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Greetje in classic red pumps, crisp white button down shirt, and jeans. Photo courtesy to her (2016)

Let me introduce you to some West European blogger style. This edition of the Ageless Style Series features midlife European bloggers who share inspiring fashion. The European Community is too large to feature one awesome fashion and style blogger over 40 from each country. And, yes, of course, these countries have much more great 40+ fashion and style bloggers than just one. My selection focused on providing an idea about the diversity of personal style that nevertheless is rooted in the respective country’s fashion and style culture, but still fits in the category Euro Chic Style. 


  1. Europe – A posh chic fashion metropole
  2. A brief overview on European fashion history
  3. Which Personal Styles Have European Origin?
  4. Poland: Grażyna Wojdon from Nieco Starsza Dziewczyna
  5. Italy: Dan of Pretty Cute
  6. Spain: Carmen Gimeno at Cocoolook
  7. Germany: Chrissie from Die Edelfabrik
  8. The Netherlands: Greetje from No Fear of Fashion
  9. Czech: Martina from Elegant 40
  10. United Kingdom: Samantha from Fake Fabulous
  11. Finland: Tiina from Elegance Revisited
  12. La France: Shauna from Chic over 50
  13. Wrapping up European Blogger Style
  14. References


Updated: 4/4/2022


Europe – A Posh Chic Fashion Metropole

Which fashionister or fashionista fail to watch the highlights and street style chic of Milano, Paris or London fashion week? Everyone interested in fashion knows Euro Chic style. However, there are various nuances to it. Interestingly, the Mediterranean countries use a lot of black in summer. The French women are known for their Je ne sais pas French Chic style. The British variation of Euro Chic relies heavily on wool. And yes, in the more continental eastern countries, outfits requires more layering in the very cold winters and light clothing in the very warm summers. When you browse European blogger style you can see personal style that ties to the roots of fashion in Western Europes.


fashion over 50 Nine awesome European fashion and style bloggers



A Brief Overview on European Fashion History

Over the last 400 years or so, European fashion had been strongly interconnected with politics, industrialization, development of technology, science and art. All of them influenced the European countries’ culture of style. Prior to the Great War and WWII, the European public turned to the Courts, Rich merchantsand industriels for fashion inspirations. Those in power tried to prohibit the lower classes to wear the clothing of the upper class. As a result, they made many sumptuary laws to ban everyday luxe for the commoners over the centuries.

After the Great War, the actors and celebrities of Hollywood and New York as well as in the European film capitals joined the Aristocrats as style icons. After WWII, Christian Dior and many others put Europe back on the map as one of the World’s fashion centers.


Which Personal Styles Have European Origin?

Against common believe, the Bohemian Style has its roots in Paris, and not in the Flower Power movement in San Francisco. Beside Euro Chic, French Woman Style, and East European Style, as well as Scandinavian Minimalism Style originate in Europe.


Poland: Grażyna Wojdon from Nieco Starsza Dziewczyna

Polish style blogger Grazyna Wojden in styled winter outerwear
Grażyna Wojden, at Nieco Starsza Dziewczyna (slightly older girl), stays warm in winter outerwear. Photo courtesy to her


Grażyna Wojdon is a Polish fashion and style blogger in her 40s. She blogs in Polish, but even when the translator fails, her outfits alone are worth looking at. I love the great the classic Eastern European vibe of her looks. Due to the continental location of Poland, winter weather can have harsh cold days. Grażyna stands the elements in styled outerwear outfits. Her outerwear looks leave no room for winter boredom. They are all interesting and in tasteful colors that up the mood. She really knows how to style outerwear. Isn’t her outfit looking friendly?


Italy: Dan of Pretty Cute

Euro Chic fashionista Dan donning a very Italian style
Dan at The Pretty Cute looks very Italian in her body hugging dress with long cardigan tied by a belt, wayfarer sunglasses and a neutral color palette. Photo courtesy to her


Dan, the blogger is an Italian style blogger in her early 50s. I love her confident Italian take on turning fashion into style while looking so classic, timeless Italian. Her style could have been the blueprint for the outfits in the 1987 romantic movie Moonstruck with Cher playing the main role. Well, Dan even beats Cher in cuteness. 😉 Don’t you think so?


Spain: Carmen Gimeno at Cocoolook

over 50 years old Spanish fashion blogger Carmen Gimeno in yellow leather and Glen-check pants
Carmen Gimeno at Cocoolook. I love her great, right pops of colors and unexpected combinations of Euro Chic classics. Photo courtesy to her


I have been a big fan of Carmen Grimeno since a while. In spring 2016, she turned from a blogger to instagrammer where I follow her now. She masters the style stretch from modern Bohemian to Euro Chic and always gets the look to the perfection. My favorite outfits of hers are those with unexpected combinations of classics (here the Glen check pants) with a bold color leather jacket instead of a blazer. So (Euro) chic. The Adidas sneakers are the icing on the cake. Pumps wouldn’t feel so right with the look. Don’t you agree?


Germany: Chrissie from Die Edelfabrik

As you may know, I lived in Germany for more than 38 years. I still have an interest in the latest in German fashion. Thus, I have bookmarked a couple of Ü30 – as the 40+ bloggers are called over there – German fashion and style blogs. The spectrum of what German 40+ bloggers wear is very wide. It seems that there is no such thing like a typical German look. No, the dirndl is just in the Alpine region. Thus, it is shared among the Bavarian, Austrian, and Italian Alps. However, even then, you can tell which region a dirndl comes from. Again, the reason for the diversity can be pinpointed to politics. Germany had been split into many states very often in her history.


Chrissie wearing an unexpected color combination as an example of European blogger style
Chrissie at Die Edelfabrik (the noble factory) wearing a great unexpected color combination and over-the-knee boots. Photo courtesy to her.


Here I want to introduce you to Chrissie. She has great, unexpected color combinations that feel so right! She also masters mixing prints and/or patterns in such a way that her outfits look like she is wearing a dress (see collage). However, she did style the look from separates! Just amazing!


The Netherlands: Greetje from No Fear of Fashion

over 60 years old Dutch blogger Greetje in dress-over-pants look
Greetje at No Fear of Fashion looking young and hip in a dress over teal colored pants and a pair of her amazing shoes. Photo courtesy to her


Greetje was one of the first fashion over 40 bloggers I had contact with when I started blogging. She has a unique way to make great fashion statements with her shoes. She has the most amazing shoes and probably one of the best edited shoe collections in the blogosphere. Greetje did the dress-over-pants look long before it became a trend. In her outfits, she isn’t shy either to go for bold color like here the hunter green. I also love her great posts on her European shopping tours. Paris, Turin, Amsterdam, Haarlem … you name it. Not to mention that Alkmaar makes for a perfect canvas for her bold fearless, great outfits. Two words – red bricks.


Czech: Martina from Elegant 40

mature Euro Chic Martina in a sheath with zebra pumps
Martina at Elegant 40 looking posh in a fuchsia sheath, black coat and statement zebra print pumps. Photo courtesy to her


Martina blogs just for fun and inspiration to share outfit ideas and creations in fashion and style. She focuses on clothing, makeup and hairstyles to be one great unit. Every outfit of hers is just such – like a piece of art. I like how she manages to style dresses in a unique personal way. She is the living proof that you can wear a dress many ways without looking like you wear the same outfit over and over again.


United Kingdom: Samantha Blair from Fake Fabulous

over 40 years old British fashionista Samantha wearing a summer dress in fall
Samantha at Fake Fabulous looking fabulous in a summer dress styled for fall by repeating the bold warm colors of the dress with her tight, shoes, lipstick, and turtleneck sweater. Photo courtesy to her


Of course, the United Kingdom or Great Britain at-large has been a fashion hot-spot since the Renaissance. It is a go-to for great fashion and style still today. Samantha Blair’s outfits are color fireworks, beautifully arranged like a flower bouquet and wow worthy, well plain fabulous. An important element of her personal, very British style is comfort and mixing pieces from different seasons, style and/or occasional background or purpose, and getting it right! The photo above expresses what I mean. This beautiful summer dress seems so natural in this fall outfit as if it was designed for just that – fall.


Finland: Tiina from Elegance Revisited

midlife Finish fashionista Tiina in a chic monochromatic winter look with a down puffer coat
Tiina featuring European blogger style at Elegance Revisited is staying warmand stylish in a down coat accessorized with ear warmers. Photo courtesy to her


Living in a cold climate region, Tiina L at needs to wear coats a lot and for a long time. She shows how to best fight winter depression and coat boredom by styling winter outerwear. Wearing bold colored coats with a classic cut are an essential. Since she sticks to her personal most flattering colors, she achieves a timeless personal style. Another big style element of hers are geometric pattern, especially stripes. You also can recognize her by her signature umbrella worn in summer. More on creating an ageless coat capsule wardrobe.


La France: Shauna from Chic over 50

On the continent, Paris was the other big fashion and style center in the Renaissance. Today, French style seems to be about simplicity and quality. Historically, the British style used to be more relaxed, and simple than the French style at the Courts of Louis XVINapoleon Bonaparte, and Napoleon III.


Shauna donning the French cool European blogger style
Shauna at at Chic over 50 looking French cool in jeans and a fake twinset. Photo courtesy to her


When I lived in France in the 1980s, I loved the cool look of the French women of any age. What exactly makes this French vibe is so hard to point your finger at. What makes French women look so effortlessly chic? Shauna is the personification of the French Je ne sais quois? cool. On first thought, the items wouldn’t go together, but in the outfit, they feel so right together. Don’t you agree? How does she do that? Check the post at the link for how to get the ultimate French Woman Style.


Wrapping Up European Blogger Style

These style blogs introduced here are featuring western European blogger style influenced by moderate oceanic climate. You may find more Euro blogs focusing on fashion suitable for continental climate in my post on Eastern European blogger style.

I hope you enjoyed this fashion and style trip thru Europe.



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