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Once a year local businesses in the Fairbanks metropolitan area host a big fashion show with dinner. Tickets typically sell like hot cakes. It’s to see and be seen. Find out what happens behind the scenes at the rehearsal of a fashion show.

  1. Rehearsal for a Fashion show in Alaska
  2. Staff Irons Chair Dresses during the Rehearsal
  3. A Mismatch of Outfit and Character
  4. No Dress Rehearsal of a Fashion Show in Alaska
  5. How I Created This Outfit


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Rehearsal for a Fashion show in Alaska

The dressing room is crowded with down coats. It looks like the mattresses of the Princess and the Pea. On second view, men and women are sharing that same dressing room. My partner puts on his dance shoes, so do I. We are to be the final dance of Cinderella. Thus, we walk into the room and take a seat on the stair steps that still have to be assembled to the stage. It’s still chilly in the Gold Room at the Westmark where the show will take place the next evening. I am putting on my cardigan to stay warm.


Staff Irons Chair Dresses during the Rehearsal

Behind us are three women busy ironing the chair dresses for the show. The steam of ironing is in the air. The talk master just left the stage after announcing the step sisters. The music starts playing. Models of all age, size and shape enter the stage one after the other. They walk the cat walk in high heels. The jeans they are wearing are about 4 inch too short for the shoes they are wearing, not to mention that no stylist would pair these shoes with boot cut jeans. If jeans, it would be cuffed boyfriends or skinnies. If…


A Mismatch of Outfit and Character

The stepsisters leave the stage and an actor comes in dirty jeans that I wouldn’t even want to be seen in at the Fairbanks North Star Borough’s transfer site to not be mistaken as a dumpster diver. Next the heroes come in. You have to read the backstage list to find out that these are Spiderman, iron men, and other superheroes. They are all wearing heavy unpolished lace up boots or heavy sneakers, plaid wool shirts or sweaters.

We go back backstage to warm up for the dance, an Argentine Tango. When we enter the stage to perform, it is the first time this evening I do not feel cold. I am wearing athleisure style gear and still my cardigan.


No Dress Rehearsal of a Fashion Show in Alaska

In Fairbanks, nobody would wear the original gowns or costumes at a rehearsal in Alaska in winter. The event room is just too chilly a day before the fashion shows in Alaska. For energy cost and environmental reasons the Westmark owner heats huge conference or ballrooms when needed. Otherwise the thermostat setting is 40F (5oC) so the pipes don’t freeze. Thus, you start about 24 hours prior to the event to warm the room up.

Therefore, all the models were wearing their own Alaska street style clothes except for the shoes. The length of their jeans tells that they usually wear flat booties. The organizer of the fashion event restricted the dress rehearsal to just exercising looking confident in heels. Furthermore, wearing the clothes in a rehearsal is not needed because they are ready to wear, not like the Alta Moda collection of Dolce & Gabanna,


How I Created This Outfit

I paired a double layered mesh skirt c/o with my Burberry blazer for a work outfit. This look is an eclectic style with a British touch. The neutral colors and classic cut of the blazer keep the look office appropriate.


fashion model in plaid blazer, and mesh skirt

Alaskan fashion model donning a long oyster leather coat with faux fur
Winter white LeatherCoatsEtc leather coat with faux fur accents, Steven burgundy patent leather ankle strap pumps, LeatherCoatsEtc burgundy leather gloves, Burberry plaid purse, and LeatherCoatsEtc burgundy beret


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Photos: G. Kramm

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