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Ever Pretty homecoming dresses in various colors and cuts

Affordable homecoming dresses are a Must-Have for many female U.S. and Canadian college students as well as their Alumni at the beginning of the school year. Homecoming is a traditional celebration in American and Canadian universities since the early 20th century. At that time, universities started to invite their alumni to join current and new students in watching a game of their athletes. Read what to consider when picking your homecoming dress, where to buy it, and how to style a homecoming dress for the many events during homecoming week.


  1. What Is a Homecoming Dress?
  2. What to Consider When Choosing a Homecoming Dress
  3. Which Style of Homecoming Dresses Is Best for Your Climate Region?
  4. Video Tutorial of Homecoming Outfit Ideas for Various Events
    • Meetings with Peers
    • Walking in the Parade
    • Outfit Idea for Homecoming Dance
    • Homecoming Game Outfit Inspirations
  5. Where to Find Affordable Homecoming Dresses


Disclosure: Ad. The home coming dress is a sample of my choice from Ever Pretty. The post is not endorsed by them. I wrote it entirely myself and it represents my own 100% honest opinion.


What Is a Homecoming Dress?

A homecoming dress is less formal than a prom or cocktail dress. Typically, this semi-formal dress has a short to around knee-length. The vibe is on the modest side. The dress must be comfortable to participate in non-professional activities like a homecoming dance, homecoming parade, a movie night, and the final homecoming game.


faculty who picked an Ever Pretty burned orange hot V-neck ruched asymmetrical hems midi chiffon home coming dress
Front view and width of the Ever Pretty hot V-neck ruched asymmetrical hems midi chiffon home coming dress in burned orange. Also available in navy blue, burgundy, purple orchid, pink, cream, and yellow in sizes 4 to 26. Consequently, students, Alumna, employees, and female faculty can find their size and the color that works best with pieces they have in their closet.



What to Consider When Choosing a Homecoming Dress

Since homecoming is a week-long affair packed with activities, your dress should be easy to care for, and versatile to style. In other words, your dress should look great with a denim jacket to wear to a sports event, but also professional with a cardigan or blazer to mingle with peers of your field.

The latter is particularly important for students in their last year of college when they meet with alumni. Some of the alumni might work in companies who plan to hire new graduates. Therefore, talking with alumni about their jobs is sort of an informal job interview to dress for within the framework of the homecoming event. Consequently, it is important to pick a homecoming dress with the typical weather of the location of your university in mind.


Which Style of Homecoming Dresses Is Best for Your Climate Region?

In regions where the fall is already chilly, dresses with short to 3/4 sleeves are best for thermal comfort. The length still permits participations in hands-on activities without having to roll the sleeves up. The latter may look awkward on a semi-formal dress.


back and side view of Ever Pretty semi-formal dress outfit idea for Alumni
Back and side view of the burned orange Ever Pretty dress to show details of the hem and the V-neck in the back. Without the top, scarf and bag the look will be perfect for a dance event or reception. I love how nice the dress twirls, the color, interesting hem, perfect true-to-size fit, and the very affordable price of $29. It’s a great price-performance ratio as the semi-formal attire is versatile to style, and can also be worn beyond the week of celebrations to the symphony, date night, dance events, holiday party, Valentine’s Day, etc..


In subtropical or Mediterranean climate, dresses without or with short sleeves in more breathable fabrics like polyester are best. In regions with desert climate, evenings can be very chilly. So a matching coverup is needed.

When fall is the rain season or typically rainy, go for a dress that is shorter than your raincoat or trench coat. A wet hem just looks plain ridiculous at any time.

In windy climate, a sleek cut is best to avoid looking like you set the sails when walking in the parade.


faculty posing for where to find affordable homecoming dresses
Outfit details: Ever Pretty dress, Halftee top, Hermes collier de chien, Nine West pumps, unbranded citrine-moonstone necklace and jade bangle, Nordgreen watch Uno Alla Volta scarf, purse c/o R. Riveter,



Video Tutorial of Homecoming Outfit Ideas for Various Events

The following video tutorial shows outfit inspirations for the events and outfit ideas discussed below.




Meetings with Peers

In these meetings, students and alumni of their field mingle. It is sort of an informal job market. As a student, your goal is to look professional, as an Alumna, you want to look sophisticated, modern and hip. Add a cardigan/blazer, pumps, and accessorize with pearls, ear studs, and a watch.


Outfit Idea for Homecoming Dance

Here both Alumna and students can go for a glamorous, preppy, elegant or classic look with a twist with your accessories. Since it is an event among potential future peers, stay on the modest side, and away from anything extreme. Express your personal style with your accessories, sandals and clutch.


Homecoming Game Outfit Inspirations

When the colors of your university work with those of your dress, a team jacket or hoodie are a great option. Otherwise opt for a denim or athleisure jacket to give the outfit a sportive, semi-casual vibe. Accessorize with a fun necklace and earrings.


Where to Find Affordable Homecoming Dresses for Alumna

At Ever Pretty, you can find affordable homecoming dresses starting at $29 in event-appropriate modest mini-length and midi hems from extra-small to plus sizes without and with sleeves. Their collection offers beautiful dresses for arm-shy alumna, faculty, and staff as well as chic short-dresses for the student who wants to show more flesh without going overboard. Browse their collection now to find your perfect dress for the celebrations.


Photos of me: G. Kramm
Video: N. Mölders

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