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Custom-made Madison skirt c/o Rita Phil with own Hermes collier de chien bangle, DIY bangle, citrin and bone carved cat statement necklace, August Silk V-neck sweater, Longchamp cuire pilage, amethyst and pearls barrette, and Prada pumps

This post is a review of a Rita Phil custom-tailored skirt. Read what I think about the sample to decide whether their custom-made skirts are right for you.


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Disclosure: Ad. The pencil skirt is a sample from Rita Phil. The post is not endorsed by them. I wrote it entirely myself and it represents my own 100% honest opinion.

A Rita Phil Skirt Custom-Tailored for You

Which woman never dreamed of owning an item just cut and tailored for her body? Just like the Hollywood celebrities or the aristocrats? Not customized like in changing the length or hem style, but custom-tailored like in made to your own unique body measures! Sure you pick the style, colors and even the lining. Sounds expensive. But it hasn’t to be.

Rita Phil is an online store in California, USA that offers custom fashion, to fit your style and lifestyle. I tested their service, and I’m thrilled!


midlife blogger in posh assymetric skirt and shirt summer style
Custom-made Madison asymmetric hem skirt c/o Rita Phil with own Hermes collier de chien bangle, Cartier cuff, amethyst earrings and pendant necklace, vintage watch, Jones New York silk shirt, Coach top handle purse, Winkwood sunnies and BCBGMAXAZRIA studded ankle strap pumps


How custom-made works

I picked the Madison custom pencil skirt from their online store in magenta-pink with orchid-purple and the blue vintage roses satin lining. After placing the order, I received an email with instructions for making and emailing the measurements (height, waist, butt, thighs, arm, preferred length of the skirt) and two body profile images (front and side).

It’s important that at least one of your arms hangs down naturally to your side with you wearing fitted clothing. This information gives their pattern maker a better understanding of your proportions. I emailed them my measurements. I wondered why you were supposed to send your arm measurements (from the end of your fingertips to your elbow crease). But it also serves the pattern maker to understand your body proportions.

In case, you order an asymmetric skirt, define the length of the short and long part. Alternatively, state for which part the length should apply. Doing so, avoids that they have to ask via another email (full disclosure, I failed to do it, and so they asked).

Thereafter, they sent me an estimate when the skirt would be produced (1 week), and later an update with a UPS tracking number.


A Skirt Tailored to Body Measures

Opening the UPS package bag revealed a little luxury fabric clutch-style bag (see photos below). Inside was the skirt, nicely folded. I couldn’t wait to try it on. A perfect sexy custom-tailored amazing fit! So exciting!


Rita Phil clothes protection bag
Rita Phil clothes protection bag
Fabric protection "clutch" opened
Fabric protection “clutch” opened


The Madison skirt’s fabric feels solid and high quality and the lining is very smooth and luxury. The craftmanship is excellent. The skirt definitively looks much more expensive than stated on the price tag ($149). The loops to put the skirt on a hanger are set about 3 inches inside (see photo below). This positioning avoids them sticking out when you wear the item. Love this genius detail. The front of the lining has a secret pocket large enough for some dollar bills or credit card.


details of the diagonal color blocked Madison for the Rita Phil custom-tailored skirt review
Back view of the Madison to illustrate the great craftmanship of the diagonal color blocking, the romantic lining of my choice, the hanger loop placement to avoid that they show when wearing the attire, and the secret pocket. I put a card holder into it to mark the location for you.



Online Custom-Made Fashion Works

I wanted the pencil skirt to be tight to create curves (bum, hip) on my straight-up-and-down body and to show off my legs (flaunt what’s left). Look at the photo of me on the stairs. The cut actually gives me curves (see photos below)! I felt like Marilyn Monroe – well sort of. You know what I mean.


over 50 years old style blogger in curve-creating pencil skirt

Nicole walking up stairs looking curvy in Rita Phil's Madison
Outfit details: Custom-made Madison asymmetric hem color blocked skirt c/o Rita Phil with own Hermes collier de chien bangle, Jones New York silk top, Coach bag, and BCBGMAXAZRIA ankle strap pumps



Easy to style

The skirt can be styled with various types of tops. I went for a sleek monochromatic look with the silk knit sweater. In the second work look, a blouse in a black plays the bombshell-style down a bit. The garment will also look great with a white button-down shirt and in winter, with a turtleneck sweater or twinset both with pearls.


mature woman in top with skirt summer work look

Sideview monochromatic office summer look with Rita Phil skirt

over 50 fashion blogger in monochromatic outfit for the Rita Phil custom made skirt review
Outfit info: Custom-made Madison skirt c/o Rita Phil with own Hermes collier de chien bangle, DIY bangle, citrine and bone carved cat statement necklace, amethyst and pearls barrette, August Silk V-neck sweater, Longchamp cuire bag, and Prada pumps



Very friendly and patient customer support

Ordering to measure is pretty easy when you follow the instructions. Don’t make the mistake I did. Despite I looked at their example photos, I sent them a front and side view of me with an outfit (from the blog). This error meant an unnecessary cycle of email exchange. But they were incredibly friendly and forgiving about my mistake. They patiently wrote that they need photos like in their example photos. They explained that they really need you to wear leggings and a tight top so the tailor gets a precise view of your body shape (Memo to myself: Be a copy-cat when instructions give an example.). See the photos below that I sent them after they made me aware that it’s not just about sending a photo of a sideview and front view, but the body features. Well, I guess I sent the wrong type of photos the first time as I don’t like my look in leggings with tucked-in shirt. Me and my vanity! LOL.


How the front and side view photos should look like for Rita Phil made-to-measure skirts
How the front and side view photos should look like



Great Price-Performance Ratio

The price of this made-to-measure skirt ($149) is in the range what I used to spend on a mass-produced skirt of this quality on which I needed alterations. That’s now history! Thanks to Rita. For me it is cheaper to buy a custom-tailored skirt than a skirt of same price that needs alterations.

Another thing I love about the Rita Phil clothes is that I have a say in the color and lining choices. The high quality of the tailored-for-me classic-with-a-twist Madison pencil skirt make this garment a wardrobe basic for years to come. Moreover, this piece can be worn in all seasons! It will certainly get below 1 dollar-per-wear over time. That’s what I call a great deal!


midlife woman in asymmetric pencil obtained for the Rita Phil custom made skirt review

midlife woman in posh business casual skirt-shirt outfit
Details of the look: Custom-made Madison asymmetric hem color-blocked skirt c/o Rita Phil with own Hermes collier de chien bangle, amethyst earrings and pendant necklace, Jones New York silk blouse, Coach bag, Cartier just un clue cuff, Winkwood sunglasses and BCBGMAXAZRIA ankle strap pumps



Who would like this service of tailored-to-measures fashion

Well, which woman wouldn’t like clothes made just for her with her body in mind? Especially, every woman, whose menopausal body changes give her a hard time finding pants or skirts that fit her without spending a fortune on alterations, will love these custom-tailored fashion. This fashion is also perfect for professional women who want a modern style of high quality with a great fit.

I have no reservations to recommend the Rita Phil custom-tailored fashion to my friends and family.

Tip: When you sign up to their newsletter you get a $25 off coupon for your first order!



Rita Phil Custom-Tailored Skirt Review in Summary

Rita Phil is an online store for high quality custom-tailored fashion with great customer support. Their affordable prices permit real women to buy made-to-measure clothes for a perfect fit to look their best. Order your custom-tailored fashion now.

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Photos of me: G. Kramm

Other photos: N. Mölders

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  2. orlando

    You look amazing in the dress; the colors pop against your complexion, and the fit is impeccable!. The shoes were a nice hint of sass that helped make that outfit stand out. You look great even with the shirt tucked into the leggings (which have a great pattern, BTW!), and that is a feat few folks can do well! Love your style choices!

  3. That skirt fits you like a glove and looks amazing on you! Love the color blocking and asymmetrical hem!

    Jill – Doused in Pink