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Has this dress-up nightmare ever happened to you? You got an invitation to a party that is the perfect occasion to wear that fancy dress. Such occasions are rare! You pull the dress from the storage and discover a big spot in the most visible place, too big to cover up with a brooch or where a brooch would look odd and draw the attention to the spot.

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Of course, Murphy’s Law applies. Your favorite dress, it is the dress that needs dry cleaning! You now have to make two trips to the mall to drop the dress off and pick it up. Of course, it is the busy week because of that holiday, the deadline for a report at work, or whatever additional item on your over-committed week’s to-do list. Sounds familiar?

midlife blogger in a chic little red dress
Casual chic eShakti Little Red Dress with floral silk scarf, collier de chien belt, and nude Calvin Klein red block heel round toe pumps (all own)

Visits to the dry-cleaner suck time

For me a trip to the dry cleaner would be 15 minutes one way. If I am lucky, it will take me 40 minutes round trip including the time it takes until they have filled out the forms. Furthermore, I have to come back 2 to 4 days later for pick-up. What a waste of time!

over 40 woman looking posh in LRD
Front view of eShakti fit-and-flare LRD with square triangle folded floral silk scarf, black and gold collier de chien belt, black pearl necklace, and nude round-toe Calvin Klein pumps (all own)

Another bad thing at the dry-cleaner’s: They click that customer identifier tag into the fabric of the fancy dress when you are not fast enough to ask to clip it to the tag! At least mine used to do that! 🙁

Dryel saves time, big time

I said “used to do that”. My solution to this wardrobe/dressing nightmare is to always have Dryel handy in my laundry room. It just takes less than 5 minutes to pre-treat the spot, put the item in the reusable Dryel bag, put it into the dryer, set the dryer to the right temperature and time. Once the time is up, you just hang your item back on the hanger so it won’t wrinkle.

You can find more detailed instructions how to use Dryel on the package and at my Dryel 101 post.

iDryel dryel gives the freedom to wear what you want when you want it
Dryel starter kit and refill kit plus at home dry cleaning instruction manual c/o Dryel

In the meantime, you can do what you had planned to do while your item gets dry-cleaned at home. What a time saver! In my case, at least 34 minutes even when you also count the time to search for Dryel at your local grocery store in the laundry section. Of course, you can also find coupons at Dryel online to also save money.

mature woman in red dress
Having fun in my eShakti Little Red Dress with floral silk scarf, collier de chien belt, and Calvin Klein pumps (all own) while dry cleaning with Dryel at home

How much time could Dryel save you? Have you ever tried Dryel?

At home dry-cleaning provides freedom

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midlife style blogger in long leather coat
Gipsy long leather coat with floral scarf, Calvin Klein pumps, and Burberry bag (all own)

Want to learn how to be your own dry cleaner? Then read this Dryel 101: Introduction to at-home dry cleaning guide. Wondering about whether you will have the time and what it will cost to DIY? Read about my savings on dry cleaners’ costs.

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