you have the perfect idea for a t-shirt, you can put your design into a generator to see how your idea would look in real life.

Begin by uploading your design to the mock-up generator. Then select the style of t-shirt you want your design on. You can select the color of the shirt you want to see a sample of your shirt without having to buy one. Some generators will show you what the shirt will look like when it is on a person. You can also decide if you want to use regular printing, 3D printing, or embroidery.


The Benefits of a Mockup Generator in Fashion Design

The most obvious benefit of a mockup is that you will avoid mistakes. You can see if the placement of your logo looks off balance or symmetrical. You can see what the lettering looks like as well. Using an artistic font may seem like a good idea in theory, but once you put it on a shirt, it may be hard to read.

A mock-up also lets you play around with your idea a bit. You can try different color combinations as well as different sizes with a mockup generator in fashion design. If your shirt has a clever saying on it, you can try different fonts and sizes for the lettering. You want people to get your jokes and have a good laugh. They won’t be able to appreciate the humor of your shirt if they have trouble deciphering what it says.

If you want to get a feel for how the public will respond to your design, share your mock-up on social media. Make a few different mock-ups and see which one gets the most likes. Doing this saves time printing up samples or posting ads for a shirt that won’t sell.

demonstrating the benefits of a mockup generator in fashion design
Example of the use of a mockup generator in fashion design (front view)


mockup generator preview of fit-and-flare dress fashion design
Back view of designed fit-and-flare dress



How Much do Mockup Generators Cost?

Most mockup generators are free. When you Google the term, several options come up. If you are looking to make customized clothing, you’ll need to find an on-demand printer that can make the clothing for you. Most of these companies have mock-up generators of their own. You can use the generator to create your design and order clothes from the printer.

Creating clothing should be fun and relaxing. If you use a mock-up generator, you can select the perfect styles, patterns, and textures for your design.


Photo credit: Haryo Setyadi on Unsplash

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