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Burberry Brit trench coat, Rebekka Taylor skirt, Brooks Brothers sweater, Halogen corset, Gucci bag, and Gloria Vander Bilt pumps (all own)

This post provides tips, an example and lots of outfit inspirations how you can style summer skirts for fall during the summer-to-fall transition time.

  1. Summer clothes are cheap, remind of good (old) times
  2. Keep the work dress code in mind
  3. Get more wear out of summer skirts
  4. Discussed examples: Polka dot skirt looks
  5. Further Inspirations to Style Summer Skirts for Fall

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Summer clothes are cheap, remind of good (old) times

Since our childhood summer meant some freedom. No school, days in the Sun, outside and no worries about homework. Even though, as adults we have to work in summer and there is no extended time of just living into the day, we still love summer. No wonder that we want to hold on to summer and our comfy summer clothes as long as possible. Especially, the flowy summer dresses and skirts. This post is devoted to get more wear out of your favorite summer skirt. The photos show suggestions of how to style summer skirts for fall without looking off-season and without feeling thermal cold stress.


Keep the work dress code in mind

In most workplaces, the dress code is a bit looser in summer than other seasons. It serves to accommodate employees during the heat of summer. Everyone knows that summer heat is a dressing challenge.

Since summer clothes are less heavy than winter clothes, they need less fabric and often less expensive material. Therefore, summer clothes are much cheaper than winter clothes. Thus, there are budget reasons beyond the dream of freedom to hold on to wearing them. Not only denial that fall means the beginning of the cold season! Thus, be aware of the dress code when HR expects your to dress in fashion forward corporate style.

Another reason is that more clothes mean more weight. Thus, summer clothes feel more comfortable on the shoulders than the layers or heavy coats we wear in the cold time of the year. This aspects will play more and more a role in midlife. Finally, most people prefer warm stress over cold stress. However, both are dangerous!

stylist in blue white fall work outfit with pieces from summer
Front view of below described example outfit


style blogger in blue and white autumn office look
Ralph Lauren pleated skirt, Gucci belt, August Silk cardigan worn as top, long cardigan as layering piece, Jord bamboo watch, Christian Louboutin pumps, Hermes collier de chien bangle, statement necklace (all own), sunglasses c/o glassesonline, and clutch c/o Uno Alla Volta

Get more wear out of summer skirts

Especially, when you live in an area with six to seven months of temperatures below 50F (10oC), you want to get more wear out of your summer clothes. There is so much time to wear winter items. Here, I show you some outfits that I wore lately. Fall starts early in Interior Alaska. Typically, arround end of August when people in the Lower 48s still suffer from and wonder what to wear during the dog days. In mid August, the leaves start already turning yellow in the Tanana Valley.

fashion book author in pre-fall outfit using summer and cold season clothes
Front view of the look described below

Fashionista wearing a summer skirt styled for fall

The key tricks to wear summer skirts in fall

Here are some aspects to consider when wearing a summer skirt in fall.

  • Knowing how to layer is key. Add tights/pantyhose and/or an underskirt or half-slip.
  • Shoes can change the vibe of an outfit. Sandals with chunky heels and/or wood soles work great as fall sandals with tight. Open-toe booties in tan or black create an Indian Summer vibe when worn with tights. Go for dress shoes with chunky or sturdy heels.
  • Choose skirts in dark colors, warm colors, fall colors or classic color combinations like blue and white, or black and white. The floral skirt in this post, for instance, has flowers in yellow and burgundy, which are excellent colors for the onset of the shoulder season. Polka dots are an eternal classic for all season. Thus, a polka dot piece with dark background works well too.
  • Wear a knit top or a cardigan.
  • Go for silk knit tops or cashmere short sleeve sweaters. They both provide great insulation.
  • Add gold color accessories and jewelry rather than silver.
advanced style woman in fall outfit
Front view of the outfit inspiration described in the photo below


midlife woman in summer to fall transition work outfit
Outfit details: Coin necklace, pendant quartz necklace, pantyhose, Rebecca Taylor silk skirt, Brooks Brothers sweater, Hermes collier de chien bangle, Halogen corset, Hipstik pantyhose, Gucci bag, and Gloria Vanderbilt pumps


The example outfit below creates thermal comfort with a fake twinset in cold seaon colors.

floral summer skirt styled for fall with fake twinset in cold season colors
Zoom-in on Loft top, August Silk cardigan, H buckle, Kieselstein Cord belt, black pearl necklace (all own), and wooden watch c/o Jord


#fashionover40 mature woman in floral skirt for work
Talbot silk floral box pleat skirt with Loft top, August Silk cardigan, H buckle, Kieselstein Cord belt, black pearl necklace, Nine West pumps, and wood watch c/o Jord


Discussed Examples: Polka Dot Skirt Looks

Here I styled the polka summer skirt with a sweater, cardigan and pumps for a fall office outfit. I mixed prints (stripes, polka dots) and structure (patent, cable knit) and kept the outfit in navy blue and white. Since the majority of the outfit is navy blue it works for fall.

To stay warm in the light skirt, I wore bikers and a half-slip under the skirt. I am not really ready to give up completely on my summer items.;)

over 50 years old fashion blogger with summer skirt and fall cable knit short sleeve sweater

posh chic fall outfit with summer pieces
Outfit details: Jones New York striped cardigan, Ralph Lauren polka dot pleated skirt, Brooks Brothers cashmere sweater, Kieselstein Cord belt and buckle, Prada bag, pearl necklace, unbranded pantyhose and L.K. Bennett pumps (all own) and Akoya saltwater pearl necklace c/o The Pearl Source


The next example shows a short sleeve cable knit sweater in the grounding color of the skirt.

 mature woman in fall blue and white work outfit
Back view of the look described in the caption of the photo below


fashion blogger in pleated skirt with sweater
Outfit details: Lauren Ralph Lauren pleated polka dot skirt, Brooks Brothers cable knit sweater, Hermes collier de chien bangle, Esprit silk neckerchief, Bulova watch, quartz pendant necklace, Tommy Hilfiger wedge sandals

Pro tip: Add a non-visible layer for extra-insulation or a visible one for insulation and style.

Let’s break down the following look as another example how to not feel cold when wearing summer skirts in autumn. Here I am wearing my 3/4 sleeve cardigan as a top and my long sleeve striped cardigan for some extra insulation on a cool sunny fall day. I put a half slip under the pleated summer polka dot skirt. The blue patent leather pumps and statement belt add some shine. The cardigan worn as top and the pantyhose read autumn.

Stylist tip: When wearing summer clothing in fall, it is important to not look off-season. Check this guide how to transition summer pieces to fall.


Further Inspirations to Style Summer Skirts for Fall


stylist in two cardigans, pleated polka dot summer skirt styled for fall
GNW paisley print cardigan worn as top under striped Jones New York cardigan worn open and Ralph Lauren pleated polka dot skirt with L.K. Bennett patent leather pumps, pantyhose


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What about you? Have you already swapped the summer items out of your closet and put in the clothes for the colder season? What are your styling challenges in fall?

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