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This post provides outfit ideas for subtropical humid weather. When you moved into a region with humid subtropical climate, just will spend your vacation or a business trip there, then you may wonder what to wear in humid subtropical climate for thermal comfort while still looking stylish. Read what fashion bloggers from the south-east of the US wear to cope with the weathers, and get inspired by their best looks.

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How to Dress for the Weather in the US

I haven’t done a post on how to dress for the weather in a given climate region for a while. Posts in this series featured style bloggers of the Pacific Northwest, Texas, and the northern East Coast and southeast Canada. Today’s post features five incredibly stylish women from the South East of the US and how they dress for the weather down there.


Which US States Have Subtropical Humid Weather?

Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Arkansas, eastern Oklahoma, Tennessee, Kentucky, Georgia, Louisiana, eastern Texas, and the Carolinas except for the Appalachian region, fall in the temperate (mesothermal), subtropical humid climate zone.


Weather in the Subtropical Humid Region

In this climate, the coldest month has an average temperature between 27F to 32F (−3oC to 0oC) and 64.4F (18oC). Furthermore, at least one month has a monthly mean temperature above 71.6F (22o), and in at least four months, monthly mean temperatures are above 50F (10oC). Precipitation occurs year round with no season receiving notably more than the other seasons, i.e. there is no distinct rain season.

The humidity in conjunction with high temperatures can make summer weather very muggy. High humidity with temperatures around the freezing point is pretty creepy. Especially, when you are used to pleasant daytime temperatures above 50F most of the year. Add some wind and it feels even colder than it is. Even in the Interior of Alaska, people fear wind more than 40 below.


Outfit ideas for subtropical humid weather

Now let’s see how some fashion and style bloggers living in the Southeast dress weather appropriately.


Susana Fernandez

Susana Fernandez featuring outfit ideas for subtropical humid weather in summer and winter
Susana Fernandez, the style blogger at a Key to the Armoire, lives in Florida. From left tor right: Classic floral print summer dress, posh casual summer weekend look, and winter outfit. Photos courtesy to her with permission


Dr. Susana Fernandez lives in Miami, Florida, where the weather is quite pleasant year round because of the close ocean. The higher heat capacity of water than land leads to a slight sea-breeze in summer and keeps the weather mild in winter. She is the classic style blogger at A Key to the Armoire. Having lived in Latin America and Europe before coming to the United States, Susana is a quite multicultural woman and her style is a unique mix of classics with a twist that roots in these cultures. She sees turning fashion into style as a creative mean to provide her with an outlet for self-expression. Her Armoire is open…take a peek inside!


Robin LaMonte

over 60 years old Robin Lamonte of Georgia wearing outfit ideas for subtropical humid weather for each of the for seasons
Robin LaMonte, the blogger at Hello I’m 50ish, in outfits for the four seasons. Permission to use photos from her


I e-met Robin LaMonte in the Fierce 50 community. See the post at the link to learn more about that community. Robin is the blogger at Hello I’m 50ish. Actually, she meanwhile is 60ish. She was a flight attendant in her 20s and 30s. Staying overnight in various cities of the world has taught her how to dress for the expected weather. Add an interior design degree earned in her forties there is no surprise she creates great looks no matter which curve ball the weather throws at her in Georgia.


Erica Bunker

Erica Bunker in Alabama summer, fall and winter outfits
Erica Bunker donning a Gucci inspired summer dress, an elegant fall and winter outfit suitable for the region’s weather. Photos with her permission


Erica Bunker, is the blogger at the blog with the same name. She lives in Birmingham, Alabama. She is a self-taught seamstress, burgeoning designer, wardrobe stylist and consultant. When it comes to get the best clothes for the climate she lives in, her personal style motto is: “Why buy it, when you can make it!” She believes in occasion-appropriate dressing. Consequently, she dresses weather appropriate. Even when it gets a bit chilly, she stays with celebrating her femininity (see the royal blue dress and the winter outfit). I haven’t seen one outfit of her so far that didn’t scream “Look at me, I am a woman!” When you are following my blog already for a while, you may remember that she shared her secrets on making your own clothes here on High Latitude Style.


Jonet Wooten

sewing blogger Jonet Wooten featuring outfit ideas for subtropical humid weather for summer, the transition season and winter
Jonet Wooten the blogger at Fabulously Chic Over 50 in a casual posh summer outfit, an American Classic spring or fall look, and a fun winter outfit that works well when temperature are around the freezing point. Photo Credit: Chad W. Wooten with her permission.


Jonet Wooten is the professional blogger at Fabulously Chic Over 50. All her looks are very playful as you can see in the featured photos. You really see the fun she has when dressing even when it is a little chilly in winter or unbearably hot and humid in summer down in the south. I love her all American Classic white button-down, suede leather blazer with jeans look.


Jessica Jamenga

over 40 years old Romantic Style blogger Jessica Jamenga donning outfit ideas for humid subtropical weather
Jessica Jamenga in a bold romantic inspired summer look (left) and a monochromatic winter outfit working with texture of leather, velvet and lace. Photos with her permission


Jessica Jamenga is the romantic style blogger at Elegantly Dressed and Stylish from North Carolina. She is a regular at my Top of the World Style linkup party. You may have seen her here on High Latitude Style also as an expert how to look stunning in red as a redhead. She loves the style of other eras as much as today’s trends. When it comes to dressing for the weather you can see her creating outfits with romantic elements of various eras. In all her romantic outfits, she always looks mature, and grown-up.


Patti Gibbson

over 60 years old Patty Gibbson in a light dress and warm layers perfect for Florida
Patty Gibbson in an abstract floral print summer dress with statement belt and cat stature (left), and a winter look with hat and scarf.


Patty is another style blogger from Florida. She shows her second hand and other great shopping finds at Not Dead Yet Style. Her favorite city is the Big Apple. Thus, you find clues from there in her Florida winter outfits. For my money, she is the Queen of pulling off Dr. Martens with a skirt or dress and looking incredibly stylish. How does she do that? Her style is so unique! You know the “Just show me the shoes, and I can tell you if it’s a photo of you” sort of style.

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Beth Djalali

Beth Djalali, Style at a Certain Age, showing her outfit ideas for subtropical humid weather
Beth Djalali, the style blogger at Style at a Certain Age, in a fall, spring, and winter outfit. Photos with permission, courtesy to her


Beth Djalali, the style blogger at Style at a Certain Age, has an incredibly chic, classic winter style. She keeps her outfits in neutral colors – remember I consider red a neutral. When you are already a reader of my blog for a while, you may remember that she was featured in a post on how to create interesting looks in neutral colors.  In the photos above, you see that booties are a statement shoe rather than a must in the typical winter weather of Georgia. A knit duster, chunky wool cable knit sweater or blazer is all it takes to stay comfortable most of the time. A scarf is a stylish accessory, not a needed item in subtropical winter weather.


My Outfit Ideas for Subtropical Humid Weather for a Tourist

The following photos were taken on a spring vacation in 1991 in southern Florida. Downtown Miami was as great place from where to explore the Everglades, Ft. Lauderdale, the Keys, Orlando, and, of course, Cape Canaveral, a Must-see for every atmospheric scientist. I mean NASA launches weather satellites, right? Even though I didn’t see a launch, I saw an armadillo on this NASA campus and several alligators in Ft. Lauderdale, the Everglades and outside of Miami! Back then, I still was a graduate student working on my PhD. Thus, many of my clothes were sewn from Burda patterns using fabric that was on sale. For the trip I packed a lot of cotton clothing (see photos below). I was there in March and had packed for the weather in Florida.


twentysomething woman in abstract print skirt and red top vacation style
Me wearing a self-sewn Rock’n Roll style peasant skirt in abstract print, and a red top on vacation in Miami


young woman showing an outfit idea for subtropical humid weather with abstract floral print skirt and sweater
This outfit idea for subtropical humid weather shows me in a self-sewn straight floral print skirt, and red sweater in Fort Lauderdale, Florida


blogger Nicole in her late 20s presenting a casual vacation outfit idea for subtropical humid weather
How I coped with the humid subtropical weather in white cotton Bermudas and red cotton racer-back top, baseball hat (gift from a classmate), and Birkenstocks on a trip to Orlando, Florida.


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Further Reading on Dressing in Different Climate Zones

Not living in the humid subtropics? What about how to dress for the weather in the Pacific Northwest, or what to wear in humid continental weather? Want to see your region featured here next? Let me know. Send me an email.

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Photos: Courtesy to the featured bloggers with their permission

Graphic: N. Mölders

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