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VienneMilano stockings with own Eleen Tracy LBD, thrifted stile Timmy Wood collective handbag, Neo Tango stilettos

This Vienne Milano stockings review explains why they stay in place even on thin legs. No graters are needed. It assesses their quality, style, and whether they are worth the money. If you have to wear hosiery at work, read this post to find out whether these stockings are a solution to stay a little bit cooler in summer.  Read on to learn more about the stay-up idea.

  1. My Stocking Childhood Memory
  2. What Made me Want to Try the Vienne Milano Stockings?
  3. My First Reaction
  4. What I Did Wearing Them
  5. Reasons to Wear Stay-ups
  6. Pricing and Other Product Facts
  7. Vienne Milano Stockings Review in Summary
  8. Welcome to the 284th Top of the World Style linkup party


Disclosure: Ad. The chevron stockings are a sample of my choice from Vienne Milano. The post is not endorsed by them. I wrote it entirely myself and it represents my own 100% honest opinion.


I have a confession to make. This pair is the first ever, I put on in my life!

My Stocking Childhood Memory

My late Mom wore pantyhose. Therefore, I thought that’s what all women wear! Very wrong assumption to conclude from one woman to all. One Sunday, when I was about 8 years old or so, I learned this mistake when at my Grandparents. I went to the restroom. Granny hadn’t locked the door. Consequently, I bombed in when see was sitting on the toilet. That’s when I saw stockings for the first time in my life! She had a tan colored sheer pair. They made a stark contrast to her light skin with pink undertone. What I found the most interesting was that she used fabric elastic to keep them up. They dug deeply into her thighs. It looked painful. And I was like

Doesn’t that hurt Granny Hannah?

However, I heard myself saying “Sorry Granny, I didn’t know the toilet was occupied” and went out.


What Made Me Want to Try the Vienne Milano Stockings?

Maybe it was that sight of deeply digging in fabric rubber bands that were the reason I never considered buying a pair. Sure, when growing up, I learned about suspender belts from old Hollywood movies playing in the 1950s and 1960s. Despite I love belts, I never liked the idea of wearing a suspender belt. Just think about the additional bulk! Sure there are garter. However, I have associated them more with the 19th century dance gals in Western Saloons, the Pioneer Fashion at the Fairbanks Golden Days Parade, or with American Weddings. When I heard that Vienne Milano stockings have tops that keep them up, I was curious.

Wouldn’t a pair look cool, cute and sexy with a high slit dress giving just a glimpse of skin to see when sitting on a bar stool or dancing?

I found the idea exciting. Taking a look at the Vienne Milano online boutique inspired me to check this luxury hosiery brand out. This brand specializes in thigh-high Italian stockings. Their products come in sheer, semi-opaque, opaque and various colors. So many different patterns – polka dots, leopard, stripes, etc. I picked a chevron pair.


VienneMilano package
Photo of the package



My First Reaction

When I opened the package my first reaction was

Wow, stockings have come a long way!

This pair is quite different from those you know from the movies. And from what my Granny wore! Guess what, they stick up magically. No discomfort from pressure whatsoever. The high quality from eco-friendly nylon feels very luxurious. The finish is incredibly soft, almost like velvet. I love the invisible reinforced toe, and fashionable knit pattern. Patterns are a big trend in hosiery  right now. Read more on how to wear the patterned legwear trend.


stylist wearing the Vienne Milano stockings to the review
Demonstration how the Vienne Milano chevron stockings stay up


Vienne Milano chevron stockings
Black chevron stockings c/o Vienne Milano



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What I Did Wearing Them

Sure dancing! They didn’t slip. I also wore them for date night (see outfit photos). I even wore them grocery shopping and totally forgot about them. In other words, I felt comfortable in wearing them in everyday life. The gel double band keep them secure in place.


details for the chevron Vienne Milano stockings review showing the double gel band that holds them up
Close-up to show the double gel bands that hold the garments in place



Reasons to Wear Stay-Ups

Ok, I had an idea when to wear them. But why would another woman want to wear them. Sure sex, babe. But now seriously?

  • Corporate Style! The dress code requires legwear year round. Now think of the muggy heat of Houston, New York, DC, Atlanta, New Orleans! And you know who loves to wear them. They meet the dress code of legwear, are stylish, add no extra layer around the hips. No pressure of a squeezing in waist band. They are perfect under an around the knee-length or longer work dress or skirt suit.
  • Excellent foundation under form-fitting clothing.
  • Flawless legs. This legwear cover up spider veins and bumps without the extra warmth of a panty.
  • Saving. Buying the same design over and over again saves money. You only throw away the piece that has a runner and wear the second one with a new one.
  • Reducing waste. Same trick as for saving money. When you have a runner in pantyhose the entire piece is waste and goes to the landfill. Here you can continue using the good one.
  • They are fun!

Had my 50 years younger me seen my granny wearing a pair like these VienneMilano’s, the incident had been a conversation starter.

My younger me would have wanted to know everything about them including at what age I would be allowed to start wearing those.


over 50 years old influencer in LBD, heels, cape, Vienne Milano legwear
Front view of outfit idea


fashion blogger in thigh-highs, sheath dress, thrifted cover-up, 4 inch sandals, wood bag
Outfit details: Vienne Milano stockings with own Ellen Tracy sheath dress, thrifted stole, Timmy Wood collective wood handbag with gemstone handle, Neo Tango Dalmatian print sandals, diamond studs



Pricing and Other Product Facts

Styles include sheers, back seam, fishnets, lace, vintage, knee-high, among others. There is also a plus size collection. The material differs among products. Some are made of 3D-modal.

The prices for the Vienne Milano premium hosiery differ by collection from $10.95 for knee-highs to $120.95 for very elaborated, multi-color lace pieces. These lacy beauties look like pieces of art. A perfect gift! My pair costs $39.95. It is also available in gray. You can buy their thigh-highs online from the comfort of your home. To the Lower 48s, a flat delivery fee of $10 applies on orders of less than $100, while orders of $100 or more are free delivery with USPS Priority Mail. You can also choose FedEx 3rd Day Saver and FedEx Priority Overnight at competing rates.

After this Vienne Milano stockings review, I have no reservation to recommend this pair to my bff.


Vienne Milano Stockings Review in Summary

The Vienne Milano chevron stockings made of high quality eco-friendly nylon are very affordable and can be worn for work and play. They feel luxurious, incredibly soft, comfortable and stay-up. Browse their collection now.


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  1. Jodie

    I always love stocking like these Nicole. As long as they stay up, they are more comfy (and sexy)

  2. I’m all about patterned stockings these days when I do wear them! I love this pair and that fur coat is so gorgeous with your LBD!

    curly crafty mom

  3. I love this post- and will look into this amazing brand for sure! Thanks for introducing me! xx

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    I love that these do not go all the way to the waist! Pretty!
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    Stocking sure have come a long way! Thanks for the party.

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    Great review, Nicole! I do appreciate a good quality pair of stockings or tights!

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