See what happens when you turn attitude into eclectic style
Hermes silk sweater, GNW Luxe sweater, Oliveo plaid blazer, H&M sequin skirt, Söfft shearling booties, blue topas earrings (all own) and tights c/o no nonsense ribbed turnip tights


  1. What exactly is Eclectic Style
  2. Celebrities with eclectic style
  3. Key elements of Eclectic Style
  4. How to style an eclectic look
  5. What’s the message that this style sends about the wearer?

What exactly is Eclectic Style

The term Eclectic stems from the Greek word eklektikos meaning selective. In Ancient times, the word referred to philosophers who selected from the varies schools of thought, whichever doctrines fit their own thoughts rather then sticking to just one school.

In the sense of the ancient Greek word, a fashionista donning this fashion direction picks whatever pleases her abdonndoning all “rules”, but her own.

An eclectic outfit typically encompasses items from different periods and styles. It is tied together by means of color, texture, shape and accessories. The color palette can vary, but often a few neutrals serve to ground the look. Typically, the look has a multitude of fabrics, which differ by patterns, texture or both.

In the outfit example of this post, the neutrals are chocolate brown, gray and olive. The fashion color is pink. The scarf picks up the gray, brown and pink. The Irish blazer has a brown, gray and pinkish plaid. The blazer has a corduroy collar and trims (texture). The skirt has a different texture and repeats the pink of the scarf and jacket. The ribbed tights again have a different texture and repeat the pink and gray. It doesn’t matter that it is not the exact same pink or gray. The color scheme is the overarching idea that makes it work.

Celebrities with eclectic style

Here are some of my favorites:  The young Coco Chanel when she still worked as a millnier, Coco Chanel in her British inspired phase, Diane von Fürstenberg, Nicole Richie, Solange, Lyn Slater, Mel(anie) Kobayashi, Miss Papelicios.

As you can see from these examples, their looks are not at all similar. Thus, don’t copy them. It’s their, not your unique style. However, they may give you ideas what works.

post logo on what happens when attitude turns into eclectic style showing a tartan skirt, fishnets, striped shirt and bags, window panel blazer, yellow sandals

Key elements of Eclectic Style

According to the above definition a huge variety of garnments work. It’s just about how to put them together. However, this point is the challenge. This fashion direction requires creativity, trying unconventional combinations, an eye for what you can do with a garnment, curation and time to try everything with everything to identify what looks the best (wrong) or stylish. The look is high maintenance. It’s rather an attitude. It’s for women with an individualistic lifestyle.

Persons donning these outfits are often collectors and curate their wardrobe. Their closets may hold pieces that are there for several decades as well as the newest It piece often mixed with recycled or upcycled clothes like an old shirt revived as a skirt.

Here is a list of items that are rarely missing in an eclectic closet:

  • Classic cable-knit sweater,
  • a black and a white T-shirt,
  • solid and patterned button-down blouses,
  • a pair of jeans,
  • solid-color pants,
  • plaid, glen check, herring bone, tweed or corduroy blazer,
  • riding boots,
  • some sort of Wellies
  • tweed, plaid and floral skirts,
  • garnments in sequin, or brocade.

How to style an eclectic look

Stylist’s tip: Pick a color scheme and a neutral as for grounding. Add to it with colored and textured solids and patterns, lace, trims, tassels and/or fringe. Finish with accessories that support tieing the outfit together.

over 50 years old fashion blogger in an outfit from different style tribes

sequin with plaid

fashion blogger in Irish blazer, glam skirt, buckle boots, sweater and scarf
Outfit details: Hermes silk scarf, GNW Luxe sweater, Oliveo plaid blazer, H&M sequin skirt, Söfft shearling booties, blue topas earrings (all own) and tights c/o no nonsense ribbed turnip tights

What’s the message that this style sends about the wearer?

These women look stylish because they are confident and persistent enough to make it work. They see their fashion and dressing as an act of art. Some are their own living Barbie doll. These women won’t fit into one primary and one secondary category like it is the case with the majority of women who have achieved their personal style.  The eclectic woman’s  life stories are too complicated to show the world who they really are with the mix of a dominant and a supporting style.

This style is worn by reflective, unique and bold personalities, individualists. These women have learned to express themselves and often have a strong opinion. When they have made up their mind and set a goal, they work hard and focused to achieve it. They know that the road to success is not straight, but learning from prior failures, i.e. trial and error and never giving up. They do not fear to be alone nor what other people might think because they think for themselves. Or like Mademoiselle once said

I don't care what you think about me, I don't think about you at all. - Coco Chanel #quote #lifestyle Click To Tweet

They get noticed, but not necessarily appreciated for their creativity and abilities. In other words, if this is you and you work in a conservative work field, limit your outfit to a primary and secondary element except on weekends.

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