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When you follow me on my social media, you may have seen the promotional teaser video for the Fierce 50 Campaign. This campaign is an annual movement of a group female bloggers over 50, which was curated by Catherine Grace O’Connell of, Cathy Williamson of, Shauna Robertson of, and Deborah Boland of


Who, what, why, when, where

The campaign’s main focus is to show that 50 is a time of new beginnings and creation. This powerful collaboration serves to break down boundaries and stereotypes, and push limits to celebrate the lives of successful women over 50 across the globe. It is all about honoring, respecting and supporting one another at midlife and beyond. Notable author, Lee Woodruff and fitness guru, Kathy Kaehler have joined the campaign. I feel so honored being a member of this interesting, diverse and accomplished group of women over 50!


Our mission

The Fierce 50 Campaign’s mission statement can be summarized as follows

“We are firmly committed to ending competition amongst women; and celebrating, supporting, and promoting one another instead.” – Catherine Grace O’Connell


Meet Paula

To launch the campaign, each woman was paired with another blogger to introduce her and her blog in an inspirational post on their respective blogs. My partner is Paula Holloway, 51, the personal lifestyle blogger at Dimples on my What?


The Fierce 50 Campaign Paula Holloway
Paula Holloway, personal lifestyle blogger at Dimple on my What? Photo courtesy to her


Paula Holloway is an East Coast gal from Maryland, who now lives in Indiana in a small calm Mayberry-esque Midwestern town. She loves the town and feels at home there despite she misses the beaches and the Atlantic Ocean. Understandable, sea-salt aerosol loaded air smells so good! <3

She is a manicurist, singer and hobby decorator, as well as a wife, mother, grandmother, daughter and sister, i.e. a family member. She is an early Generation X woman for whom family comes first.


mature woman fighting weight
Paula having fun with fighting weight. Photo courtesy to her


Like me, Paula is very opinionated. She has always known what she wants and what is good for her. For example, she dated her husband only for a month before becoming engaged, married 6 months later, and today, 32 years later, she is still happily married. Sounds like me except for the numbers, 3 weeks, 3 month, and 24 years. 😉


dress-up family photo
Paula and part of her family. Photo courtesy to her


Paula has two grown-up sons, two daughters-in-law, and 5 grandsons. She considers these little ones as the best gift she never knew she always wanted! Another grandchild is still pending, and according to Murphy’s Law, odds are high for another grandson. Let’s cross fingers she gets again what she always wanted 😉 . Further family includes 13 uncles, seven uncles and one aunt on her mom’s side of the family, two sisters and one brother. Her life is full of men and she is cool with that. ; ) Here we have again a thing in common, in my job, women are in the minority too.


Paula’s personal style

Belonging to the female minority in her family, it is no wonder that Paula generally likes all things feminine and girly. And she gets the girly girl right! She has curves, a porcelain-doll-like beautiful face and nice brown shoulder long beach waves that she styles to look their best. She looks very feminine and healthy and not like the unrealistic, half-starved, griddle wearing or rips-removed Barbie doll, Generation X and the late Baby-boomer gals used to play with.


fashion over 40 personal blogger Paula Holloway
Paula Holloway looking cute and feminine in washed jeans, nude sandals and a floral top. Photo courtesy to her


Paula’s other interests

Paula loves DIY. She and her husband are in the middle of a major remodel project. She reports on the progress on a separate Instagram and Facebook page called My Cedar Palace. Another girly thing – living in a palace – well melted with the guys’ interests building a dream house. 😉


Dimple on my What?

“Why on Earth would someone call a blog like that?” was the first thing I thought when I read her blog’s name in the spread sheet. On her About page, she reveals that she has a dimple somewhere on her body. No matter whether she loses and gains weight the dimple stays proportional to her size. Since that said dimple is beyond her control, her attitude is to make fun of it. For instance,

Why not ask your sister if she wants to “rub it for luck”. Why not make it my claim to fame or see it as a beauty mark. It makes me me.


#fashionover40 woman in blue and white spring outfit
Paula looking great in posh casual blue and white outfit. The red espadrilles add the right pop of color to the otherwise neutral outfit. Photo courtesy to her



Paula’s philosophy about getting older

Paul tries to find humor EVERYWHERE, even when she talks about herself 😉 . Nevertheless, she is well aware that sometimes as we age, the lines in our faces, the color of our hair, the numbers creeping up on the scale and the accelerated speed of sag of just about everything are no fun at all when we make the mistake to take it all too seriously. She keeps the negatives of aging from pulling her down by renaming aging “maturing” and seeing the positives she is blessed with.

Focus on the own physical, emotional and spiritual need and pouring them on other people just spreads negativity (annoys and drains them and they will avoid you). Instead, she tries to put her priorities into prospective. She tries to laugh at the things that are beyond her control. Her blog Dimples on my WHAT is one of these efforts.


fashion over 50 woman wearing an off-shoulder top
Paula donning the off-shoulder trend over 50. Photo courtesy to her



What you can find also on Paula’s blog

Besides the dimples in life and how to overcome them, she blogs about beauty, fashion, family, product reviews, and faith. Of course, not in this order, but always with humor, sometimes even hilarious, but always trying to enlighten the reader’s mode. Her posts remind her readers that no matter where or what curve ball life throws at you, you should stop being so hard on yourself and get to laughing about what is beyond your control. Nobody cares about that dimple on your bum when you don’t care about it. So what? 😉


An attitude worth adopting!


The Fierce 50 Paula Holloway and Nicole Mölders

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P.S. Another blogger participating in this campaign is Tania Stephens from 50 Is Not Old. More on Tania Stephens at the link.

Photos courtesy to P. Holloway, C. O’Connell
Art illustration credit to Beth Briggs Illustration

Photos: Courtesy to P. Holloway

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