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Wear the right clothes when shopping

Halloween is over and we are heading straight into the holiday season. While some of the shopping can be done online like ordering special holiday goodies, gift cards, books, many gifts require hitting the mall. Especially, when your loved ones send you a Santa wish list with what item the kids want from which store. When you are to be on your feet all day running from one shop after the next to work down the list, comfy walking shoes are a must.

Best footwear for shopping

When there is snow on the ground make sure they are high enough so the snow does not get into your shoes when you step out of the car in an unplowed parking lot. Also make sure that they have a non-slip sole when there is snow and/or ice. When temperatures are around the freezing point, the shoes should be water repellent. At below freezing temperatures wear socks with flannel on the inside as extra insulation. A sheepskin insole is also a great insulation when the sidewalks are cold.

Always keep the weather in mind too. See this post on how to dress for wet cold weather.

style over 40 woman in denim on denim
Back view of shopping outfit with Loft flare jeans, Great Northwest denim shirt, statement belt (all own), and Musse & Cloud sandals

In the OOTD, I switched my fall sandals to ducks as it started to snow. Note that I can’t walk comfortably in flats. Thus, I go for a comfy heel height.

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Avoid a heavy, long coat

You will have to schlep a lot of stuff from the stores to your car. Even when you bring ever bag to the car immediately, the haul can be long especially when the bag is heavy. Thus, you want a coat that is not too heavy on your shoulders as otherwise your back and shoulders will hurt in no time. A short coat with a hem at the hip or upper tights is best.

A short coat is best when you hit the mall. Your back will thank you for not wearing a long heavy coat. Click To Tweet
woman in outerwear with shearling motorcycle jacket for hitting the mall
Marc Andrew motorcycle shearling jacket, Great Northwest denim shirt, Loft flare jeans, ducks, statement belt, neckerchief, and 3.1 Philip Lim tote (all own)

Pay attention to the technical performance of clothes

Since you may transpirate when carrying heavy bags you want to wear a sweater that dries fast. You outerwear should be semi-permeable meaning that it lets body moisture out, but does not let moisture in from the outside. When it is windy a beanie or pompom hat are great options to stay warm and protect your hair from being damaged by permanent wind caused friction and being tangled up.

Walking shoes rarely look great with a skirt or a dress. Thus, go for jeans or pants. When you expect a lot of traffic at the mall denim is better than wool pants as denim is less sensitive.

#midlifestyle woman shopping in a shearling motorcycle jacket and flared jeans
Back view of shopping outerwear with Marc Aurel motorcycle shearling jacket, ducks, and 3.1 Phillip Lim tote (all own)

Only go for the needed accessories

Now that you have identified the key items of the outfit search your closet for suitable pieces that color coordinate and create a casual outfit. Go light on the accessories and restrict them to a short necklace to avoid that it gets ripped when you are browsing shelves and racks where it may get caught. For the same reason steer away from bangles and bracelets. Pearl, gold or diamond studs are always appropriate. you won’t need a watch as you check your time on your phone anyway.

At temperatures below the freezing point gloves are a must when you have to carry shopping bags. They also protect you a bit from the handles carving into your flesh.

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#fashionover50 woman in denim-on-denim casual look suitable for buying new jeans
Great Northwest denim shirt, Loft flared jeans, neckerchief, statement belt (all own), Musse & Cloud sandals c/o Coolway, and wooden sports watch c/o Jord


Go for a crossbody bag so you have your hands free to browse and compare items, hold your list, cross things off the list, etc.

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Create a stylish outfit and outerwear outfit

Make sure that you also style your outerwear. Why should both outfits be stylish? Well, you may be tired and hungry and/or run into an old friend and go to the food court and take your coat off.

More looks to run errands

Here are further outfit inspirations to try when you are going to the mall.

older woman in casual outfitShopping outfit with Russian scarf, ducks, GNW Luxe sweater, London Jeans and statement belt (all own)Casual polished weekend look suitable for browsing at the mall Cashmere turtleneck sweater with Loft boot-cut jeans, statement belt, booties (all own) and Akoya pearl necklace c/o The Pearl Source
style blogger in stylish outerwear Marc Andrews jacket, London boyfriend jeans, ducks, gloves, Russian scarf and Philip Lim 3.1 tote (all own)#styleover40 woman in winter outwear Pea-coat with pom-pom hat, Loft jeans, gloves, and booties for a warm casual outerwear when shopping

What’s on your wish list? Have you started your looking for the holiday gifts? When you need some gift inspirations check out my Holiday Gift Guide. Did you know that I post coupon codes on this page too?

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