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Orvis shirt, vest, pants and shoes, leather belt, bolo tie (all own) and aviator sunglasses c/o Eagle Eyes

This post is a review of Eagle Eyes sunglasses. Read about the polarized TriLenium lenses technology, and what I think about the design and quality of the three pairs, and the styling options.


  1. Eagle Eyes Aviator Sunglasses: Space Technology for Jane and John Doe
  2. Sunglasses with Lenses Made for Astronauts
  3. Review of Eagle Eyes Aviator Sunglasses
  4. Review of the Eagle Eyes Women Sunglasses: Bianca and Celeste
    • The Celeste from Eagle Eyes
    • The Eagle Eyes Bianca
  5. Who would like these sunglasses?
  6. Price-Performance Ratio
  7. Eagle Eyes Aviator Sunglasses in a Capsule


Disclosure: Ad. The sunglasses are sample of my husband’s and my choice from Eagle Eyes®. The post is not endorsed by them. I wrote it entirely myself and it represents my own 100% honest opinion.


Eagle Eyes Aviator Sunglasses: Space technology for Jane and John Doe

When I heard that Eagle Eyes® lenses were developed from original NASA optic technology and that this space technology is certified by the Space Foundation for UV and blue light eye protection, I was hooked. Ever since my childhood I admired everything NASA. Maybe it was the first Moon landing or Gene Kranz’ famous sayings

Failure is not an option. - Gene Kranz #quote Click To Tweet

when discussing how to get Apollo 13 back to Earth or him saying

This is NASA's finest hour. - Gene Kranz #quote Click To Tweet

after James A. Lovell, John L. Swigert and Fred W. Haise returned safely to Earth.

Thus, when asked to review Eagle Eyes® men’s sunglasses I got really excited. I immediately asked my husband to model them and he said “Yes”.  <3


mature man in mixed prints, gray pants, red boat shoes and Eagle Eyes aviator sunglasses
Orvis shirt, vest, pants and shoes, leather belt, bolo tie (all own) and Classic Aviator SM sunglasses c/o Eagle Eyes


Sunglasses with Lenses Made for Astronauts

NASA had developed the technology of TriLenium® lenses as an eye protection for their astronauts. When travelling thru space astronauts are exposed to the full spectrum of solar radiation. On the contrary, when the Sun’s radiation reaches the Earth’s surface, atmospheric gases have already filtered out many (but not all) of the harmful rays.



How Do Polarized TriLenium Lenses Work?

All shades of the collection have TriLenium Lens Technology. The Sun’s ray come at various wavelength. When you see a rain bow, you can some of the different wavelengths. The raindrops split the light into its wavelengths. Ultra violet has the shortest wavelengths. Next come violet, blue violet, blue, blue green, green, green yellow, yellow, orange yellow, orange, orange red, red, dark red, and infra-red.

You can’t see the ultra-violet (UV) rays. But these rays of very short wavelength are the ones that harm our vision. You can’t see infra-red (IR) either. It has very long wavelengths.


blogger in denim jacket, midi skirt, wood sandals, hobo bag, astronaut sunglasses
Bianca eyewear c/o Eagle Eyes, studs c/o Wendy Mignot, Mousse & Cloud sandals, skirt c/o Fashom, top c/o Chico’s, Hermes collier de chien bangle, Eclipse watch bracelet, gemstone necklace, and DIY bag


The TriLenium technology blocks 99.9% of the UV and harmful blue and violet radiation thanks to its triple polarization (UVA/UVB/blue light). As a result, only the light from the green to red range of the spectrum that are important for your vision, will reach your eyeballs. Consequently, you can see the world around you more vividly with higher contrast and sharper definition than you would with non-polarized eyewear that just darkens the incoming sunlight. More on harmful Sun light.


Why Would You Like these TriLenium® Lenses

When you are a hiker or are involved in mountaineering, you are at high elevation. When you climb North America’s highest mountain, Denali 20,310 ft (6190.49 m), more than half of the atmospheric mass is already below that altitude.

Commercial passenger jets cruise at heights above 10 km altitude to avoid turbulence from high convection. On west-to-east flights, they may fly at even higher altitudes to use the jet streams as tail wind (to save fuel). These high speed wind bands are about 16 km above sea-level. At this height, already 90% of the atmospheric mass is traversed. This means here, even more harmful radiation exists.

Tip: When you love your window seat, these TriLenium® lenses are great to protect your eyes.


man in casual fall outfit with plaid shirt abd vest, trousers and mocasins, Eagle Eyes aviator sunglasses
The Eagle Eyes Classic Aviator SM is perfect for men with small face features like those of my husband



Review of Eagle Eyes Aviator Sunglasses

My husband picked the Classic Aviator SM. Its eternal classic frame works with any personal style, and his small face shape. See this guide of best glasses frames for your face shape. The aviator is made from stainless steel with soft temple tips and adjustable silicon-gel nose pads (see close-ups).

When the package arrived a week of constant rain postponed his wearing them. August dressing in Alaska means dressing for the rain season. Finally, the cloud cover broke. You see his smile donning his aviators.


Review of Eagle Eyes Women Sunglasses: Bianca and Celeste

I picked the Bianca because this frame is the perfect for outfits for running errands around town. The Celeste looks cute, but sophisticated, nerdy, i.e., it’s so me.


The Celeste from Eagle Eyes

over 50 years old fashion blogger featuring the Eagle Eyes Celeste
Celeste c/o Eagle Eyes in green, pearl studs c/o Wendy Mignot with own Burberry trench coat, Brooks Brothers sweater, bead necklace. The Celeste is also available in peach or lilac tortoise. Both the Celeste and Bianca come with gradient lenses that are smudge-proof, waterproof and scratch resistant.



mature blogger with braided hair, trench, eyewear
Sideview of the Celeste



The Eagle Eyes Bianca

Nicole featuring the Bianca frame with high performance lenses
Zoom-in on the Bianca to show details


midlife woman donning the Bianca shades
Side view of the Bianca frame


style blogger Nicole donning Eagle Eyes women sunglasses
Bianca sunnies c/o Eagle Eyes, Fossil denim jacket, Hermes collier de chain bangle, gemstone necklace, Eclipse watch bracelet, top c/o Chicos, skirt c/o Fashom



Cleaner, Cleaning Cloths, Screw-Driver

The eyewear comes with a cleanser in a pump-spray can, cleaning cloths, and screwdriver. Due to daily wear-and-tear, frames of all kind of glasses often have a loose screw loose. This tool saves you the trips to the optician’s shop in the future. You can attach the screwdriver to your key chain.


sunglasses with cleaning and maintenance accessories
From top clockwise: Classic aviator SM, press button container for cleanser pump-spray can, screwdriver and cleaning cloths, cleaning cloths, screwdriver with loop for attachment on key chain and Bianca


Who Would Like these Sunglasses?

These TriLenium® lenses permit you to “benefit” from taxpayers’ money invested in the development of space-safe lenses that meet the rigorous criteria of the Space Foundation. You don’t need to love space science to love these lenses. You just need to love yourself and want the best eye protection there is. Even when you just love fashion and cool stylish classic sunglasses you can’t go wrong with these sunnies. I definitely recommend Eagle Eyes eyewear to my friends because their lenses are best eye protection out there.


SM Classic Aviator sunglasses with space technology lenses
Front view of the Classic Aviator SM sunglasses with space technology lenses


Did you know that wet surfaces, very light surfaces like white roofs, beaches and snow reflect also the harmful (for the eyes) radiation? Therefore, wear eye protection also in fall, winter and spring.

And yes, these aviators also look great on women pilots. So why not on you? You can buy these beauties and many other great styles with NASA technology lenses at Eagle Eyes.


Fun fact: TriLenium® has been inducted into the Space Foundation Technology Hall of Fame.


Price-Performance Ratio

Eagle Eyes sunglasses come in incredibly stylish choices and the price is really affordable. The pair picked by my husband comes in gray/silver and gold/brown. It costs only $79.95!


Zoom-in on Eagle Eyes SM aviator for men to show details of the frame and the lenses
Zoom-in on the sunglasses to show details of the frame and the lenses and the perfect fit for a small face



Eagle Eyes Sunglasses Review in a Capsule

The Eagle Eyes® sunglasses come in a variety of classic and modern frames with TriLenium® lenses that were developed for eye protection even under the extreme Sun exposure in space. They are very affordable high-tech eye protection even on a budget. Browse their collection now for your best eye protection and style.

When it comes to eye protection, get lenses that are safe even in space. #hightech Click To Tweet


Don’t know what your shape is? No problem. You can determine it online with this free face shape finder.


Photos of me: G. Kramm

Photos of my husband: N. Mölders

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  2. You can’t go wrong with classic aviators, they never go out of style.

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  3. How nice to see your husband on your blog today! 🙂 I don’t know if I’ve seen a photo of him before, but he looks very stylish in these protective sunglasses and I love that they are aviators (what I usually wear!). I didn’t know light or white surfaces could reflect harmful rays into your eyes. Ugh!!


  4. Great post! Those look and sound like wonderful sunglasses!

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    How fun to see your husband sporting his fabulous style here! I love aviator style sunglasses, however, they don’t flatter my face which kind of bums me out. Thanks so much for the feature! That was an unexpected surprise and it totally made my day!