Dryel 101: Introduction to at-home dry cleaning

How to dry clean at home

I used Dryel to rescue this dirty white blazer. And it was as easy as 1-2-3. Here are the how-to steps:

  1. Get the Dryel Starter Kit at your retailer or online from Dryel.
  2. Pre-treat stains and dirty areas with the Dryel booster spray. In the example of my blazer, the lower sleeves, and the area around the neck.
  3. Put the item and one cleaning cloth into the re-usable fabric protection bag and zip the bag. You can clean up to 5 garments at a time, but I just put in the blazer. It was dirty for 5, in my opinion. 😉
  4. Put the bag into your dryer. Set the dryer on medium heat and its timer to 30 minutes for deep clean or 15 minutes for refreshing. I did the deep clean in my example.
  5. Once the time is up, take the bag from the dryer, take the item from the bag and place it on a hanger so potential wrinkles fall out.
  6. Take the dry cleaning cloth from the bag. I thought that it smelled so good that I hang it in my closet. <3
  7. Fold the bag and store it as you can reuse the protection bag up to 30 times. Note that the bag ensures a temperature-controlled environment of air around the garments.
  8. Wear your garment and repeat this list at step 1 when cleaning is needed again.
#iDryel Dryel 101: Intro to at-home dry cleaning
Dryel Starter Kit
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iDryel 2016 Dryel ambassador High Latitude Style

Do you also get frustrated when the dry-cleaning costs of your favorite blazer exceed the price you paid for the blazer? Then Dryel may be a solution for your problem. Dryel permits you to be your own dry-cleaner and it works!

#iDryel before dry cleaningBefore
#iDryel jacket after cleaning After

Costs of dry cleaning

The Dryel Starter Kit is about $9.99 and good for up to 20 pieces. The refill has the same price and is good for up to 40 pieces. Let’s assume you did not wait so long as I did with my blazer 😉 , and that you clean 5 items at a time. In this case, your at-home dry cleaning costs are about a quarter (25 US cents) plus one fifth of the electricity per piece. These costs are much less than the typical $15 at the dry cleaner’s plus the gasoline costs going there twice. In my case, it would be driving 12 miles (19 km) – round trip. The bigger the car the more expensive is the trip to the dry cleaner. 😉

#iDryel Dryel 101

Do you have a lot of clothes that require dry-cleaning? Have you already tried at-home dry-cleaning with Dryel? If so, have you also made a good experience? Let me know about your experience. I am curious.

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