7 bloggers spill their secrets of creating cool looks with neutrals

Wearing neutrals looks classic, professional

In a recent post about wearing more than three colors in one outfit, I stated that wearing neutrals in a non-boring way is on the safe side style-wise. What I meant were these white, gray plus navy, or camel, winter white plus brown typical work clothes color combination of corporate life. Some of you will agree with me that when the entire office wears variation of the look, it seems like wearing a corporate identify. Not only for the wearers being restricted to these combinations, but also to whoever enters the office as a customer. All the employees seem to wear an uniform.

Take a photo of that crowd in gray buttons, white shirt and navy blue blazer, and post it on Instagram. Check how many likes you get. In a group photo, the look is pretty boring and reminds of a British boarding school photo.

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6 and counting reasons to wear neutral colors

There are many reasons to wear outfits with all neutral colors. Not only the reason that

  1. They make a look classy, and posh.
  2. They meet corporate office dress codes.
  3. They are the basics for business casual.
  4. You just have loved neutrals all your adult life.
  5. You are on a budget and wear neutrals to avoid Pantome colors inspired looks that date your clothes.
  6. They are wardrobe basics that are worth to splurge on and you did.

#fashionover50 7 bloggers' style secrets on posh chic outstanding looks in all neutral colors

Since there are so many benefits to invest in neutrals, you need to have a safe hand for your personal style and/or styling to stick out of the crowd of people wearing neutrals. I asked some of my blogging friends who are experts in styling exciting looks in basic colors,

What is your secret to create interesting looks just wearing neutrals?

I am so excited these incredible stylish ladies are willing to spill their secrets and share them with my lovely readers.

Style bloggers secrets to great all neutral looks

Maria Kelly

#maturestyle Maria of Passion Fruit Paws and Pegonies in an all neutral winter elegant casual look
Maria Kelly of Passion Fruit Paws and Pegonies shows an example of her interesting all neutral outfits. I love how she plays with texture, cool and warm neutrals, layers and different fabric to create a great casual look with a twist to romantic. Photo: Courtesy to Maria

Maria Kelly the blogger at Passion Fruit Paws and Peonies answered:

Wearing neutrals is an endlessly chic style. I would say my secret to wearing neutrals well is to be careful mixing very warm and very cool colours together. So watch the tones of your neutrals. Another tip is to break the colour up a little. I have worn blue denim jeans and a heather vest top. But the tone still matches so I think it works. With this look too much jewellery would be distracting. There are already plenty of textures and colour changes going on. However, for another neutral outfit a statement piece of jewellery might be exactly what it needs to send it from drab to fab. Neutrals is a classic look so a perfect opportunity to look elegant. But it’s nice add a little modern touch or twist to the look for fun and to make it look more interesting

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Monika Faulkner

#styleover40 Monika Faulkner of Style is my Pudding wears a neutral outfit in shades of brown and blue plus lots of texture
Monika Faulkner of Style is my Pudding wears a neutral outfit in shades of brown and blue using fake fur, suede, denim and knit texture as well as layering to create an interesting edgy modern Bohemian street chic look. Photo: Courtesy to Monika

Monika Faulkner the blogger at Style is My Pudding responded:

My secret to creating interesting looks just wearing neutrals would be texture, texture, texture!! Tone-on-tone outfits could definitely be a bit boring if you don’t make an effort to create some contrast with different textures…which includes both different fabrics (like my faux fur vest and woolly sweater) and different patterns.

And while we often think of beige, grey, black and white as our only “neutral” options, blue denim goes with absolutely everything, too…which is a sneaky way to add a touch of colour into an otherwise tonal ensemble!! 😉

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Susan Blakey

#fashionover50 Susan B. at un femme d'un certain age in a denim duster outfit
Susan Blakey, the blogger at
une femme d’un certain âge looking posh casual in a denim duster outfit with white top, pants, and sandals. Photo: Courtesy to Susan

Susan Blakey, the blogger at une femme d’un certain âge said:

Creating visual interest with an all neutral outfit can be more challenging than with color or prints. I find that mixing textures is one good way (especially if you like wearing black as much as I do!). Contrast between light and dark neutrals can create focal points. Playing with proportions and layers in a way that spotlights the silhouette creates drama and interest. And don’t forget great accessories…they add personality and verve to a simple palette!

#advancedstyle Susan B. in a desaturated outfit
Susan donning an example of a posh casual chic black and grey desaturated outfit. Photo: Courtesy to Susan
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#trendsover50 Leanne of Classy Yet Trendy in and all neutral outfit
Leanne, the blogger at Classy Yet Trendy, sporting a classy yet trendy all neutral winter to spring transition outfit. Photo: Courtesy to Leanne

Leanne,the blogger at Classy yet Trendy has a classic casual style with trendy twists. She is big on capsule wardrobes. No wonder she fits her secret in an easy to remember one sentence statement. She said:

My favorite way to create interest to an all-neutral outfit is to add a bag, jewelry or scarf with color or a pattern.

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#midlifefashion Jane of My Midlife Fashion in a blue suit with gray shirt
Jane of My Midlife Fashion looking stunning in a blue pants suit, gray graphic shirt, whit sneakers. The red trim on the sneakers, print on the tee and bag pull the look together in a cool way. The corporate suit looks modern and not like trying too hard with the accessories, sneakers and casual shirt. Photo: Courtesy to Jane

Jane the blogger at My Midlife Fashion has a very European approach to red. Like me she counts red to the “neutral color family.” She answered the question as follows:

I’ve attached a copy of an outfit & my answer to your question of what my secret is to creating interesting looks just wearing neutrals “is that I truly believe in well cut & fitting pieces that have that extra little bit of detailing. Whether that be shoulder epaulettes, pleating or statement buttons. This together with statement accessories will transform the simplest & plainest of looks into something eye catching & individual”

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#midlifeFashion Laurie of Vanity and me in a monochromatic outfit with a tan pop of color
Laurie of Vanity and Me in a monochromatic outfit where she succeeds in giving the illusion that tan is actually a pop of color. Photo: Courtesy to Laurie

Laurie the blogger at Vanity and Me illustrates how she works with neutrals using her outfit in the photos above and below as an example.

I have worn this neutral outfit with a silk patterned scarf and matched the bag to the scarf to pick out the same colourways. Providing the accessories has brought the outfit to life. I like to wear a very monochromatic classic style because I’m petite and I wear the same colour tones throughout my outfits adding interest this way with accessories.

#advancedstyle front view of Laurie's outfit with neutral pants, blazer, shoes scarf and bag in different shades
Front view of Laurie’s all neutral outfit of a fake suit that meets business casual very well. Photo: Courtesy to Laurie
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How I wear my neutrals

#fashionover50 midlife woman in all neutral outfit in mixed prints and pattern
Me in an outfit of different shades of gray spanning the range from white to black. Eli Tahari glen check jacket, Brooks Brothers striped cashmere sweater, silk scarf, statement belt, Hermes collier de chien bangle, Oliveo high waist boot cut Italien denim jeans, Adidas sneakers (all own)

I love an all desaturated outfit where I can mix prints and patterns for interest like in the outfit in the photos above and below. You can find other examples at the links. It doesn’t have to be a monochromatic one, but monochromatic outfits are a great way to wear your color palette’s basics. The jeans’ fabric is Italian style which has an interesting weave all in itself. The blazer has a classic glen check – and at the moment very trendy – pattern. The scarf and sweater stay with the sort of geometric theme. I wore this outfit for Casual Friday at work.

#styleover50 woman in all basic color Casual Friday work look
Back view of my monochromatic “gray” Casual Friday look with Eli Tahari glen check blazer, Oliveo boot cut Italian denim jeans, and Adidas sneakers (all own)

How do you wear your neutrals?

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