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Alaska jewelry is not only for women

In a state with more men than women, men must be creative when it comes to getting a woman’s attention. Like back in the Gold Rush times, women have the pick at the litter. There is an Alaskan saying about Alaskan men “the odds are good, but the goods are odd.” Thus, men review jewelry very picky to get ahead of the pack by standing out with unique high quality well-made pieces.

#AlaskaJewelry Alaska style jewelry for men
Alaska Jewelry typical Alaskan men’s rings. 1. Bi-color ring with nuggets. This type of ring is often also worn as a wedding band. The band is 7 to 10 mm wide. 2. The same as 1, but in all yellow gold. 3. Big solid single nugget set like a stone with diamond. This type of ring is my personal favorite for men. Some women borrow it from their significant other and wear it as a cocktail ring. 4. to 6. Men’s rings with gold quartz and diamonds (4.) and nuggets (5.-6.). I have a tiny women’s version with one tiny nugget (left and right) of a pinky-fingernail-size oval gold quartz.

Alaska nugget jewelry is It

Alaska Jewelry gets attention. My favorites are rings that showcase a big nugget with a diamond of at least 0.5 ct (#3 in the photo above). I wish I could afford buying one for my hubby. Next up are rings with gold in either white or black quartz. Some readers probably know my lady’s tiny gold quartz with tiny nuggets ring or my silver cuff with white gold quartz.

#AlaskaJewelry Alaska style jewelry for men
Alaska Jewelry: 1. Ammolite ring. 2. The “Alaska” ring is very common among men to show state pride. 3. This men’s ring looks like the North Star in the dark winter sky or the blink in the wolf’s eye. It is a favorite among men in white collar jobs. 4. This ring is also often worn as a wedding band. 5. In Alaska, this style is worn by men and women alike despite it is considered to be a men’s ring. 6. This ring features another version of the “one big nugget” men’s ring. 7. This style always reminds me of an animal’s tracks in the fresh snow.

Alaska jewelry provides associations of nature

The guy who wears an Ammolite ring (#1 in the photo above), looks like he carries the aurora wherever he goes. Ammolite is a thin iridescent aragonite shell material that only occurs on two species of extinct ammonite fossils. This means they are rare and unique. Just fascinating. Perfect for your sweetheart if you look for a once in a lifetime perfect gift for an anniversary or whatever important life event. May be retirement?

#Alaska-Jewelry Native made men's gold bracelet
Alaska Jewelry Native made men’s bracelet. I wish I could afford to buy this one for my husband

Big seal rings are a thing in Alaska

May be it is my living in Alaska for more than 1.5 decades (It will be my 15th winter this winter, i.e. my current sourdough status is 14.). I think it is incredibly cool for men to wear big seal rings and go beyond just a dog tag or name tag bracelet.

Do you like when men wear jewelry? Does your guy wear jewelry? Have you ever bought jewelry for him? If you are one of my male readers, do you wear jewelry? Which of the pieces is your favorite?

Where to get real Alaskan jewelry?

There is no need to wait until one day in a blue moon you make it to Alaska. Here is a great place to start looking for Alaska Jewelry.

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#Alaska-Jewelry men's Sterling silver men's bracelet with humming bird design
Carved Sterling silver men’s bracelet with Hummingbird design. As some of my readers’ know I have one despite it is a men’s bracelet

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