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This post discusses the pros and cons of walk-in closets with respect to their size. It points out why the size of a wardrobe fails to be incredibly stylish and provides tips to curate your wardrobe to fit into a closet of any size.

  1. Is a Room Full of Clothes Really a Dream?
  2. Having Tons of Clothes Fails to Equal to Great Style
  3. Every Wardrobe Needs an Edit at Least Twice per Year
  4. Layering Creates Interest and Insulation
  5. A Wardrobe Is A Curatation

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Is a Room Full of Clothes Really a Dream?

When I was a kid, I dreamed of having a dressing room. Clothing racks along two walls and shelves for shoes and bags along the others. I thought that this is what Caroline of Monaco (one of my style icons back then) would have. 😉

When we moved to Alaska, we rented a house that had a small, toilet-stall size walk-in closet. There was a clothes rack on the back wall, a shelf for sweaters and co on the side wall, hangers for hats on the other, and a full-size mirror on the inside of the door.

over 50 years old fashion blogger in leopard print skirt with utility jacket

fashion blogger over40 wearing a mixed print outfit
Great Northwest utility jacket with Jeanne Pierre sweater, Forever Twenty-one skirt, GNW tights, Steve Madden fall lace-up sandals, and Camel bag (all own)

Having Tons of Clothes Fails to Equal to Great Style

It seemed huge to me. Half-a-year later, I run out of space. I had not (yet) figured out how to dress in Fairbanks year-round. You can’t possibly have a full wardrobe for all temperatures between less than -50F (-45.6oC) and more than 85F (29.4oC)! I said to myself

You can forget about having a wardrobe for all kind of dressing situation when the annual temperature range is more than 100 F (~70oC)!

style blogger over 40 in an outfit for a rainy day
Golden leather Burberry trench coat with GNW tights, Steve Madden fall sandals, AMS umbrella (all own)

Layering Creates Interest and Insulation

Over time I learned to create insulation by layering and what to wear in cold wet weather. I also realized that not the number of clothes is important to look stylish, but

how you turn the fashion you buy into outfits.

Just think about what you pack for a business trip. When you don’t travel for work, think about the limited amount of clothing you pack for a summer vacation.

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A Wardrobe Is A Curatation

When we moved from Goldstream to College, I was not so much excited about the walk-in closet at the new place. It was three times the size of the one at the old place! A nightmare!

I remembered the wisdom of a former student of mine. She had said

“Nicole, what you haven’t worn in a season, you will not wear again. Toss it, sell it or give it to charity! Whatever, get rid of it!”

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Thanks goodness, ballroom dance dresses take a lot of space. I moved the performance ball gowns into the closet instead of storing them in rubber-maid boxes in the garage and crawl-space. I also moved my shoes in. I was afraid of accumulating a wardrobe where you have nothing to wear because you lost track of what you have.

Memo to myself

A walk-in closet is real estate. Use it wisely.

Every Wardrobe Needs an Edit at Least Twice per Year

Today, I “re-organize” my closet twice a year – prior to the warm and cold seasons to keep my walk-in closet an edited working wardrobe and not a storage room of what I wore once upon a time. For a how to organize a wardrobe see the post at the link. In a wardrobe, one of the worst things is an item that takes up real estate for years without seeing the light. Just one of many reasons why not wearing your investment piecs is like tossing them.

fashion influencer in stylish rainy day outfit
Back view on outfit with Burberry trench coat, GNW tights, Steve Madden sandals, American Meteorological Society umbrella (all own)

What is your wardrobe nightmare? Are you more the accumulator/collector type or the editor? How old is the oldest item in your closet and do you remember when you wore it the last time?

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