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What to wear between seasons is always a challenge. This blogger roundup provides expert tips to transition summer fashion to fall in various climate regions. Read how blogger style summer to fall transition outfits for their climate zone.

  1. How Do Blogger Style Summer to Fall Transition Outfits
    • Jacqui Berry – moderate maritime climate
    • Carmen Hummer – Mediterranean climate
    • Samantha Blair – moderate maritime climate
    • Cheryl Tucker – mountain climate
    • Chrissy Rowden – subtropical climate
  2. Wrapping Up Blogger Style Summer to Fall Transition Outfits

How Do Blogger Style Summer to Fall Transition Outfits

According to the calendar fall starts September 22nd. When talking climate, fall is September, October, November. But who cares when the thermometer tells you that the temperatures are in the lower 50s early in the morning and at the time in the evening  when you are waiting for public transportation prior to and after work, respectively.

Of course, we are all in denial that the cold season is just around the corner. Despite we may have just complained about the challenge to dress for the heat and mugginess of the dog days two weeks ago.

No matter what the calendar says, here in Interior Alaska the leaves start to turn yellow in mid-August. The migrating birds already leave Creamer’s Field and the fields of the University of Alaska Fairbanks Experimental Farm. Up on the tundra of the North Slope the scrubs turn into beautiful fall colors even as early as the first week of August. There are no trees up there.

Thus, this roundup post is addressing the summer-to-fall transition dressing challenge for various climate regions. You know, the time when it is already chilly in the mornings/evenings, but still nice and warm around lunch time. I asked five style, fashion and lifestyle bloggers the following question:

What is your best advice to transition your wardrobe from summer to fall?

Read what they said.

Jacqui Berry – moderate maritime climate

fashion blogger over 50 in a casual weekend look
Jacqui Berry, the blogger at Mummabstylish, in a casual weekend look. Photo courtesy to her


Jacqui Berry, personal style blogger at Mummabstylish advises:

When I’m thinking about my transitional wardrobe from Summer to Fall or Autumn as we call it in UK –  I’d  have to use the old cliché rule of “layering”.  For example I recently wore my snakeskin jumpsuit with a little cardigan over the top, but to transform it into an outfit for the fall I would add a Tee shirt with either short or longer sleeves.  Something you could whip off if weather becomes too warm – obviously not in public lol!

I would also be adding a little pair of booties, a great option would be the pee-toe styles that are hitting the shops as we ‘speak’ – an illusion of winter boots, but with a summer vibe.  I haven’t really be a big fan of these in recent years, but they have been growing on me and I can’t wait to establish a pair in my shoe-llection (shoe collection lol).

My denim jacket is always on hand for cooler weather and I feel will match with many items, from cropped jeans and shirt to maxi dresses – always a winner in my eyes.  My last must-have addition to my transitional wardrobe would be a scarf – I’ve just purchased an over-sized snood in the H & M sale for just £3 – this grey bargain is going to be a joy to style come the cooler months, I hope you’ll be able to stop by my blog to see if you can spot it in the coming months.

Carmen Hummer – Mediterranean climate

Carmen Hummer in outfit for warm to cold season
Personal shopper Carmen Hummer in two of her signature looks. Photos courtesy to her

Carmen Hummer, personal shopper at Carmen Hummer, says

My looks are informal and little serious, and facing the fall my purchases are focused towards the clothing that complements my style, such as sweatshirts that led with Bermuda shorts and mini dresses, maximum midi, and the essential bombers and bomber jackets Cowgirls without forget leather jackets who used even to feast on dresses lingerie looks.

It lengthened the life of my summer looks by adding any of these options and I’m gradually introducing new trends of the season my outfits. Fashion is a wonderful game that helps us tell much about us.

Samantha Blair – moderate maritime climate

fashion over 40 Samantha Blair in layers
Samantha Blair, fashion and style blogger at Fake Fabulous in one of her signature layering looks. Photo courtesy to her


Samantha Blair, the fashion and style blogger at Fake Fabulous, who refuses to disappear as she gets older, wrote

My answer to your “Best way to transition from summer to fall/autumn” question is a simple, one word answer!
Whether they are under layers (like shirts under dresses) or over layers like jumpers and cardigans.
Layers are the best way to get more from your wardrobe.
To keep things chic stick to lightweight fabrics and 3 (visible) layers e.g a shirt under a dress with a sleeveless cardigan underneath.
Secret under layers, like silk thermals) are not visible and don’t count in the “3”.
Everyday is a layering day here in Scotland!

Cheryl Tucker – Mountain climate

Cheryl using layers to wear summer items in fall
Cheryl Tucker, the blogger at Northwest Mountain Viewing adds a layer to extend the possibility to hold on to comfortable, beloved summer items like shorts and a cami or a little red dress

Cheryl Tucker, the blogger at Northwest Mountain Living advises

Living in the mountains as I do, I am already transitioning my wardrobe from summer to fall. I have a couple of ways I do this. I love to add fall colors to a summer style. It is fun to wear a light weight dress, and add a fall accent like camouflage and then a cute pair of open toed ankle booties. None of this is too warm for the current climate but the colors really say fall. I also love to pair shorts with a camisole and then add a long cardigan and booties. This is really fun and functional because during the warm part of the day you can take off the cardigan and as it cools down you can add it back. If I had to pick one thing to use to transition my style it would be to play with color.

Chrissy Rowden – subtropical climate

Chrissy in summer to fall transition looks
Chrissy, the lifestyle blogger at Granola and Grace shows two examples how to transition from summer to fall when living in the south


Chrissy Rowden, the lifestyle blogger at Granola and Grace, answered

School is back in session and football games are up on the calendar. My mom already has pumpkin coffee stashed in her pantry. All signs point to fall, but it’s only August, and for those of us in Georgia, instead of cool breezes and crisp air, we’re experiencing heavy rains, temps in the high 80’s and 90’s with humidity that leaves you breathlessly in need of a shower after mere minutes spent outside. Just the same, the weather can still surprise you with a cool morning. Who knows.

Even if it’s hot outside does the office feel like a meat locker with an air vent blasting right over your work space? Then the only solution is to layer.

There are lots of options for layers in the fall such as: blazers, cardigans, denim jackets, scarves and even the latest trend – kimonos! Kimonos continue to be a trend and blazers are rising up!

If I’m out and about and humidity strikes, I can remove the jacket without feeling under dressed. When planning the fall wardrobe, it’s best to refrain from outfits that look strangely remiss or incomplete without a third layer. Am I the only one that adds a third layer to hide bulges or bra lines from time to time? Yeah. I’ll save those for the winter.

Another aspect of fall is the continued use of sandals and open toe shoes!

Wrapping Up of Blogger Style Summer to Fall Transition Outfits

Your thermal comfort level adopts to the climate region you live in. The best solution is layering so you can peel a layer off at lunch and beat the morning and evening chill.

You can find more specific tips on how to style a summer dress for fall and on how to style a summer skirt in fall at the links.

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