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This post introduces you to the typical weather of the maritime continent. It explains what is referred to as maritime continent, and features fashionable women over 40 living in this region. It shows that casual doesn’t equal frumpy or unfashionable. Meet these for maritime continent fashion bloggers, and see what they wear for the weather of their region.


  1. Maritime Continent Fashion Blogger with Ageless Style in a Casual Way
  2. The Typical Weather on the Maritime Continent
  3. Anna Marcus at Looking Fabulous at Fifty
  4. Anna at Kremb de la Kremb
  5. Elsie Davies at The Cooking Wardrobe
  6. Shelly Bowdin at A FABulous Journey
  7. More on Dressing for the Weather of Your Climate Zone


Maritime Continent Fashion Bloggers with Ageless Style in a Casual Way

There is this prejudice that casual outfits in Australia and New Zealand are even more casual than the casual style in the US, which is more more casual than in Europe. A while ago, I wrote a post on a handful of stylish over 40 fashion bloggers in Europe. This post introduces maritime continent fashion bloggers including Australia.


Does Tropical Climate Mean an Eternal Summer?

The cultural environment and weather affect how we dress. The maritime continent and the northern coastal regions of Australia are governed by tropical rain forest, tropical monsoon or tropical wet or dry Savannah climate. The former has more or less daily rain, while the later have climates have a distinct rain season. In tropical climates, every month of the year has an average temperature of 64.4 F (18oC) or more.

Sounds like summer clothes, right?


Australia-Oceania Köppen Map
Climates of the maritime continent also known as Australia-Oceania. Am is monsoon climate, BSh is warm-semi arid climate, BWh is hot-semi arid climate, BSk is cold semi-arid climate, Cfb temperate oceanic climate, Csa is warm mediterranean climate, Csb is temperate Mediterranean climate and Af is equatorial climate. Diagram via Wiki commons


Typical Weather on the Maritime Continent

Australian winters are relatively mild without great contrast to summer temperatures like they exist on the North American and European continents. Most of the population lives along the coasts where climate is less extreme than in the center of Australia. The center of the Australia is mostly desert and Savannah. Like in Alaska wildfires are a natural part of the landscape evolution.

The mild to hot climate calls for casual cool clothes for thermal comfort. Form a (fashion) history point of view, the maritime continent was influenced by immigration from all continents.

Environment and cultural background influence style.


Anna Marcus at Looking Fabulous at Fifty

maritime continent fashion blogger in business casual office look
Anna Marcus wearing an office look with a leopard print pencil skirt, cropped double breasted jacket and classic white button-down shirt and bow adored pointy toe pumps. Photo courtesy to her


Anna at Looking Fabulous at Fifty immigrated from the former USSR, and has been living in Sydney, Australia for the last 20+ years. She pairs unexpected pieces together that on first thought don’t sound right together that they do just that, feeling right. She breaks fashion rules without any fear like only wear a double-breasted jacket with jeans or pants. A pencil skirt with a double-breasted jacket? She gets it right! A leopard print pencil skirt at the office? Yes, please! Booties and a midi skirt? Socks and pumps anyone? Sure, no problem. She pulls these tricky looks off and it feels so right. I never saw a look of her that did not feel right.


over 50 years ols Australian in casual look with dress
Anna Marcus at looking Fabulous at Fifty wearing a floral print long sleeve dress, fishnets and block heel booties. Photo courtesy to her



Elsie Davies at The Cooking Wardrobe

African Australian food and fashion blogger in burnt orange floral dress
Elsie Davies at The Cooking Wardrobe in an burned orange dress with floral print. Photo cortesy to her


Elsie Davies at The Cooking Wardrobe is a 40+ blogger originally from Freetown, Sierra Leone, who is living in Australia. She blogs about food and style with an African twist. I love the great color combinations of her outfit choices. She combines prints, pattern, and color in one outfit like nobody else and it looks awesome. Her ageless style is a mix of classic pieces with African accessories for a unique twist. She also masters to wear bold statement colors like they were neutrals. Aren’t these orange looks awesome? When you are a foodie who loves great colorful outfits, her blog is one you may want to bookmark.


maritime continent fashion blogger in classic look with an African twist
Elsie Davies at The Cooking Wardrobe giving a classic orange sheath, blanket shawl and pumps monochromatic look an African twist with the bright colorful head band. Photo courtesy to her



Imogen at Inside Out Style

Australian certified stylist in monochromatic look that doesn't look monochromatic
Imogen at Inside Out Style demonstrating that a monochromatic look can be so colorful. Photo courtesy to her


Imogen at Inside Out Style is a certified stylist and color consultant, and also offers style courses. While you can find many very helpful reviews, style and beauty tips on her blog, my favorite posts of hers are those showing her own outfits. She knows how to make her eyes pop and her skin glow. She creates outfits with just one color that one wouldn’t even think of calling them monochromatic. <3 Read more about how to style interesting monochromatic looks in this guide.


maritime blogger looking posh in casual layers
Imogen at Inside Out Style in a casual layered winter look in an all neutral color outfit that nevertheless looks colorful



Shelly Bowdin at A FABulous Journey

Philippine fitness and style blogger in dress-over-pants trend
Shellie Bowdoin at The FABulous Journey wearing the dress-over-pants trend with a biker jacket and pendant necklace. Photo courtesy to her


Shellie Bowdoin at The Fabulous Journey was raised in the South of the US. She has lived and worked in the Philippines for more than the last two decades. On her blog, she writes about fashion, fitness, fulfillment, and how to lose weight and keep it off. In my opinion, she is the stateless Queen of the dress-over-pants looks. She never misses to nail the look, no matter whether the dress is casual or glam, or posh. She even adds another layer and it looks perfect! I love her style!


Phillipine fitness and maritime continent fashion blogger in a floral dress over pants
Shelly at The FABulous Journey styling a floral dress with skinnies, sandals, belt and a long pendant necklace. Photo courtesy to her



Anna at Kremb de la Kremb

Hong Kong fashion in layering done right
Anna at Kremb de la Kremb wearing multiple layers. Photo courtesy to her


Anna at Kremb de la Kremb is a qualified stylist, who was raised in the Pacific Northwest. She has been living over-seas for nearly two decades and now blogs out of Hong Kong. On her blog, she shares her style with her readers. Her secret, be confident in what you wear. The multi-cultural influences from living overseas and her frequent travels have infiltrated in her style making her one of my favorite street style bloggers over 40. Her layering is incredible! She definitively could move to Alaska and survive a winter in style.


Hong Kong street style with sneakers and midi skirt
Anna at Kremb de la Kremb showing that sneakers with a midi skirt are a do. Photo courtesy to her



More on Dressing for the Weather of Your Climate Zone

Do you want to read more on typical dressing in the various regions of the world? Here is a list of the regions that have already be covered.


Photos from these Ladies’ blogs with their permission.

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