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Wild print jackets are everywhere. You wonder why anyone would buy them? Aren’t solid color jackets more versatile than printed jackets? And aren’t jackets in neutrals the most versatile? Read why a print jacket is the best for maximizing your looks and a great wardrobe addition that gets you noted for your great sense of style.


  1. What to Wear with a Printed Denim Jacket?
  2. Try a Little White Dress or Little Black Dress as Canvas for the Print
  3. How to Style a Print Jacket with Separates
  4. Styling It for Date or Dance Night
  5. Wear the Wild Print Coat with a Color Leather Skirt
  6. Wrapping Up Why a Print Jacket Is the Best for Maximining Your Looks


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What to Wear with a Printed Denim Jacket?

The easiest way to style prints is to pick one color of the jacket. Then create a monochromatic outfit and top it off with the jacket. The more colors the jacket has, the more options you have for this “recipe”. Another advantage of multiple colors in the print is that the color of the monochromatic look has not to be the exact same color. A similar hue will do the trick.


Try a Little White Dress or Little Black Dress as Canvas for the Print

Using a LWD or LBD makes the jacket the statement. Such an outfit is great option for what to wear to impress on First Friday in summer and winter, respectively. In winter, a white knit dress will do the trick too.


How to Style a Print Jacket with Separates

For the first photo, the wild abstract print jacket makes the statement, while the linen pants and striped Tee take the supporting role. Here taupe serves to ground the look. The black of the stripes, brown booties and golden accessories tie the look together because these pieces repeat the aforementioned colors that all occur in the print.


example 3 of how to maximize outfits with a wild print jacket in separates
Oliveo linen pants, Antoni Melani booties, Kieselstein Cord belt, Dolcezza printed jacket



The California Casual style outfit below goes beyond the neutral colors with black and turquoise separates. Again both colors occur in the print, which pulls the pieces together. Even though, the area in turquoise is smaller than the area in black, the look makes a color statement with turquoise. The jacket’s other colors become little pops of colors. Obviously, this trick black bottom, (fashion) color top works with all colors in the jacket. Using brown or burgundy would lead to neutral looks with pops of colors that would be office appropriate in a casual work environment.


California Casual outfit with cray print denim jacket
Fashom button-down skirt, Hipstik pantyhose, Nicole fall booties, Chico’s top, Hermes collier de chien bangle, Wendy Mignot pearl studs, gold rutile quartz necklace, white topaz bangle, and Docezza jacket. The white spots on the photo are snowflake from the first snow of this cold season.



Styling It for Date or Dance Night

Beyond a little black dress, other ways to style the jacket for going out are to add golden bottoms or a golden dress. The example outfit features a combination with my golden shorts.


influencer in golden leather shorts and wild print jacket
Dolcezza jacket, Escada golden leather shorts, Hipstik semi sheer pantyhose, Moda International cashmere sweater, Chantel satin pumps with Swarovski crystals buckle, Hermes collier de chien bangle



Wear the Wild Print Coat with a Color Leather Skirt

The next outfits feature the jacket with leather skirts. Technically, this outfit idea works again with separates. The major differences is that now the neutral top is in neutral and the bottom is in a fashion color. Note that you can style midi length straight, A-line and pencil leather skirts like you would style the same type of skirt in fabric.

The  inspiration below uses a black top paired with a raspberry color A-line midi leather skirt and burgundy tall suede boots with golden chain detail. The various shades or red (raspberry, burgundy, light pink, pink) tie the look together. The top and golden chain repeat colors of the print.


pink skirt with burgundy tall boots black top and colorful jacket
Docezza coat, Banana Republic midi A-line leather skirt, Vince Camuto boots, Moda International sweater


The next photo presents an example of color blocking when worn without the jacket. The yellow leather skirt with tail (see insert), rust top, and turquoise sandals are three fashion colors. In contrast to the above outfit, this look is grounded by the yellow of the skirt and in the abstract print. Rust, turquoise and the pearls serve for repeating additional colors. Buttoning the garment eliminates the color blocking and makes the overall outfit a layered look.


example of a color blocked outfit with Wild print jacket
Asaavi leather skirt, Hipstik pantyhose, August Silk top, Nicole sandals, Hermes collier de chien bangle, Dolcezza jacket, knotted opera length pearl necklace



Wrapping Up Why a Print Jacket Is the Best for Maximining Your Looks

A print jacket offers many easy outfit options as you can use its colors as a cheat sheet to riot your closet for pieces in matching colors. Any color that takes a lot of area can serve to ground the look. Monochromatic outfits as well as black and white are great canvas for this type of statement rock. Going for more than one solid fashion color requires a good eye to see what looks the best wrong. Note that this lane can lead to fun eclectic looks, if you have the nerve to don eclectic style.


Photos of me: G. Kramm

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  1. I love a good statement jacket! This one is so fun and you have styled it beautifully and creatively!


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    HI Nicole, the jacket does take center stage! Love your leather pieces, especially the look with the gold leather shorts! So stylish!
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    You have the coolest leather pieces, Nicole! Those gold leather shorts are fabulous. And the jacket is lovely! I love the way you’ve styled it.

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    This printed jacket is awesome! You can really dress an outfit up or down with it – so versatile! I think my favorite might be with the gold shorts, but the yellow skirt is a close second.


  7. I just love the color and patterns in this jacket. And, you are rocking those gold shorts with it!


  8. Your printed jacket is fabulous! Love the colors! Thank you so much for the feature! You made my day!

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