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Zoom-in on the college T-shirt, geode suede statement belt, DIY skirt (all own), Creamy Waffle wooden mirrored sunnies c/o Winkwood, and silk scarf c/o Uno Alla Volta

Turning a sari or saree into a full skirt for summer is an easy sewing project even for beginner. It’s also a great upcycling of a sari that you wore at the Diwali party. Read to learn how.



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Up-Cycling a Sari to a Skirt

Some time ago, a girlfriend of mine gave me a sari for my birthday. I wore it once at Diwali. However, because the best what to wear at a Diwali Party is something new, I cannot wear the sari a second time. I once did and it was a big mistake. Everyone commented that they remembered me wearing the same sari last year.

Therefore, the same girlfriend gave me the idea to up-cycle the sari into a skirt. She said she had up-cycled various old saris from her mom to dresses when she was a teenager. Since I learned sewing full skirts in middle-school, the idea of a new chic summer skirt and a new DIY project was born. Up-cycling is just one of the reasons why to learn how to sew.


summer work look with DIY full skirt
Side view of work outfit with college tee, suede belt, DIY skirt sewn from sari, Via Spiga kitten heels, Hermes collier de chien cuff, scarf c/o Uno Alla Volta, and Winkwood sunglasses 


I asked my girlfriend whether she would mind if I would up-cycle the sari to a skirt. She was okay with it.


mature fashion blogger with DIY skirt sewn from an old sari
Back view of work outfit with college shirt, DIY midi paisley print skirt, Coach bag, statement suede belt, Via Spiga patent leather sling backs, and swirl oblong scarf c/o Uno Alla Volta


How to Sew a Dirndl-Type Skirt

I cut a twice my hip measure piece off the sari, and sew the piece together along the back. Then I stepped into the resulting tube left side out. In front of a full length mirror, I looked for a flattering tea-length. Then I made a mark with white chalk on the fabric at the smallest point of my waist. I measured the distance from this point to the hem and drew a line parallel to the hem. I drew a second line above at a distance of 3 inch (7.5 cm). I cut the fabric at the line.

Next I bended the fabric over the first line and sew a tube at half an inch (~1.2 cm). However, I did not fully close it. The tube serves to hold a small rubber band. I sew a second tube below the first one. When sewing the third one, I folded the open edge into the tube.

Then I cut three rubber bands in the length of my waist measure plus half an inch for overlap. I pulled the rubber bands thru the tubes using a safety pin and sew the overlap onto the other end of the rubber band.




Take Outfit Inspiration from Nature

I created this outfit because my husband asked me to wear something that would look great in front of the pink blooming bush in our yard. Thus, I rioted my closet for pink items. A heather pink bag, blush shoes and a pink suede belt were the first pieces for the outfit. A new surprising discovery was that my self-sewn paisley print skirt has many colors that also occur in my oblong swirl scarf. I added the blue college tee because I prefer my outfits to have at least an area with high saturation. In general, I prefer dark, high saturated colors.


outfit in pastel colors with a full skirt made from an old sari
Other view of the full skirt made from an old sari.


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