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Shein fitted white and blue sheath dress styled for an afternoon wedding (left) and dressed down for work (right)
  1. Wedding invitations are an outfit challenge
  2. Budget friendly afternoon wedding outfit inspirations
  3. Find a sheath dress with sleeves
  4. Stylist’s tip: Dress up a floral (non-cotton) dress for an afternoon wedding

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Wedding Invitations Can Be Expensive Outfit-Wise

There are three times in life where wedding invitations accumulate, and it seems like hopping from one wedding to another.  This is in our 20s, when our siblings, cousins, and friends get married, in our late 40s, early 50s when our kids, the kids of our siblings and cousins, and the kids of our friends get married, and may be our friends get re-married, and later in our 70s and up when our grand kids get married, and may be our kids get remarried. Obviously, the different wedding crowds may have at least some of the same guests.

There are two options: Invest in an expensive dress and make wearing it the to all weddings as your personal style statement. This means the recycling of a gorgeous dress is a statement.  The other option is going for new budget friendly dresses each time. In this case, it is wise that we can also wear at the office or for other non-fairy tale life dressing situations.

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#fashionover40 woman in work outfit
Shein sheath dress styled for work with Fossil denim jacket, Liz Claiborne open-toe pumps, Kate Moss for Longchamp satchel (all own), and sunglasses c/o Winkwood. For an afternoon wedding swap the bag for a patent leather clutch and the jacket for a cropped blue satin or velvet jacket
#maturefashion woman in printed sheath
Side view of Shein blue China print sheath, Liz Claiborne pumps (all own)

Budget friendly afternoon wedding outfit inspirations

When you are on a budget like me, you probably always consider the cost-per-wear. Even when you attend ten weddings this year, you will not get the cost-per-wear under $1 when you invest in a dress with a 3 digit price tag. Period. Thus, going for a trendy dress that can do double duty by dressing up and down is probably the decision. Here I show some examples using dresses from Shein and show how to up-dress them for an afternoon wedding. When I can do it, you can do it too.

Find a sheath dress with sleeves

Of course, the LBD comes into mind. However, wearing black to a wedding is always risky and can – depending on the guests and cultural background – be a big fashion faux-pas. I wouldn’t recommend doing it unless you know the families of the bride and groom very well and know it’s ok with them.

Sheaths are a classic. They work for the office and when they have an interesting print and/or material the can be dressed up for an afternoon wedding.

At an afternoon wedding, when wearing a solid color dress, you may be mistaken you for a bridesmaid. #weddingstyle Click To Tweet

A celebrity inspired dress is also a good choice. It reads “expensive” as people remember having seen Jennifer Aniston, or whomever wearing a similar dress. Recall Victoria Beckham in the blue-and-white China painting inspired dress? Kate Middleton once wore a similar blue and white print dress as in the collage below.

#styleover 40 Same dress two ways: Afternoon wedding guest, work outfit
Shein fitted white and blue sheath dress styled for an afternoon wedding (left) and dressed down for work (right)

Stylist’s tip: Dress up a floral (non-cotton) dress for an afternoon wedding

The floral print dress in the collage above has a work appropriate cleavage. At work, it will look great with a matching short sleeve cardigan. For an afternoon wedding add the accessories on the right and swap the black belt for a statement golden belt. When the afternoon wedding is in a yard or on a lawn go for flats otherwise suede strappy sandals or pumps look nice. Avoid patent leather. It would be over-bling with the glitter of the sequins and the shiny belt. You don’t want to compete with a Christmas tree.

This dress is perfect for an afternoon wedding in a park or yard with flats in any of the colors of the dress or even sandals with stripes in the colors of the dress. Go for another color than the shoes for the clutch. However, the color should be somewhere in the print. Wear the shirt dress later for work with court pumps in any color of the print and a pearl necklace.

I hope you liked the afternoon wedding outfit inspirations and got some ideas to stay on budget. You can find further tips and styling ideas for an afternoon wedding, what to wear to a beach wedding or how to dress for a civil wedding in the posts at the links. Curious, what I wore at my wedding?

Do you have a wedding or several weddings to attend this wedding season? What will your wear? Did you already pick out a dress? Let me know your style challenges in fashion over 40, so I can help you to look your best in midlife.

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