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Saree wrapped Munaz style with metal bag and belt

When the same crowd attends the Diwali party each year, they will remember your saree. While for Indian women a new saree is a Must-have, for non-Indian women it is a challenge. They can wear their sarees to a lot of other events, but as a non-Indian woman you can’t. Therefore, you may not want to buy a new saree each year. Read my solution to no new saree for Diwali.


  1. Great Indian Food
  2. Why I Was Stressed Out about the Newest Trends in Indian Clothing
  3. My Solution to No New Saree for Diwali
  4. In Fairbanks Evening Attire Could Have Been Another Choice
  5. Education about Diwali, Indian Music and Dances for Entertainment
  6. More on Great Entertainment Events in Fairbanks

Great Indian Food

Many in the Fairbanks community look forward to the Diwali party at UAF. The Indian student community organizes this party every year around Diwali. Supported by faculty and their families from India they use the kitchen facilities and spent an entire Saturday morning and afternoon to prepare various Indian dishes. These dishes are served to the guests who were lucky enough to got tickets. Do I have to say that tickets sell by invitation only? I feel so honored that this year again I was invited to buy a ticket for us.

Why I Was Stressed Out about the Newest Trends in Indian Clothing

I love to see the new sarees the Indian women are wearing. They are such fashionistas with the best outfits at Diwali. Wearing the same saree twice at the Diwali events is a big fashion faux pas. I have been called on this once by more than one of my girl friends. 😉

black embroidered saree with lots of accessories
Munaz style wrapped black embroidered saree accessorized with Indian style belt, pendant necklace, short necklace, three multi-color bangles on each wrist, multi-color earrings (all own), and glamorous statement necklace c/o Happiness Boutique


Diwali is a real fashion challenge for me. Ever since I bought the tickets 3 weeks ago, I thought about what to wear. Sure, I know what you can wear at Diwali. But I didn’t want to fork over money for another Indian attire that I would be able to wear again. Being brave and wear the same saree a third time or wearing the embroidered kameez of my salwar kameez with my leather pants a second time? The original salwar (pants) are too small for my musculus calves from dancing. Decisions, decisions. I felt stressed out.

midlife woman in embroidered saree
Side view of my outfit. This sheer silk saree is embroidered with gold threat and small sequins that reflect the light in all colors of the rainbow. Multi-color bangles on each arm are a Must. To enhance the sleek wrapping of the Munaz style I added my Indian style belt and a metal bag that I found in Morocco several decades ago. The Swarovski crystal T-strap satin dance shoes give the look a finishing touch. Indian fashion is about maximalism.


My Solution to Not Buy a New Saree

I took the plunge and went for the same saree the third time. However, I wrapped it Munaz style. My idea was that this way the look would be embroidery and sequins all over the outfit. This style wraps the fabric three times very tightly around the body with only two faults. The wrapping is at different heights. Thus, one can’t see that the saree has only embroidery along the lower part. You can imagine how proud I was when a girl friend said

Wow you have a new saree.

#midlifestyle women looking posh chic in their sarees
Women in sarees chatting about the food


midlife fashion blogger in festive outfits at Diwali
I love this embroidered pearl and sequin outfit with golden skirt. The blouse underneath is fully covered with sequins as well. The see-thru of the fabric creates additional interest. The architectural earrings are a perfect finishing touch.



In Fairbanks Evening Attire Could Have Been Another Choice

A minority of the female non-Indian guests wears sarees or panjaris. However, they still out-number the women who wear evening attire. The majority wears Fairbanks Formal as does the majority of men. Of course, a Chanel bag is always appropriate at the event.

Chanel bag at a Diwali party in Fairbanks
Chanel bag hanging over a thick winter coat on the chair of a woman in an embroidered sheer saree.


street style chic posh young woman in Alaska street style
Incredibly stylish young woman in lace sheath dress with golden under layer, opaque tights, Knee-high riding boots, and leather bomber jacket with NASA embroidered patch.



Education about Diwali, Indian Music and Dances for Entertainment

The students always put on a great entertainment program at Diwali. Of course, there is always the story behind the Diwali festivities. However, they present it each year in a different way. Consequently, it’s never boring to hear and/or see the story again. This year, the students presented Krishna’s story in form of dances. Of course, there is also cultural information about their home country. Some students and faculty presented songs. Being an avid dancer, my favorite part of the entertainment are of course the Bollywood dances.


young woman dancing at Diwali
Young woman performing a Bollywood dance.


After the official part of the evening is over, the students play the newest songs and music from India and those who like stay on for dancing. These are mostly the Indian folks. However, some from the community also stay just to watch.


More on Great Entertainment Events in Fairbanks

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Photos: G. Kramm

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