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Daily Shoes booties, gemstone belt, Hermes collier de chien bangle (all own), turnip colored tights c/o no nonsense and sweater dress c/o Femme Luxe

A list of suggestions what you can do when you are bored plus a list of random things I like to do for your inspiration. Read to get inspired when you have no place to go whether it is due to lockdown or just rainy or cold weather.

  1. What to do on a weekend when you are bored
  2. Things you can do all by yourself
    • When You love fashion
    • When You like DIY
    • If You Miss traveling
  3. Things You Can Do Online with Your Friends
  4. When You Love Story Telling
  5. Random Things I Love Doing You Didn’t Know about Me
  6. Shoveling Snow Outside as Exercise in a New Outfit of the Day
  7. Wrapping-up You Can Do When You Are Bored


What to Do on a Weekend When You Are Bored

It happens again and again that for whatever reason you are locked at home. It may be temperatures below minus 40 degrees, a blizzard going thru town, the monsoon, a broken car, prohibition of driving due to an oil crisis like in the 70s or for reduction of emissions due to extremely high ozone or PM2.5 (particular matter of 2.5 µm or less in diameter) concentrations, the bird flue, cholera, or COVID-19. You are locked at home or locked in shelter. Since the same is true for your friends and family members not living in the same home, they can’t or you can’t entertain yourself in one place. This post provides 101 ideas how to kill time while having fun.


Things you can do all by yourself

When you love fashion

  1. Clean out your closet and re-organizes it into a wardrobe that suits your lifestyle. Get rid of everything that you don’t like or that doesn’t fit anymore or is old-fashioned. This wardrobe makeover for fit, trends and style gives you not only a better working wardrobe, but also the feeling of having achieved something. Dressing for work and the weekend becomes more fun, especially for the latter. You won’t be incented to wear old fashioned, non-fitting clothes at home, just because they are still intact and nobody sees them.
  2. Do some online window shopping and create your dream wardrobe in the cart. Just don’t hit checkout in the end. Your credit card and budget probably won’t handle it well. A safer way is to create a create a section in your name on my Dream Wardrobes Pinterest board and pin the pieces there. To get an invite signup here and click Member of Dream Wardrobe Pinterest board.
  3. Color my outfits with my Fashion Color Pages e-book.

    Fashion Color Page e-book buy button

    You can take a look at the contents and example pages in this Fashion Coloring Pages e-book launch post.

  4. Take a quiz to determine your body shape type.
  5. Determine your primary personal style with this free online style finder quiz.
  6. Read How to Dress for Success in Midlife. Buy the book now.
  7. Read about Fashion History. For instance, about the history of the graphic tees. You can find more posts on Fashion History and Design when clicking on category sidebar pulldown menu for this subject.

When you like DIY

  1. Revive an old shirt to a skirt. See the post at the link for an instruction.
  2. Do you still have that old sari that you bought on your trip years ago in India, but never wear? Why not up-cycling the sari into a skirt?
  3. You still have that silk shirt that is too tight to wear? Turn that old shirt into a great scarf.
  4. When you have clothes dye at home, you could finally dye the pieces you wanted to dye ages ago, or like we Alaskans say “fishes ago.” Dying clothes really give them a fresh look. See the before and after photos of my floral blazer in my post on how to dye old wardrobe favorites.
  5. If you have some old footwear that just has a damaged heel, try to upcycle the heels for a trendy look. See the link for a tutorial.
  6. Do you still have piece of clothing with the ink stain? Try to remove the ball-pen ink from fabric using the tips at the link.

If You Miss Traveling

There are several travel stories on the blog.

  1. Take a virtual ride to a peaceful place at the Arctic Ocean.
  2. Read about the retirement dream trip of a teenager to drive the Pan-American Highway from Prudhoe Bay to Buenos Aires with a cat in a Jeep.
  3. What about the pipeline haul way? The Dalton Highway is a mostly an unpaved road from Fairbanks for Deadhorse.
  4. Play a city puzzle.

Things You Can Do Online with Your Friends

  1. When you love trivia, play it via google hangout or skype. Before you can for that cyber trivia learn some fun facts that you can use. What about some Alaska extremes? In the largest state big is hip.
  2. When you are in a book discussion group, have your discussions on google hangout.
  3. Don’t like eating alone? Organize an online dinner party where you and your friends eat at home, and you see each other via zoom. Or discuss while you eat via skype.
  4. When you like knitting or crocheting with your friends, why not doing it from home while everyone is on skype?
  5. Missing your board game playing Sunday? Even board games work online. Have one person be the “board master” who does the moves on the board, throws the dice, sets the moves according to the players’ instructions. Somehow like it would be in a Casino. Make that person’s screen the one that everyone looks at. Once a game is over, rotate that role among the players.
  6. Determine you vertical and horizontal body shape with this online tool.
  7. Exercise in an online class.
  8. Do some home improvement like a mini bedroom makeover.

When You Love Story Telling

  1. Read what not to do when having Cabin Fever.
  2. Would you panic about seeing white powder in a corner of a roadhouse? Read about the Alaskan intern server who learned the hard way that what one things is not always right and why white powder is not a reason to panic.

Random Things I Love Doing You Didn’t Know about Me

When you area regular reader of the blog, you know that I’m an avid ballroom dancer and that I enjoy gardening and growing vegetables our yard in Alaska. In this post, I share a list of other things I enjoy doing.

  • Making clothes and fashion jewelry.
  • Painting pictures.
  • I love to solve jig jag puzzles.
  • Reading books about fashion history, fashion moguls tells the life of Aldo Gucci, and style tribes.
  • Browsing malls and trying on clothes without the intend to buy something. Yes, I love to be my own living Barbie doll.
  • Browsing an online store, and filling my chart, but never checking out. The downside of it is that after the fact google, facebook, WordAds etc. push ads of the pieces towards you. But they would push ads anyhow. So what?
  • Changing clothing to make them more me like shortening a high-low hem.
  • Refashion pieces to create something new like, for instance, upcycling an old pair of boots.
  • Programming codes and making graphics.
  • Modeling.
  • Reading Walt Disney’s Donald Duck comics in French or German.
  • Creating outfits and dressing up.
  • Watching Bond movies.
  • Splitting rocks to search for imprints or fossils.
  • Walking along the beach on a windy gray day.
  • Playing with and cuddling my cat.

cat lover mature woman petting and playing with her cat

woman lifting a cat when bored

lifestyle blogger Nicole cuddling her cat
Me playing with and cuddling our cat Celestina



Snow Shoveling as Exercise Outdoors in a New Outfit of the Day

I really miss dancing with my hubby. Since all rooms have carpet, it’s not possible at home. Thus, I got my exercise by shoveling snow.

Alaskan woman in pink attire standing in a snow storm
Shoveling snow as a workout during a snow storm


pink dress, tights and shoes
zoom-in on the pink dress, tights, and shoes


style blogger in dress, tights, high sneakers throwing snow with a shovel
Me throwing snow for fun


woman working out in monochromatic pink look
Side view of the monochromatic outfit described below


Alaskan blogger using snow shoveling as excercise in sweater, tights, booties
Outfit details: Daily Shoes booties, gemstone belt, Hermes collier de chien bangle (all own), turnip colored tights c/o no nonsense and sweater dress c/o Femme Luxe



Wrapping-up What You Can Do When You Are Bored

Don’t dwell about what you can’t do! Have fun with what you can do, and enjoy it. Live is too short to not have fun and to valuable to endanger it. The alternatives are getting sick or even die. These “alternatives” are no option. Stay safe, stay at home, and take care of yourself and don’t let your mood take you down.

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