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Did you know that in Europe the classic style differs between the western and eastern part? Learn why, and how you can recognize or even have east European style.

  1. Awesome East European Style
  2. Typical East European Style Elements
  3. Martina at Elegant 40
  4. Natalia at In the Writer’s Closet
  5. Krystyna Balakier at Balakier Style
  6. Małgorzata Trębacz Piotrowska at Pinot Noir
  7. Grażyna at Nieco Starsza Dziewczyna
  8. Pika Zrim is the style Instagrammer at The 50th Avenue
  9. Where to Go Next?


Awesome East European Style

It has been a while that I introduced you to some of my awesome fellow over 40 fashion and style bloggers. This time, the women featured in today’s posts all have in common roots in Eastern European countries, which strongly influenced their personal style. They all interpret and incorporate the elements of their roots in a very modern and individual way. The style in the eastern region of Europe is distinctly different from Euro Chic Style.


Typical East European Style Elements

For our generation, who has lived thru the Cold War times with shortages on food, waiting lines for everyday products dressing for work is formal, label and detail oriented. High quality is still preferred over quantity. Jewelry is investment. Looking pulled together and always having a perfect occasion appropriate makeup is a must. Self-care is a natural. Their hair is always in pristine order.

Just to give you an idea. In the 1980s, my friend waited more than 10 hours at the Library in Moscow in line to take a look at the first Burda (West European sewing pattern magazine) that the library got back then! Speaking of sewing pattern DIY is a big part of their signature style too. Now let’s see how they create their personal style. Personal style was one of the reasons why to learn how to sew.


Martina at Elegant 40

blazer white sweater black pants with hat and orange pumps
In this all neutral look the orange pumps make the fashion statement. The pop of color is repeated three times. See the bangle, bag, and glasses. There is no need that the pop of color is exactly the same in the repeations.




Martina at Elegant 40 lives in Praha, Czechia. This town is known as the Golden City in Europe. She blogs just for joy and inspiration. On her blog, she shares her ideas and creations from fashion, focusing on dressing, makeup and hairstyles. Her outfits are often inspired by old times without looking old-fashioned as she takes modern pieces. She works with classic pieces and adds her own twist with unexpected colors for the accessories like the orange pumps and bag in the photo above. The beautiful coat dress is DIY. She matches the colors of her accessories.


Natalia at In the Writer’s Closet

Natalia of In the Writer's Closet in a vintage dress
Natalia looking modern in a vintage dress by adding trendy round sunnies and a basket chain bag


Natalia of Inthe Writer's Closet looking stunning in her DIY zig-zag shirt dress
Classic cut, modern trendy pattern. Natalia of In the Writer’s Closet looking stunning in her DIY zig-zag shirt dress.


Natalia the blogger at In the Writers Closet is an author and fashion lover living in the US. Technically, Natalia’s roots are in Asia since she is originally from Siberia. However, historically Siberia (and Alaska) belonged to Russia. Of course, Russia is partly Europe and culturally has many ties to Europe, including fashion. Natalia doesn’t consider her style typical Russian, but for sure Russian dressing influenced her in early childhood. She said that while her Mom when visiting her in the US, considered her personal style as American, Americans (including me) see the Russian roots. For my money, her style is a great example of what makes great personal style. A stunning America-Eurasian fusion.


Krystyna Balakier at Balakier Style

Eastern European blogger Krystyna Balakier is a classic work outfit
Krystyna Balakier in a royal blue blazer and a printed skirt with yellow pumps and blue tote. A perfect classic work outfit with a modern twist


Krystyna Balakier in a weekend look
In this weekend look, Krystyna Balakier combined a hoodie and down jacket. I love how she made the jacket the statement by repeating the color of the hoodie in the sunglasses and the color of the pants with the boots and bag.


Krystyna is the stylist and blogger at Balakier Style . She lives in Poland in Wrocław. Fashion have been her passion all her life. She attributes her great style to the help of her mother and grandmother in developing her taste and urging her to pay attention to what other well-dressed people wear. Her signature style picked up elements from her life abroad.


Krystyna Kantwicz at Krynka’s Style

Krystyna in a classic pleated skirt and sweater with pumps and a statement bag.
Krystyna Kantwicz in a classic pleated skirt and sweater with pumps and a statement bag.


NY resident from Poland, Krystyna Kantwicz wearing a leather coat
Going beyond the purpose of a garment to enlarge the wardrobe options. Here Krystyna is wearing a leather coat as a dress by belting it with a snake print belt. and tote.


Krystyna Kantwicz at Krynka’s Style is a style blogger from Poland living in New York. She “works” with classic pieces in unexpected colors or materials to create her signature style. An accordion pleat skirt looks modern in silver. The purple sweater is so on trend this fall. Add a statement bag. That’s an awesome head turning look. She believes that clothes express how you feel and Krystyna in a classic pleated skirt and sweater with pumps and a statement bag.

Show me your closet and I'll tell you who you are. - Krystyna Kantwicz #fashionquote Click To Tweet

She creates unexpected looks by wearing pieces beyond their original purpose like the leather coat as a dress. I love that she added nude pumps to elongate her legs.


Grażyna at Nieco Starsza Dziewczyna

Style blogger starszadziewczyna
Here Grażyna features a fitted leather jacket, tea length straight skirt, matching sweater, black sandals and sunnies, but brown tote.


East-European style blogger Grażyna in a brown and beige fall outfit
In this look, Grażyna dons in her favorite colors brown and beige


Grażyna is the style blogger at Nieco Starsza Dziewczyna, which means a Somewhat Older Girl. She lives in Poland. Her personal style lives from the unexpected moment. For instance, in the outfit with the orange skirt and sweater paired with black sandals and leather jacket she adds a brown, not a black tote. So chic! Or like in the other photo a coat with pants. She loves the colors brown and beige, fashion and everything that is associated with it as well as travel. No question that she travels in style.


Małgorzata Trębacz Piotrowska at Pinot Noir

East European blogger Małgorzata Trębacz Piotrowska of Pinot Noir wearing a puffer coat
Here Małgorzata Trębacz Piotrowska is wearing a puffer coat in a statement color over trouser with loafers and a chain clutch crossbody bag


Małgorzata Trębacz Piotrowska in plaid blazer, graphic Tee and leather pants
In this example outfit, Małgorzata Trębacz Piotrowska is wearing leather pants, booties, a graphic Tee and a plaid blazer. See the cute photo bomb.


Małgorzata the blogger at Pinot Noir. She named her blog after the delicious wine as Pinot Noir is a wine strain that is capricious, delicate and sensitive. Its plant does not like frost, the wine has to rest and ripe. That feels like her. She goes for new trends, but not the labels of top brands in the unfashionable fashion. Małgorzata states that her style is European and that fashion lives on after the forties. She is so right.

Like a great wine style gets better with age. #over50fashion Click To Tweet


Pika Zrim at The 50thAvenue

Pika of the 50th Avenue in a jumpsuit
Pika looking stunning in a navy jumpsuit and animal print bag


Eastern European fashion blogger Pika of The 50th Avenue
Another example of Pika’s style. Here she is wearing a denim shirt and a brown polka dot skirt with silver statement mules and a trendy bamboo basket bag


Pika Zrim is the style Instagrammer at The 50th Avenue who lives in Ljubljana, Slovenia. She wears of the minute pieces in great neutral colors. Her personal twist on the eastern European chic are the trendy shoes and bags.


Where to Go Next?

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